Appalachian State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


No university is perfect, Appalachian included. In my opinion, the worst thing about this school is the number of deaths we have experienced this past school year. While some of them were suicides, medical emergencies, or car accidents, there was an unusually high number of lives lost amongst our student body this year. This has made for a particularly difficult past semester. With that said, one of the best things about this school is the way everyone came together as a family in support of those affected by these numerous tragedies.


Sometimes the winters can be bad in Boone and you can get snowed in your aparmtent/dorm.


The worst thing would be that some of the landscaping around the campus could be improved.


The worst thing about Appalachian is the dorms. Some of the dorm buildings are older and not kept us as well. While I lived in a nicer dorm, I still believe that the dorms could have been handled better.


Cold and Snow. If you do not like these elements, then Appalachian is not for you. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to receive a great education in a beautiful setting. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize at athletic games, the student union is fabulous and the town is quaint. There are ski slopes, rock climbing and hiking close to campus. Those who enjoy the outdoors and don't mind bundling up will enjoy this college experience.


The worse thing about my school is the awkward location. Each side of campus is located on a hill so the walks during bad weather are quite long. The campus is not easily accessible for handicapped students; however, the university does everything possible to accomodate.


The worse thing would be the rain and the hills. Rain appears out of nowhere sometimes. The campus and situated in the mountains, so there are a lot of ups and downs while walking to class, but I knew about both of these things. I asked for it.


The worst thing abou Appalachian is that everyone is to nice, the grass is too green in the fall and summer and the snow is too powdery in the winter. Taking Snowboarding as a PE is too much fun once a week and meeting many students who are open to new friends just seems too easy. However, the cold is brutal, but with the right apparel, thats a piece of cake.


The worst thing about my school, boy that's a hard one. Nothing I can say except I've heard that last year the snow was unbearable and brought things to a stand still for the first time in many years. I like the snow but not on that level. I hope this year will not be as bad.


The fact that there are no malls, and its located in a small town


Appalachian State currently does not have strong pre-professional programs in health sciences. Despite the fact that many graduates are still able to pursue higher-level studies in these fields (myself included), they must go elsewhere to do so. School officials do have future plans for expanding undergraduate degree programs in the healthcare field, however, since limited funding at a large public liberal arts university must be allocated purposefully, it remains unclear at this time when exactly this expansion will take place.


Winter. It gets cold here in the mountains. Very cold, and very windy. The academic advising system also needs to be better: advisors too often are not very helpful regarding what classes are needed.


I think our school could do better in preparing their students for life after undergrad. There did not seem to be much emphasis on finding job placements for students or helping them with graduate programs.


The price. It is very expensive. The stress of how I am going to pay off loans gives me a lot of stress.


It is definitely hard to figure out what the worst thing about Appalachian would be. The campus is gorgeous, the food is great, and the people are very friendly. If I have to choose something less than pleasant about Appalachian State, it would be the treacherous walks around the campus. When a school is placed in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, it is not hard to assume that it might take some getting used to hiking up hills to get to class. Even though it may wear one out, students will be in the best shape of their lives.


The worst about about this school would have to be the academic advising during your first year at school. You do have required meeting with you appointed academic advisor, however, it is sometimes difficult to communicate with them. They dont tell you what you need to do to continue to college, but on the very important thing you are sometimes left in the dark. Like how to declare a major etc. Also difficult to get the classes you need during you first few years.


The worst thing about my school is the wind. It is very windy and it makes it cold.


Its very far from my home.


The typical student did not fit the criteria of someone I would usually call a "friend." It was hard for me to connect with my piers, and so it was a very lonely year. Equally, I was not impressed with the weather. It snowed nine months of the year, and most days were negative degree weather.


if you don't like cold weather (especially snow - even in April) then you won't like Boone ...otherwise very easy to fit into...whatever you are looking for


The worst thing about Appalachian State University is the lack of extra-curricular activities. Unless you like outdoor activities, there isn't much to do in Boone, NC.


I feel proud of my school in ways but there is a big problem here in the way of diversity. Appalachain is making efforts to diversify its population but until today it's NOT made a resounding bound. I'm a diversity scholarship receipient and still feel that way. It's great that the university is trying hard to please students and parents in every way but I am the ONLY Latina student in every one of my classes. If you are NOT in the Foreign Language Dept then chances are you will NOT see diversity all day long.


its a lot of walkin up and down the hills.but every thing else is a good school to learn at.


I love Appalachian State University, but I hate the administrative system and financial aid office. They're very focused on incoming freshmen and so busy with all the freshmen coming in that they're not very helpful to present students. I'm eligible to receive fincancial aid, but feel like it's impossible to get it unless I receive a scholarship in my major.


There is nothing really bad about this school. I think I speak for at least 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body by saying that everyone loves going to school here.


Football game days. I work at a campus service, so it is really hectic around this time. I am glad that we've won so much, but it shouldn't be what the school is all about.


Not a lot of diversity among students.


The worst thing about this school is the weather at times. During the winter months the wind can reach up to 50 mph. Its not so bad in the summer but during the winter ,the wind makes the temperature blistering cold. Its tough walking to class at times. Sometimes its easier to stay in your house and stay in bed.


There is a severe lack of housing, parking, and scholarships.


The worst thing about my school is that it gets really cool. It stays cold. Its nice in the summer, but it's cold any other time. 20* colder on top of the mountian than on the bottom in like raleigh or durham.


The worst thing about my school is we lack some much need international cultural diversity because we are located in the Western Mountains in NC


The winters are pretty brutal. It can get to be -18 F with the wind. That is harsh when you are walking to class at 8am.


The weather because it changes hour to hour


Sometimes I feel like I'm not learning as much as possible. Granted the teachers here are good teachers and respect their undergrads. However, I wonder if I'm missing out because my professors are (mostly) not top in their fields. I sometimes feel like there are limited amounts of research opportunities. This may be because the faculty here do not do research as often as at other schools. Though I feel like my knowledge base may be lacking, I do think that this school encourages a different kind of thinking than something that just rote memorization will teach you.


In order to attend my school you have to be able to put up with extreme cold temperatures. It gets cold her real fast and stays cold until about March. The weather would be about the only bad thing about this school. We are in the mountains of North Carolina so we see snow cold weather and rain very often.


The drive to the school, simply because of the mountain that I have to drive up everyday




There's so much to do so much of the time that it's very easy to become sleep deprived.


The worst thing about my school is that the population is not as diverse as many other colleges.


The worse thing about the school is probably the parking situation. The school has been expanding quite rapidly and that is just one thing that hasn't kept up with that growth.