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The high focus on research and experiments (psychology and science)


My school is small, maybe 1500 students. This gives us a more personal atmosphere. I know several of my professors well, and each wants to make a personal connection with us. No other school I inquired after had such a community based feel.


The naked truth is: Arcadia is boring, no social interactions, stupid and everything negative.


Arcadia has a global connection requirement for graduation which means that you have to get off campus and either interact with people in/around Philadelphia, the United States, or the world. Arcadia has the number one study abroad program in the United States. Arcadia also has a career internship requirement for graduation, so you must go out and get involved in your future career path before you graduate.


Arcadia is a university that not only provides a diverse and caring community but it also provides the environment in order to grow. College gives young adults the chance to mature and adapt to the world and Arcadia is one of the best Universities for that with students from around the country as well as other countries. Not only will one acquire a valuable education at Arcadia but one will also acquire knowledge about other countries and the people who live there. Arcadia University is one of the best study abroad universities in the country and I love it.


Arcadia operates as a family as appose to a university; we care about one another.


Arcadia University has the best study abroad program in the United States and is ranked 7th in the nation for physical therapy. Campus is small and the teachers are always willing to help students. As a student at Arcadia I will receive the opportunity to travel abroad for two whole semesters and other smaller trips with the honors program or freshman preview. No other schools that I considered could offer this to me with such a variety of choices and allow me to play sports at the same time.


Arcadia is small, compared to my other choice, Temple University. At Arcadia, people know your name and take the time to discover more about you. It has the #1 Study Abroad program in the country and there are students all over the world that wouldn't have necessarily had the opportunity if it had not been for Arcadia's great staff. The dining hall staff serenade you while you eat and it is mintes from the city of Philadelphia, and yet you get this feeling you're far from the hustle and bustle.


We have a castle on campus. It's actually pretty cool - freshmen can live on the third floor if they sign up for it. I did and it was amazing, like living in Hogwarts for real. Curling up next to the fireplace in the lounge on one of the old comfy couches made studying seem fun...


The student-teacher interraction here seems to be a lot more personal and developed than at other schools I looked at. Also, I transferred here this year from another school and I like the classes a little better here. The big draw for Arcadia is that it's supposed to be #1 in study abroad, but everyone I've talked to who's done it says it's no different from other schools and really just complicated.


It sets your mind into studying abroad, thinking about global issues and traveling


Arcadia is really great for students who want to go study abroad. There are many extremely affordable programs for a multitude of countries to choose from.


The study abroad program is easy to understand and a great oppurtunity!


It's not that small but it really feels like a family. It's a nice school with nice people and some great classes. I sometimes wish they were more accomdating like other schools i looked at but i probably wouldnt transfer because of the work involved. i like it and i;ve made some great life time friends. the study abraod opportunties are fanastic.


Diversity and being able to accept people


Arcadia has a unique study abroad program. it allows students to study abroad three times. Plus offers courses that take 10 day excursions to other countries.


Most classes are small and you get to recognize the majority of people on campus


The most unique thing about Arcadia is that you are able to travel abroad as early as your first semester to a large variety of countries across the globe, and all of the credits you take while abroad are guarenteed to transfer back to Arcadia. The vast amount of oppurtunity this allows you is monumental, because the different cultural and ethnic experiences you can have while abroad are something that will be so benifitial to your understanding and accepting of people from different backgrounds for the rest of your life. Especially with the world being so internationally interactive these days.


our school offers small classes, personal yet professional relationships with other students as well as faculty, and also offers a great and diverse study abroad program.