Arcadia University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


William Jesup University has many different clubs and ways to get involved. My favorite club is the swing dancing club. It's a blast. Also, I love my teaching program. It's one of three unique programs in which candidates can get their teaching credentials in four years, instead of the standard 6-8.


Positive aspects of Arcadia University that I would "brag about" to my friends would include the small classroom sizes that allow for easy accesibility to and interaction with my professors for any questions I may have, the university's campus and location which provides the students with access to the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding shopping centers/parks/restaurants, etc, and the opportunity to hear from graduate students currently studying in my related field of study, to better understand what to expect when I'm in their position as a graduate student at Arcadia.


Something that my school does that many other Universities do not is give its students personal attention. All schools claim they provide this, but Arcadia truly holds itself to that promise. There are so few students and the classes are so small, that you actually get to know your teacher and to them you are more than just another face in a large lecture hall. Teachers, advisors and even President Tobey Oxholm himself takes a personal interest in you and helps guide you towards the path that will help you accomplish your life goals.


Arcadia University is the number one study abroad school in the nation. I was able to go to Paris on Spring Preview for $500, that's less than it cost to fly home, and it covered air fare, hotel, museum expenses as well as a few meals. Almost all my friends have or plan to study abroad during their four years here, I am going to South Africa next year with a few friends. Also I brag that we have a castle on campus haha.


I have many friends from high school at big state schools. When I get together with them, I can't help but brag about how tight of a community Arcadia is, and how we joke sometimes about how we are all one big family. You walk around my campus and, stranger or not, you will be smiled at and recieved warmly. I take pride in how relaxed my university's environment is, and how welcoming all of our students are. You cannot find this kind of atmosphere at a larger school.


When I tell my friends about Arcadia University, I mention the amazing Study Abroad programs, including the First Year Study Abroad Experience inwhich I participated. I studied a semester of my freshman year in London. I also mention how close the campus is to Philadelphia, how nicely the campus is kept, and the number and quality of the educational facilities.


It's hard not to brag to my friends about my school when it has a castle and such an aesthetic campus. The atmosphere is serene and inviting. Never have I felt more comfortable. The faculty, dining hall staff, and my fellow students are among the most accepting and welcoming individuals. It is a great learning environment and it allows you to focus on what you're really there for: enlightenment. It is my cabin in the woods where I can truly be myself and feel myself growing.


Of course there is the Arcadia Castle to to tell evyerone about, but I mostly enjoy telling my friends about the awesome art classes that I am able to take. The classes allow you to get in touch with your thoughts and expressivley show them through your work. Also, the classrooms that are for these courses are also castle-like and help you in your creative process. My friends have been to my campus to see the rooms and such, and they agree, it's pretty fabulous!


We have an unbelievably beautiful campus. Also, we're lucky because the school puts such an emphasis on studying abroad you gain experiences you never thought possible before. And we also have an amazing scientific illustration program.


When I am talking about my school, the one aspect that I talk about the most is how easy it is to get in touch with my professors outside of class. I have been able to spend much time working in labs outside of class, and this has increased my learning experience very much. This is only possible at a smaller school where the faculty and students are able to interact on a personal level.


How helpful professors and faculty were and the high level of academic focus




I always talk about my small classes, my adorable residence hall room, how wonderful our staff is, and how personal everything is here.


I don't brag about my school to any of my friends.


The study abroad programs, the castle, the closeness to the city of Philadelphia, the different places to eat and shop.


I could and will study abroad anywhere I want.