Appalachian State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Appalachian is a very open-minded and fairly liberal school by most standards. We are known for our concern for sustainable living, outdoor adventure oppurtunities, and an exciting sports scene. Not to mention numerous study abroad oppurtunities. However, if Greek life is particularly important to someone, this may not be the school for them because Greek life is not as prominent a feature at App than most univeristies. Besides that, I think Appalachain is for anyone that can handle a little snow.


Someone who is friendly and gets along easily with others and is very self motivated to improve themselves.


A person who is acceptable of everyone; regardless of race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, should attend this school.


Any person! It is a great school!


The type of person that should look into Appstate is someone who loves cold weather, close-knit communities, and understanding professors.


You should enjoy the outdoors, cold weather and be driven for success. Student life is full of activities for everyone - athletic events, music festivals, art, business clubs and more.


Anyone what enjoys outdoors or environmental awareness should attend ASU because the school is very "artsy" as well as a very green school. I also believe that anyone who desires to receive a full college experience without the full college price should come to App because there are many procedures in place that help the students save money, as well as help fund students that are in need.


A person who is not judgemental, relaxed, and someone who enjoys an adventurous lifestlye should attend Appalchian State.


A laid back person, likes the outdoors or can entertain themselves without a big mall or movie theater, likes to hang out and get to know people with conversation.


A hippie.


Someone who is open to learn about new people and activities should attend Appalachian State University. Everyone here is part of a giant family so we all feel welcome. Someone who is good at interacting with other people should definitely apply here, as well.




The perfect attendee of Appalachian State University would be an easygoing yet determined individual who feels comfortable in his or her own skin, desires to make lifelong friendships, and think beyond current horizons. Those who also love being outdoors-- yet can brave any kind of rapid change in the weather!--will feel right at home. Students who are interested in a variety of areas of study can easily tailor academic curriculum to accommodate these desires. There is an accepting niche for everyone at Appalachian State!


If you are looking for warm weather this place is not for you. You have to be a beast to get through the winther and its freezing weather. This place is as people say a hippie school. So I suggest people who are open minded about alternative life styles and religions should come here. It is definitely for eco friendly students and people who care for the environment. Lastly you must be in shape. This place is on a mountain so everything is practically up hill.


I suggest that students who plan on attending Appalachian have a strong work ethic. Not that the courses are extremely challenging, but in order to do well you must have personal responsiblity and other qualities of a strong student. You should also love being outdoors and want to get involved with activites on campus since Appalachain provides many oppurtunites in order to do so.


If you are the type of person who is VERY school spirited, hard working, and open to several different ethnic, racial, relegious, and sexual background then this school is for you. Also, this is a very environmental friendly school where the emphaise the importance of being "GREEN." There is also a very good out door program if you are into hiking, kayaking, climbing and camping. Plenty of extracuricular activities to choose from to get away from the books and have some fun.


Anyone; that's the beauty of Appalachain. You can find almost anything that suits your personality, hobbies, and interests. Plus, we're home to Moutaineer football what more do you need than that.


If you love nature, football, mountains, snow, cold weather, hippies, bluegrass, art, or any combination of the following, you will fit right in.


Free spirits, creative people and hippies are most at home here at Appalachian. Also people who are seriously into outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and camping. It's a great school for people who are laid back but still know how to keep up with their work.


You will learn to be a leader for life. Many students here are mindful of the enviroment. Students here recycle a lot and are very big on volunteerism. Study abroad is a trm you will hear in every classroom. Students here travel everywhere from the Carribean, to Vietnam and China and absolutely to Africa. The schoolwrok is almost always hands on and getting out of the classroom. This school will help you make connections from school to your chosen career. You should come here if you want to be challenged in every way possible for a student to be challenged.


Pretty much any kind of person can find a group for them selves here. There are multiple groups and organizations for any race, religion, or ethnic group. The majority of people that attend are from a upper middle class family, however there are still students from all ranges of socio-economic statuses.


Anyone should attend AppState who is looking for a great place to study almost any topic and find themselves a career path that suits them.


Someone who loves feeling like they are part of something should definitely go to ASU. They should not mind too much snow or rain and love to soak up the sun when it actually comes out. A well-rounded person who knows what they want out of life but not necessarily what he/she is going to do should attend this school.




Someone who is open minded, loves to go outside, and wants to learn.


A person looking for a school with a strong sense of social and environmental awareness with great support from the surrounding community. Also a self motivated person that does not mind putting forth extra effort to advance and push forward.


Open minded and nature loving individuals. As well as those who can tolerate the cold.


Anyone who wants to be more than just a number. Anyone who wants an intimate relationship with their education. There's something here for everyone.


Really anyone could attend this school and find something they like about it, but I suggest that they keep an open and tolerant mind.


A person that enjoys the outdoors and having a community based environment should attend Appalachian State University. A person that enjoys student-teacher interaction and smaller classes should attend ASU. A person that wants to live close to campus and be involved in campus-orientated activities should attend ASU. A person that wants to be accepted for who they are and is willing to accept others for their differences should attend ASU. A person that is focused on their work but wants to have a social life as well should attend ASU.


an open-minded, outgoing, and artistic person.


hope you like the snow. it snowed before halloween this year. The students are like a family here. Not a real student type, there is so much diversity, we have a diversity hall in the student union. They change out the flags every week because we have so many students representing from so many different countries.


Any one with an open mind to every subject. If your goal is to expand your horizons you will find that here at ASU. The people here are from so many different backgrounds and enviroments so as to bring true depth into any intellectual conversation.