Arapahoe Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I absolutely love the small class sizes! Attending a community college means more one on one time with your professors and they actually know you by name. I have also experienced many great teachers that are very knowledgable about the world and are very experienced in their area of expertise. There are many opprotunities to get connected to other students at ACC through clubs, classes, and other organizations. Going to a community college has saved me a ton of money and gives me alot of opprotunties to transfer and continue on the path for success.


I love Arapahoe Community College, because they offer such a wide variety of classes, both online. and face-to-face.. Arapahoe offers many guaranteed transfer courses, so time spent learning is not wasted. The guaranteed credits allow a student to continue their education without worry. The variety of classes that Arapahoe offers also allows students to be able to fullfill their credit requirements in one place. Arapahoe makes it easy for students to pursue a degree while continuing to work.


For me, the best thing about ACC is that they allow students to take top-notch accredited online classes. As a birth doula, I have a very unpredictbale schedule and needed a flexible class schedule. I choose to take all of my pre-nursing science classes online and was very impressed with the quality of ACC's virtual classroom. Fetal pigs and bacterial cultures were sent in the mail to me in order to perform labs at home! Thanks to ACC Online, I can work AND study, all the while saving money for my masters degree.


The best thing about my school is that it is close to my home so I can spend time with my family. I also like that I can take night classes,which gives me an opportunity to have a full-time job.