Arcadia University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I know 3/4 of the history department by name and they know me, by name as well. I can go to any professor's office and ask for help. We have a great Learning Resource Network (LRN) where you can go for tutoring, a great support network for students with disabilities, and I have never been in a class with more then 25 students. When you study abroad all of your classes will count, when you come back to America.


I"m not sure I start in the fall but they have an amazing list of classes and almost all their students graduate so fingers crossed for me.


The classes are fairly easy at least for freshmen year. All the classes are small. They rarely exceed 25 students but it depends on the class and departments such as bio, chem etc. The teachers so far have been nice. They know their students names and they offer individual attention. Students study sort of but the majority study the most during finals. Not very competitive between students. Arcadia doesn't have too high of standards academic wise. Not too challenging. If you want a challenge and a good education go to a better well known school. The career development office is ok. Arcadia is more geared towards learning. You will have to work hard to get a job.