Appalachian State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the atmosphere on football game days. It truly is an amazing feeling to see everyone, current and past students and other fans, dressed in black and gold and cheering on our team. This also makes me feel so united and close to the people around me. We are all there to support something we love. The roar of the crowd in Kidd Brewer Stadium is truly amazing, and it gives me such a sense of pride and joy. I am truly thaknful to be a part of such an amazing university.


I most brag about the beauty of the campus and the surrounding mountainous area of Boone.


That it is in the mountains.


When I tell my friends about ASU, I brag that we are the number one producing school in NC for those graduating with degrees in education. I also brag that ASU is the number one university in the nation for having alumni that become nationally board certified instructors. I also tell my friends that the staff at ASU are helpful and kind to those who transitioned from a community college from personal experience.


The people at AppState are so incredibly nice! If you need anything, there will always be someone there to help you, even if you've never met them before! Also, it's located in the mountains, so it's absolutely beautiful.


I like to tell my friends about the wonderful campus, and the great environment that ASU is a part of. The campus is a perfect size, and the city of Boone has so many other things to offer the students. The community of Appalachian is very friendly, and it's so easy to get caught with friends when you have work to do. But most of all, I love the weather. It can be a little warm, but it's always hard to predict; even the amount of snow we get can be misunderstood.


Through pictures and stories I am constantly bragging to my friends and family about the outdoor life Appalachian has to offer. Since I have been living in Boone, I have spent much of my free time exploring the Mountainous regions of Appalachia through numerous recreational activities. From star-gazing to swimming, from night hiking to taking pictures, Appalachian's outdoor programs have served as a great escape from the somewhat busy and stressful lifestyle college has now added to my life.


How much fun we have up here


It's beautiful here! The mountain scenery is amazing and the mall is such a cool green area. We get great legs from the workout walking to class every day, which might seem like a negative - but for those of us who are less motivated to work out -it's great. Everyone is chill and I love the program that I'm in. Everyone is spirited and there's plenty to do. Although Boone is small, it's a really cute town.


When I first toured Appalachian, I was immediately captured by the atmosphere of the school. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and there was a strong sense of community. I think that is what makes Appalachian unique: the strong student community and the feeling that you can be whoever you want without being judged for it. The typical App student is unique. There is little social pressure here to conform to a certain style of dress or social activity. The campus and surrounding area are also gorgeous; I think this is an important aspect of App as well.


Mostly, the opportunities I get. I have been offered chances to travel abroad for photography programs, master classes through the dance department with well known dancer/choreographers, and plenty of other exciting opportunities. Another bragging right I feel I have is of course the success of our school atheletics. Not once in my high school career did I attend a high school football game, because I simply hated the school. Here I have school spirit and when our teams do well I tend to get excited about it!


I brag most about the environment that is Appalachian State. I love tradition in many aspects of life but it was especially important when I was choosing a school. To me Appalachian has a rich tradition that you can't help but get involved in. So when I say I brag about the environment, I i brag about our specialized programs, our athletics, and the type of people you meet when your here which is quite different from the average.


Students are allowed to stress their point of view. You can do as well as you wish - it is totally up to you. The teachers instruct but it is up to you to deliver. It has alot of outdoor activities available. There is always something going on on campus. Very active and friendly campus


Appalachian State University is a located in a beautiful part of North Carolina. I especially enjoy attending college here because of the many recreational opportunities available.


Amazing school spirit and football team. This school is one of the best eduactional values for the money in the country. Amazing college and ski town where everyone supports the school. And the alumni are very helpful when giving back to the school.


How peaceful it is when you get away from campus, and how you don't have to go far to find a good hiking trail or rock wall. How this is a beautiful area to be going to school in because of the weather and the scenery. And also how the professors help a lot.


How Green our school is, when it comes to the enviornment we are one of the best schools I know. I also brag about our football team. We are the 3 time winning NCAA national champions and we are one our way four our fourth in a row. Our team beat Michigan State University. Wealso have a great music program.


It's surrounded by beautiful mountains and there is so much to do outside. My classes are small and very interesting with professors who are there primarily to teach and have a strong interest in the students. There are many resousrces on campus to help you with just about anything you need. Everyone in Boone is very friendly and helpful.


The amazing facilities of the school and the area surrounding the school.


We have an awesome football program. The area around is beautiful. Every anlge you look up in the distance and you see the beauty of the mountains


The cold winters and snowboarding for a class credit. The pretty environment.