Aquinas College-Grand Rapids Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being a liberal arts college and bing succluded in a busy city


We are best known for our greenness and teaching program.


I have no idea!


Aquinas is best known for its beautiful campus and its Catholic affiliation. It blends the two very nicely by having two of every tree and shrub that is native to Michigan on campus (which is a reference to Noah's ark in the bible). It is also known as a business and teaching school.


I think Aquinas is known for its Theology program. I am currently enrolled in the Nursing Program there but everybody talks up the Theology classes right and left. They are really some of the best I have heard of! The professors are amazing in the program, too.


My school is best known for the Academic programs that it offers. They offer a wide variety of majors, yet they have a relatively small campus. They also have some of the best professors I have ever met. They are actively involved with their students and are all experts in the fields in which they are teaching.