Aquinas College-Grand Rapids Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school is always there to help the students. I had some trouble with some classes, which is why my GPA is low, however, I have been assigned a new advisor, a counselor, academic help and the opportunity to retake the failed course, which I plan to do in the fall. This will replace the previous grade and boost my GPA. The professors, advisors, students and faculty hired for academic help are all very supportive.


The best thing to me is the autmosphere. At a lot of big universities you are in a class of 100 or more. My largest class so far here is 20 students. I get a lot more one on one time with my professers. I am open at any time to schedule office hours and they will help me directly. Some of my professors even hand out there personal numbers because they want to help you.


i want to think that the people are the best part. my friends have really made the expreience for me.


The best part about Aquinas is the people, the staff, students and surrounding community are dedicated to making it a positive place for everyone.


The interaction between the professors and students. The profs really want you to succeed.


Small classes, teachers are easily assesable and willing to help and everyone here is super friendly


I love the small class sizes, the friendliness of the people and the avalibilty of the professors.


The campus is a very nice atmosphere and they do a good job with housing and roomate selection.


There are too many to list but I would have to say the top two would be the nature aspect and everyone being so friendly.


I consider my school's campus size to be the best thing about the school. It's a private college, so it's relatively small compared to other schools. However, I like it that way. Everything is easy to get to and there is no way of getting lost or misplaced.