Arapahoe Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for it's many great professors and staff. At ACC they have many services that helps students figure out where they might want to transfer, or what they want to do after college, or what classes to take. All of the people I have taked to at ACC have been extremely helpful in giving me advice on career opprotunities and they have also helped me determine where I wanted to transfer to and the steps in doing so.


Arapapahoe Community College (ACC) is one of the most widely rcecognized community colleges in Littleton. Although it's not a huge universtiy or well-known research facility it is known as a starting point. Most of the current students are working on prequisites so that they can transfer to larger universities.


Produces some of the best trained nurses, even compared to the 4 year institutions.


Arapahoe is a diverse school that provides education in a variety of areas. They have a large art and design center, as well as an accredited nursing program. Their tag line is Do More. It is the desire of Arapahoe Community College to provide an opportunity for students to go beyond their current status, and to discover, and realize their full potential.


Arapahoe Community College (ACC) provides students with two-year associate degrees, or in my case, pre-nursing courses for a BSN. ACC has more than 100 degree and certificate programs with small class sizes, even if you take a course online. ACC is also know from its dedicated and caring professors who come from a wide variety of disciplines. Arapahoe is also know for being very affordable and close to the sunny city of Denver. ACC is also know for having a flexible class schedule for students who work or have chidlren.


Arapahoe Community College is known for it's excellent health sciences programs while in the mean time promising each and every student very affordable tuition. You might ask how this is possible: a high-value education for reasonable tuition. The COF Stipend combined with five-star ACC leaders collaborate to transform a remodeled prison into an energy-efficient learning facility via intuitive, priority-focused methods.