Aquinas College-Grand Rapids Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There really isnt anythingg frustrating about my school. My school looks out for our education and safety and does a magnificent job of helping their students figure out what they want to do with their lives.


I would consider the worst thing about Aquinas to also be the most frustrating thing, because I am use to being able to choose classes around my work schedule. Now I have to go by the schools guidelines/scheduling just to take the classes that I have to take to earn my degree. It can be challenging also, when there is not enough space in a class, because the school wants smaller class sizes; however, the benefits are that you have better relationships with the professor and are allowed more office hours with them.


At times the school can feel a little lonely because it is such a small school, but being in clubs and varsity sports really helps this.


The most frusturating thing about Aquinas is the distance it is from my house. I live three and a half hours from home, which makes it very difficult to go home for a weekend if I want to. It's also irritating that most people do go home on weekends and, because of that, there is very little to do on campus. Our meals on weekends aren't good, there's no entertainment, and hardly anything is open on campus. If people aren't at home durring the weekend, most of them go to parties and drink. :(


The most frustrating thing about my school is how expensive it is. Going to a private four year school is emptying my bank account clean, but to get the best education possible I am willing to sacrifice my money as hard as it is to write those checks each semester.


Sometimes I wish there were more people. But we are all there, we're just studying or in rehearsals or sports or something.


It snows too much.


The amount of people! Aquinas is a small school.


It can sometimes be hard to schedule classes, because of the small size.