Appalachian State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at Appalachian State University?


About typical anywhere, really. There are some rigorous classes, and others that you barely have to attend to pass. It's all about who you have and what you're being taught. It also depends on your previous knowledge. I have zoned out of some chemistry classes because most of it I learned in high school, whereas in other classes, I have had to really buckle down and study. It's all up to you!


Relatively small class sizes, so you get more personal attention. The programs are a joke, general education is stupid (so says the faculty) and it's very laid back. Not a place for very serious students.


Every professor makes it a point to get to know a little bit about each and every student. They are always there to help you if needed, and have many time slots available for a student to meet them. The classes are challenging, as they should be, but not bad enough that you can't enjoy the rest of your college experience.


Overall, I believe that Appalachian State is the perfect school to get the most bang for your buck. It is located in a popular vacation town that is loaded with so many things to do. Students would have to try really hard to sit around and do absolutely nothing around here. The opportunities to get out in the community to serve and have fun are constantly provided. There aren't many people that come to this school for simply one reason. People who are a part of the Appalachian family are able to learn, grow, and prosper on so many different scales. When people ask me why I chose Appalachian, it is so hard to pinpoint one reason. I always say, "Because the people here are genuinely friendly and care about each other. I could just feel the positive energy on the campus."


The academics here are great. The class sizes are normally small and I have a great relationship with all my professors. My favorite class: teaching foreign languages because its so pertinent to what i need for life once I get a job and the class is a lot of fun. Least favorite: history of Asia...just wasn't interesting for me but i needed it to fill 2 history spots.


I have had good experiences so far with professors knowing your name. they really try to get to know you. They are extremely flexible and helpful. The math classes are EXTREMELY strict, but the college of business is one of the best departments on campus. My favorite classes are the PE and Extra curricular! I am taking a class called the history of rock lyrics! I am and Anthropology major and i love the department so much! they are always having fun and updating there facebook page. the head of the department Gregory Reck who is no longer the chairman was my favorite professor! he was such a fun old man and I am stillt rying to find ways to take his classes. The academic requirements are just strict enough. fairly accesible but not too low stanndard to let in total idiots or too prestigious so you have a lot of snobby stuck-up pricks. It is a good middle class school!


To be clear, I came to ASU because the other schools I got accepted to were too expensive and I didn't want to graduate with over 100k in debt so I did feel that some classes in the beginning were boring and unnecessary. Some teachers are your typical 'just show up and you get an A' teacher while others do make you work hard for your grade. I took the easy teachers for my core classes that I knew I wasn't going to go further in (like Bio and English) while I looked for more challenging teachers in my major. I do like the idea that we have small classes (typically around 20-30 students a class) so the teachers can get to know you and will talk to you outside of class if you bump into them around campus/town. The larger classes feel a bit more impersonal and tend to have less class participation going on. Also, we have free tutoring if you're struggling in a class or looking to get better (like in languages), where most are one-on-one.


ASU used to be the backup school of choice for everyone in NC, as Chapill Hill and NC State were really selective. So for some kids App state was tbe only school they got into. THis brings it academic integrity down a bit, but its starting to turn around. This way my first choice school and I got into UNC Chapil Hill along with other bigger schools but I liked App better bc of the small town feel and the community. And that's becomming a trend so academics are getting mroe competetive aroud here. We also have great professors who are always willing to help and give SI (supplemental instruction) A big group tutoring session every week. And because we're a smaller school we can offer smaller class sizes. My frehman english class only has 20 kids in it. It allows for teachers to have a personal relationship with their students. The great thing about being a smaller shcool is that it is able to