Aquinas College-Grand Rapids Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you want a big time school feel. This is a very small campus, and is only about a half mile long.


A person who likes big environments and so many people that you can't know all of them. Aquinas is a small school and family like, if you don't like that, don't go here.


The tpe of person that should not attend the college I am at is someone who is not into buisness or the liberal arts. Aquinas college is a very good college for someone who is thinking about majoring in English, a foreign language, and art, or even buisness. Aquinas is a college of Liberal arts


The kind of person who should not attend Aquinas College is someone who will not work hard or try to obtain a great education. If you are going to attend here then you shouldn't be into drugs, alcohol or making the lives around you harder or put them in danger with potential felony actions. A person should also not come to this school if they do not wish to make their lives have more potential.


Anyone can attend Aquinas. They offer very good contiuing education courses for those seeking a graduate dregree. Aquinas has only 60 majors but a wide range of classes that anyone can take. Many students come to Aquinas to exporle the options of studing business or arts and music or sports management. We have a very good nursing program with UDM.


We defiantly need diversity at Aquinas. Some one who is layed back and fun would fit in great! we need people that like the small classes and hands onness that AQ offers.


So one who is into the big school thing.


People that are looking for a big university with fraternities and sororities. People who do not necesarily like religion or ppl that have strong faith