Appalachian State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known exactly how cold it gets in Boone in the winter!! I also wish someone would have told me how to properly use the bus system.


More opportunities for academic advancement


I wish I would have known that it does indeed rain and snow more that average so bring a pair of snow boots and a nice rain jacket!


How to better manage my time.


I wish I'd known how much walking I'd have to do, to be honest. I don't think it would have changed my opinion about the school but it just would have made me think twice about what shoes I'd pack. Stupidly, I'd brought some heels to App. I didn't know that literally, in every direction you walk, it's all uphill.It has its charms. It's something funny to complain about when you're on the elevator going up to your dorm, somewhat breathless from walking all around campus.


Before attending Appalachian State University, I wish I had known the level at which my morals would be tested. Appalachian is a very liberally active school, meaning that people from all over the place come here and each has their own opinion. I wish that I had understood that my desire for calm, peaceful education in the mountains near the small town of Boone would instead be loud, noisy, and filled with partiers. Many told me that Appalachian was a party school, but the full force of the truth has hit me square in the face.


The only thing I wish I had known was how much work I had to put into my classes. Community College doesn't prepare you for the amount of work a university has a student do.


I wish I would have known how liberal the people here are.


I had always heard great things about Appalachian before I came here, but one thing that I wish I had realized was that the winters are brutal, and that there is a lot of snow fall during the "spring" semester. I knew it was cold in the mountains, but that did not register in my brain until I was standing in the snow, and freezing walking to class. Besides the cold winters, I love everything about Appalachian including the teachers, the environment, the classes, the people, and the overall atmosphere of the campus.


I wish I'd known how to manage my time a little better, but I think that more directly relates to my major then to the school. Other than that, maybe how to rock-climb, or be better at snowboarding. We're outdoor-sey!


I wish I would have known how cold it was up here and about how the food service isn't always open when I need it. I wish I would have brought dishes and stuff to clean.


I wish I had known how difficult it can be to adjust every few hours to different teaching styles. You may have one professor that lectures the entire time and your next professor may have class discussions and projects. You might even have an instructor who has class discussions and projects online, so the class only meets a few times during the semester. It can get pretty tricky keeping your mind in order at first, but it keeps you on your toes at the same time.


I wish I had known how great the faculty is here. I would not have been nearly as worried knowing how dedicated the professors are to help out. The first day I came, every professor laid out their office hours and was more then glad to schedule around office hours if the student needs it. Even Chancellor Peacock is accessible. You do not have to feel as if accomplishing a goal is intangibile.


I wish I understood that people were not kidding about the harsh winters.


I wish I had known that at&t did not have reliable service on campus. Most of the areas on campus are dead zones for at&t users. I would have switched cell providers before I came to school if I had known that I would not have service most places on campus. I also wish I had known how unpredictable the weather is here and that I had brought rain boots with me when I first came to school.


I wish I would have known how hard it was going to be to leave my family. I think it would have been the same experience for me not matter where I would have went to school.


I wish I had known that the classes really aren't comparable to high school classes. You really have to study and work hard.


I wish I had known the extend of what would be required. I realized that college would mean freedon to do as I pleased, but did not understand the responsibilities associated with that freedom. As a senior in high school, I only wanted to leave the small town where I lived and never look back. I wanted to experience college, not learn from it. I wish I'd been able to experience both the life changing stuff that comes with college AND the academic experience, at a greater length. It's difficult to be prepared for the unknown.


I wish I would have known just how cold it can be here: I'd heard it could get cold, but I was not prepared for the winter weather I have encountered.


I had been told by many people that it gets very cold in the winter and stays cold/snowy until May. At home, only 2 hours away, "Spring" comes in March instead of May. I just had to experience it to realize what they meant.


I wish that I had known that you can use your meal plan in the campus grocery stores. I did not realize that until half way through my first semester here.


I wish I would have known to bring more snow shoes.


Don't let yourself or your friends get to drunk; be careful.


I wish I had known just how liberal most of the professors seem to be. I'm a very conservative person and so I struggle at times when I'm in class and the profs teach something that goes completely against my moral convictions.


I think the biggest problem with Appalachian, that isn't readily talked about when researching the school is the lack of housing. Because the university is in a small town there are a lot of zoning laws, which restrict the campus from building more housing. Students are forced to live off campus junior and senior years because of this problem. Knowing this the realtors take full advantage of the students and charge them ridiculous amounts for rent.


It can rain a lot here and winter can be a little bleak. I wish I had known about half of the things offered here and all the part time job opportunities in the area. I wish I had known to dump my boyfriend from high school before coming here, it kept me from doing a lot, and meeting more new people.


You miss out if you don't go to the football games


I wish I had known how amazing my experience was going to be at Appalachian State University before I came here.


How amazing and accepting it is, and how many options that this school provides you with while you are here.


More people. It was hard to integrate as a transfer student.


Coming from Upstate New York to Boone, I wish I'd known just how much culture shock I would have. I also wish I had known how small the rooms are (they aren't pitiful but they are the smallest in the North Carolina school system!).


It can get cold fast.


What major I had really needed to pursue. That it's easier to knock out your core classes then attack your major required courses.


I wish I had known that Appalachian would be raising tuition to the extent which they have. I believe it may have factored into my decision.