Appalachian State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the sense of unity that I feel when I am at school. I think everyone chose to attend Appalachian State University because they absolutely fell in love with it. I think that this creates a sense of togetherness that is unique to this school. Additionally, the school has recently encountered hardships, as three students committed suicide in one semester. I feel as though everyone has come together to honor those people and to make sure that each person feels loved and valued, which I think is a special thing.


Everybody at App has an immense amount of school spirit. When you go here, you really feel proud to go here. This school was my first choice and I am so happy that I chose App.


The best thing about Appalachian State University is the outdoorsy atmosphere, the encouragement to take care of the environment and the friendliness of just about everyone on campus. I've not had a negative experience with anyone at Appalachian.


The avalibility of resources that I can use to further my education. The Library has a vast amount of area to study as well as a large selection of books and other materials.


Appstate is an awesome school for students who love the outdoors, snow, and professors who are challenging but fair. The students at Appstate from my experience are tolerant and eager to expand their world views and experiences.


I feel the community is the best thing about this school. The community of the students, professors, and other citizens of Boone really want you to succeed and make it feel like it is home. Everyone really wants to help everyone and genuinely cares about the time each and every person has in Boone. Teachers work very hard to help you and the students help you by supporting you.


Appalachian State University offers something for everyone. The athelete, the artist, the partier, etc...everyone has something to do. Shopping, skiing, football, basketball, studying, hiking, etc...something to do for everyone. Within 25 miles you go from the mountains to a city and all the things to go and do.


Throughout high school, I always struggled in History classes, therefore coming to college, I feared that I would never get through them. However, I was shocked at how small the classes are kept and the attention that the Professors give each and every student. I ended up getting an A in my first History class here and I could not have achieved this goal had the professor not sent me such encouraging emails and spent a lot of time tutoring me one-on-one. This is why I would say that Appalachian's best assett is their small class sizes.


Small town that allows easy access the community and campus. The surrounding mountains give the students an outdoor playground all year long, if they choose to enjoy it. The football team has a very strong following here and fans come from withing a couple hours to watch the games. The people here are amazing. They tend to be helpful and considerate; they display that good ole' southern hospitality. For the price of this university, the education can't be beat.


Appalachian State is a great place to learn about living as a mature adult as well as becoming educated in your field of study. It's a tight community of green-minded students, and schoolwork is balanced well with recreation and relaxation.


The environment. Appalachian State is in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which provides not only a beautiful place to live but a great place to do environmental research. I was an environmental biology major and our classes frequently went outdoors to research. We went in streams to analyze fish, we went hiking for mushrooms, and took samples of the air quality. It is a great place to get outside to relax with friends as well. Many students enjoy hiking, snowboarding/skiing, the swimming holes, and rock climbing.


The best thing about my school would have to be the value. I feel that Appalachian State can provide anyone with an exceptional education, which should be the main reason why a college is of interest. However, I believe that besides a superb education, one can take away from an experience at Appalachian State besides is the wonderful student environment. Appalachian State has many clubs, activities, and experiences to discover, all while being one of the more inexpensive universities in North Carolina. I firmly believe that the best thing about Appalachian State is it?s value.


At any school, the professors can make or break the education experience. Here, they make it. In the biology department, we aren't seen as puny subjects or incomplete adults, we're seen as potential peers. Professors actively engage students by inviting them to be part of their personal research. My zoology professor regularly invites his students to eat lunch with him at the local pizza shop. At other schools, you can feel so small. But here, the faculty make you feel important and completely capable of success.


sport activities are good whether intramural, club, or varsity if the weather allows for you to play


The best thing about the school is the atmosphere inside and outside the classroom and the hospitality of every individual. Everyone is welling to help or guide to where you need to go. As well, the instructors enjoy in seeing you succeed, additionally there is a variety of activities or classes to choose from.


The campus, both the scenery and facilities, was beautiful.


The friendliness of the faculty, staff, and all of the students was a large factor in my choice of Appalachian State. Also, other students are very helpful to new students, so the campus really feels like one big family.


Cost. They rent textbooks which killed me financially before they started this.


friendly environment...always something to do....professors are willing to work with you and respond quickly to e-mails..graduate students are tremendous help in the have been easy to talk to so I could get on the right aid office works with me to find scholarships and understand what I can expect for money when studying abroad... THE GREAT OUTDOORS


It is a large university with a small "family" atmosphere and an open mind.




It is very easy to meet people here. I've met some of my best friends just by striking up a conversation with a then-stranger while walking around campus. Even the faculty is easy to talk to and meet - everyone is interested in being a part of someone else's life and helping them out if they need help.


As a music major at Appalachian State University, I have found the Hayes School of Music the best part about my school. HSOM promotes a healthy, competitive environment. There is an extensive Music Library for research opportunities. Majors develop close relationships with their teachers and are always comfortable asking for help or advice. The Hayes School of Music is a fantastic place to spend my undergraduate years!


I absolutely love the campus. It's the perfect size, a couple miles. I don't have to take a bus to get to my classes but can walk to all of them within ten minutes. The campus is beautiful. The buildings are very nice to look at, but there is also a lot of nature to see and be around. It gets pretty cold here, snows too, but it nevers get super hot.


Everyone loves being here and is here for the right reasons.


How friendly and helpful everyone is because I have yet to meet a rude person on campus


one-hundred words won't do me justice in describing how great this school is. There isn't one best thing about this school, there are so many awesome things that this school has to offer. The football team is great, there's tons of outdoor things to do in the area, there's always stuff happening on the weekends, almost all of the professors have p.h.d's so the quality of teaching is great, and it's so easy to get involved.


The best thing about my school is the fact that we are in one of the most beautiful places! The Mountains here are amazing. The Fall is the most beautiful time with all of the leaves changing!


The scenery, most everyone is friendly and helpful. The academics are excellent, and we are well treated for the most part.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is proud to be here. All students are proud to say that they attend Appalachian.