Appalachian State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I don't think there is one group that is really more popular than another. Everything has its following and fandom, but they are all about equal. Obviously sporting events are huge (it is the south after all!).


Frats, social clubs, outdoorsy groups.


At appalachian, I am a part of a sorority, called Alpha Delta Pi. Here at App, there are tons of different things to be involved in and many different sources to fit your needs and wants. No one ever feels left out, even if you aren't involved in anything. Everyone is so friendly all across campus.


Every department has its own club. My favorite is the green club. many clubs sponsor fun campus events like masquerade balls! Those who do live in doorms always have there doors open for passing visitors. the guest speakers are SO interesting. they are not your every day boring lecture visitors. I got to shake hands with brother guy consolmongo and Uchita de zoysa (google them!) it was such an honor. Although I am not a part of greek life, it is a very active part of campus. Parties are fun but rarely get to the "out of control" point where you just cant handle it! 5$ PJ's at most frat parties! such a deal! A saturday night that doesnt involve drinking could mean a camping trip, a movie on campus, one of the special dinner nights the caf hosts, a guest speaker, there are always campus events.


For the better part of the past 3 years I've been here, I was the 'abnormal' student. I didn't care for the football team (actually, I hate american football) which automatically means you don't really feel 'in' with the rest of the student body as football, for some reason, is a big deal around here. I also don't like getting out and being social (the life of an introvert) so I most times avoided social events. However, I still managed to find friends through similar classes we were taking. And if the weekend movie that they play in the auditorium is something I want to see again (or haven't yet) I just pay $1 for a ticket. Dorm life, is another thing. Some love it, I hate it. As I like quiet to study and SLEEP, being in a room right off the open lobby is not the best situation. I got stuck with the small group of freshmen who think they rule the lobby and can talk so loud that people in China can hear them... at 2-3 AM! I've had to constantly ask them to talk quieter all last semester and they only started respecting quiet hours this semester when I finally went to the RD as the RA wasn't doing anything. Other than noise issues, life in dorm is alright. Some floormates are friendly and become buds in a day, others not so much. My freshman and sophomore year, as I was located in a pretty isolated room, I would occasionally prop the door open so whoever went by could say hi if they wanted to (got some strange encounters sometimes).


Pretty much every dorm on campus has an awesome hangout space with a tv, pingpoing/pool table and study desks and comfy chairs that really helps with meeting people. A majority of places leave their doors open at all times of day as well. All Athletic events on campus are free for students which is really nice and any student can apply for a tailgating spot. App State Football is awesome!!! We have a university sponsored night club called Legends and it's awesome! There are nightly events like concerts and dances that go down there. It doesn't serve alcohol and is usually 18 and up but some nights they do bring your own beer and only studnets over 21 are allowed in. Off campus there is soooo much to do. There's the obvious mountains to climb and hike. There's a couple water falls that are popular for cliff diving. We are also surrounded by 2 different rivers that you can tube down. usually we tie our tubes together with a rope and then tie a cooler to the end of the rope and spend the day on the river. We also have our own ski lodge exclkussively for ASU students and you cna buy a season pass for like $200 or its $40 every time you go. It's got full ski/snowboard rental and is pretty fun.