Appalachian State University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


YES, the stereotypes are extremely accurate. HOWEVER, most of the partying population does it properly. There is little drinking and driving and a huge watch for underage drinking. Most of the local bars are 21+ but if you are under 21 and looking to have fun there is a bar right off campus called Char that is 18+ and has very high security for no underage drinking. Underage drinking IS a big thing, the party scene is big and popular and many people come from different parts of NC just to attend a party here. most partys are tasteful and low radar. there are appstate Beeper services to pay a short amount for a DD to come pick you up. There are SO MANY outdoor activites. it is so much fun up here and the mountains are beautiful. If you are into sports, the football scene is a good one!


To a degree, yes. Cut to the chase, my freshman year, I had just moved in and a couple days later I see guys out at a picnic with a bong. And there's been a number of drugs busts on campus and in the apartments nearby in the past year. As for outdoors, I believe this is pretty accurate in the sense that the school focuses more on that area than anything else. Personally, I could care less about football here.


Only partially. We do have a population on campus that smokepot, put dreads in their hair and go to folk music festivals. But there is a lerge population on our campus that are very preppy aswell.