Arcadia University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The staff. There are extremely unhelpful and rude. When you have a problem to be solved they ignore you and take forever to actually get the problem fixed. Most do not seem to care about the students.


The worst thing at Arcadia, in my opinion, is the meal plan. I'm a vegetarian so there were not that many healthy options available for me, and I also NEVER used all my meal swipes. It was a waste of money that they required me to spend.


Unfortunately, the chemistry department at my school is notorious. The department head creates all of the chemistry 101 and 102 exams himself even though he does not teach the class nor know which sections the class has not covered or is having trouble. The professors are not given this exam until it is time for their students to take the exam and they therefore have trouble adequately preparing us.


I feel that the wrst thing about my school is student/administration communication. The communication between professors and students are fine, but when it comes to financial aid or administration, they tend to keep students in the dark. We would like to be informed of the changes that go on at our school but administration keeps a lot from us and it affects our school and the students financially and socially.


The worst thing about Arcadia is the lack of communication with faculty, staff, departments, and students. Most of the time, departments, faculty/staff, and students keep to themselves. If there is an issue, it takes a while for issues to be addressed. Not to say that the employees and student don't do their work, because they do, it's the lack of communication from department to department that causes issues.


The cost, as it is a private school. Also, the 15 minute walk from the train station to campus.


The worst thing about my school are the expenses. Arcadia University is a small, private, and very expensive university, where I sometimes find myself struggling to support myself and unable to "keep up with the Jones'". During the last four semesters I was working at least two, on-campus jobs via work study jobs, just managing to get by. The price of living on campus is extremely high, as well as off campus because of the high cost of living in the Glenside, PA area. It would be wonderful to not have to worry about money so frequently.


The meal plan, first year students are required to have the 14 meal plan. However, there are only two places that you can go the dinning hall or the chat. If you go to the chat you're restricted on what you can get for not every item counts as a meal exchange. The cut off to use your meal is 10pm, however, their system runs fast so you have to swipe your card around 9:50pm in order for you to even use a meal exchange. To op out of a meal plan also costs additional money.


Since the student population is very small, the social life is small as well. Students are often bored on weekends and many are disappointed when they come to this school looking for parties and find that there are none. Many student have to "make their own fun" which is not that hard considering it is very easy to make friends here and we are so close to the Philadelphia area.


I consider my school to be very accepting to all students and open to all people! It does a great job at making students feel welcome, and safe. I would say that the only thing I would change is the parking on campus! If you are a freshman, you might not be able to have your car, but since the increase in students, the number of parking spots seems to be decreasing! Sometimes it is hard to find places to park on campus. The times are especially rough in the afternoon! That is the only thing that I would change.


Its expensive; however, finacial aid is readily available.


If I had to choose, the worse thing about my school is that even though there are fun activities planned out during the week, a lot of people leave over the weekends. It seems that no one hangs out with their friends over the weekend, and the idea of Arcadia being a close knit community doesn't exist anymore. This problem at some points really frustrating, because when people leave the campus, there's nothing to do and the atmosphere at the school is pretty much dead. Different activites are set up but they don't seem effective.


The cost and finanical stress this school causes me is insane. I am always struggling to figure out where the money is coming from each semester. I am in love with Arcadia, and know that it is the best place for me to be. I am learning and growing in ways I am extremely proud of, but I am constantly worried if money is going to keep me from graduating.


The worst thing about my school is that I feel like part of the minority politically. I think that professors should not push their politcal beliefs on students. If being liberal is being part of the majority on campus I wish that other students and professors would really consider that there must be some students who do not agree. I feel that it is fine for everyone to have their own opinions and beliefs, but it is not one's job to talk about it all the time and force what they think on others.


It's too small.


night life and weekend life - lack of facilities, things to do, etc. on or directly around campus that is inexpensive.


The classes tend to be a bit more challenging than most other schools.


There is no social life, and it is a completely artsy school. The kids in highschool that were deemed "weird, or dark" are exactly the kind of schools that go to arcadia. The school isn't very helpful with you if there is a problem. They rely on bringing in students entirely from their study abroad programs. most come to the school to study abroad and transfer afterwards.


The large homosexual population and how they make they heterosexual population feel out of place.