Aquinas College-Grand Rapids Top Questions

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Despite being rooted in the Catholic Dominican Tradition, Aquinas allows students of other faith traditions to openly express their views. Additionally, the location of campus is within a five minute drive of several different places of worship for several faith traditions.


Aquinas is the smallest school that I applied for. It is only about 2,600 students. A lot of the other universities I toured I didnt feel like I was welcomed or really at home. When I came to visit AQ on AQ day I felt like I was at home because everyone knows eachother.


Aquinas offers a small school feeling in a medium to large-sized city with a really big heart! The campus is beautiful in all four seasons and it's easy to get involved with anything you can think of. I liked it because it was close to home for me, and because the sense of community is so strong.


With Aquinas, they focus more on you as the student. They offer small classes and professors who have not only studied what they teach, but have been in the real world doing it. Also the campus is small and surrounded by woods in the middle of the city. It has a home away from home feel. Aquinas offers my career choice and classes that you have interests in. I can take business classes, or art classes, I like that Aquinas is a Liberal Arts College.


Aquinas seemed to be the place where i belonged. I looked at other schools, but right when i arrived here on campus i knew this was my place to be. It is expensive, but I really like the school and the people here.


It has a very small community like feel and it has a beautiful campus. The whole thing is trees and forests and then you walk 200 yards in your in East Grand Rapids and maybe a mile and youre downtown Grand Rapids. Its like a place of its own really.


Aquinas as a campus is beautiful. I have found or seen very few campuses that provide gorgeous wooded walks and quaint homes near the campus. Plus, Aquinas is located in one of the best up-and-coming cities in Michigan, maybe even the United States: Grand Rapids! It is located in East Grand Rapids, a very artsy district (so if you don't get enough art at Aquinas, which there is not much of, head over there!)


The super friendly staff and falculty, and a sense of community. Also the fact that it is in Grand Rapids, a very cool city with lots to do and experiance. Also they offered me more and better scholorhips and aid.


How friendly the atmosphere is on campus. How much the professors care about you. How this school is like one big family.


Its a small and diverse community. It has a beautiful campus. Provides many opportunities for students


It is small enough to get all the atention you need from your professors without getting sick of the same old people.


The campus itself is very beautiful and has lots of great spaces. The new library is fantastic with great resources and staff. There is a great selection of courses and programs, with many unique courses offered. There is also a fantastic study abroad program available. The people on campus are generally very open minded and friendly, also the campus is located in a great part of town with many unique shops, great resturaunts, and amenities in easy walking distance.


Aquinas does, by far, have the most beuatiful and unique campus that I have been on. It is abundant with trees, paths through the woods, and beautiful, historic buildings. Also, it has many great houses and companies and businesses surrounding it that keep things interesting.