Arcadia University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Yes. Yes to all of them.


My classmates are some of the most diverse group of people you may ever meet. Granted, my university is all about diversity, but these students phyiscally represent that theme. Not only do we have culturaaly diverse students, such as Spanish, Korean, African, and Islam, we have students with different interest and idelas. From atheletes to LARPs and Superwholock fans to musicians, any incoming student would be able to find a group to feel comfortable with.


I have no experience with any other groups except for the Anime Club since they're so late in the day, which is a little upsetting since I'm a Commuter. We wear whatever we seem comfortable for the day, there is no standard. Everyone is from different states, city, and country except for some people. If there were four tables full of students in the Dining Hall expect them to be from the dorms or groups of friends hanging out for dinner, lunch, or breakfast.


My classmates are some of the most amazing, fun, intelligent, innovative and caring people I have ever had the opportunity to meet and live with.


My classmates are the most intellegent people I have ever met.


There is some racial diversity.This schools lacks economic and social diversity. It's predomniantly white. There's little interacial interactions. People who like small unathletic schools would fit perfectly here, if not don't go here! The four tables would include: jocks, all girls table, weirdos, freshmen.


Most students are majoring in either the arts or sciences so it is a very liberal campus.


Unafraid to show people exactly who they are and the things that interest them, despite what others may think, while being fully dedicated to using that freedom of self to fulfill the career and life dreams that they hold.


My classmates are hard working students like myself, and are all trying to get their degrees. My friends on campus are very down to earth and are people I can relate too and confide in.


My classmates in my major classes are all very enthusiastic and excited to learn; my classmates in my general requirement courses dread going.


Everyday when I go to class, I always see the same people there because we are such a small school, therefore everyone I see is important to me in some way, and I appreciate the time that we get to see each other.


My classmates and I study together so we can understand the material better.


Fun and diverse people whom for the most part will be a pleasure to get to know.


They're all really friendly, and while there's a lot of drugs and alcohol on campus, there's still room for all the people who don't drink or do drugs, and everybody gets along; there's not a lot of pressure, but people mostly really care about each other.


Alot are very loud liberals who dont really know what they're talking about; theres alot of kids who havent really learned anything and just repeat things they've heard on tv; but there are some who are really great but its like any campus-theres good and bad students here.


An openminded somewheat diverse group of students who are fairly easy to get along with.


Students at Arcadia seem to be very dedicated to their work, their carreer, and their future.


The vast majority of my classmates treat life as if they were still 16-18 and still in High School.


Friendly but not as involved on campuse as they should be.