Appalachian State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Appalachian State University is a college where just about everyone will fit in. There is not a lot of racial diverity, but the population is very diverse in many other ways. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountain, our college has one of the best views and has a very unique mountain communty. Appalachian offers a wide variety of majors from business administration to art history, to physical education. Appalachian is definitely a wholesome univeristy for the students that call it home.


If you do not like the outdoors or if you are closed minded, this kind of school is not for you. Appalachian is built for people who enjoy nature and the campus is very warm, open, and friendly.


Someone who doesn't appreciate nature. Appalachian is a beautiful campus and should be admired for its natural beauty. If someone cannot appreciate the majesty of the mountains, they should not attend Appalachian State University.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone that is no open to new ideas and isn't an outdoors person. They should also like colder weather and hilly/mountainous terrain.


I think a person who is more of a loner would have a difficult time at ASU. People are very friendly and outgoing here and it might be difficult for students who prefer to spend more alone time than group time. There are always student activities on campus and groups of people everywhere so it could be a challenge to find that down time they might seek.


People who do not care about learning, don't like the snow, and those who don't like being away from home. There are not a lot of parties and greek life is not that big so if that's what someone is looking for them App may not be the place for them.


Close-minded people would probably have a difficult time at this school. People who are not open to opinions different from their own or life-styles different from what they are accustomed to should have a difficult time on any college campus. There is such a vast array of personalities that attend this college that I believe people who don't wish to experience anything different would have a harder time adjusting.


It is very difficult for me to not recommend Appalachian State to anyone because it is an outstanding university. However, the complaint I hear the most from my peers is about the school's location. The town of Boone, where the university is located, is a small town with friendly residents. However, it gets exceptionally cold, especially during the winter. Unlike most of North Carolina, snow falls often and many winter days are below freezing. Therefore, I feel that someone who hates cold weather should not attend Appalachian State.


Appalachian is a great place for students who love the outdoors. If one is afraid of the cold or does not like to explore the outdoors, then I would not come to ASU. The sky mountain just a few miles down the road, blue ridge parkway, and many trails for explortion keep the active soul busy. The various recreation centers provide a way to keep healthy when the weather does not permit. Appalachian State University is for the free and active soul.


Appalachian State is a medium to small size school, so if attending a huge university such as Ohio State is your dream. Appalachian State should not be high on your list. This school is personal and most classes are smaller, so if you want to just be a number and not a name, this also isn't a school for you. Most of the classes are not huge lectures that you can show up to when you want, there is a more intimate feeling. This school also expects well rounded students, so you cannot be single tracked.


Someone who is not willing to put forth the effort required for each class. It is also very cold in Boone, so those who don't like cold or snow, should go elsewhere. ASU is not too big or too small. For me it's perfect, but for people who want a large city or college experience it's not ideal.


This school is great for everyone in my opinion. However, if I was to pick a type of person this university would not be for, I would have to say that this school is not for people who do not want to challenge him or herself academically. Also if someone grew up in a big city or in a warm climate this would not be the school for you. It does get very cold and Boone is definitely not a big city with skyscrapers.


I don't think that any person shouldn't attend this school, everybody deserves an opportunity.


The only type of person who I would advise not to attend this school is someone who prefers to stay inside rather than enjoy the outdoors. Most of the students who attend Appalachian State spend most of their free time snowboarding, camping, or just simply relaxing somewhere on our beautiful campus. Those people who aren't interested in enjoying what this campus and community have to offer as far as all the numerous outdoor activites would probably enjoy another campus over this one. However, if one wants to learn to like nature, then this school would be a great choice.


The kind of people I believe are the party and no schoolwork crowd, here at ASU the students prefer to have some fun and enjoy their surroundings but overall having an adventure through our education is the top priority here on campus. But besides that if your not into winter or wintersports this place might not be for you. But if you prefer adventure of different types well then the heart of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains are where ASU is waiting for you.


A person that likes to be in the city, have things close to them, and likes dance clubs should NOT come to ASU. Boone is small rural town. It snows a lot in the winter, so if you don't like the cold then don't come to ASU. We have a lot of mountains too, so there are hills and strong winds on campus.


I can't think of any type of person who wouldn't find his or her niche at App.


Students should be both laid back and welcome to meeting many different kinds of people. Such as, jocks, tree huggers, hippies, academics, and even pot heads. They should also be willing to display a lot of school spirit and deal with the long harsh months of crazy weather that only happens in the mountains of North Carolina.


A person who enjoys the outdoors and can handle sometimes harsh winter climate shifts would be right at home here at Appalachian State University. Also a person interested in this school should be willing to try new things and reach outside of their social circle to embrace all that Appalachian has to offer. If a student feels a need to be on a first name basis with professors, then they are in luck as the University employs some of the most engaging teaching staff that I've ever encountered.


Someone who is not willing to work here should not come attend ASU. Extremely narrow-minded peoplewho are not open to new ways of thinking should not attend because ASU is always pushing the limits when it comes to every aspect of education.


Anyone who loves school spirit, likes the outdoors, and is willing to make friends with people who they have just met will fit in well at this University. People who make friends here are almost guaranteed to have them for life.


Anyone who isn't open-minded. Anyone who doesn't like the mountains. It's a small, but growing town...there's still not much to do here so if you are one of those people that constantly has to have something to do you may get bored.


Any kind of student looking for a good business school art program or teaching program with an awesome football team. Everyone here is really nice.


The type of person who wouldn't enjoy attending Appalachian State University is someone who absolutely hates cold weather. It snows in October and will continue every couple of weeks until early April. Another type of person who loves city life and loves to go out to bars to party because Appalachian does not have many bars for a large crowd to go to. But, we have a wide variety of diversity so anyone would be able to fit-in on campus.


Anyone, because everyone is accepted here.


Someone who doesn't like the cold weather!


Don't attend if you don't like cold weather. This campus is not in a bustlingly place and can seem dead, so if you want a city school this isn't the place either. Someone who wants a highly distinguished professor who only cares about furthering his research should not attend. People looking for an intensive pre-med program might be disappointed since this is a strong liberal arts school and does not treat the sciences as superior. Someone who wants a big name school with lots of shopping, access to high culture events, and "prestige" will be disappointed.


Someone who is looking for city life, clubs, etc. Also people who are not accepting of those who have different lifestyle choices, be it drugs, sexual orientation, etc.


Appalachian is a very progressive, diverse, and accepting institution. Students that aren't seeking to improve their quality of life in every aspect conceiveable or those who don't strive to entertain a highly diverse group of friends all with broad-ranging interests should not apply to this institution. By attending this institution and getting involved, you WILL be placed outside your comfort zone through everything that is going on on campus, and you WILL become a better person because of it.