Arcadia University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to only do research in their field and does not mind everyone who goes here being completely the same.


I believe someone looking for individual attention, a well-rounded education and a beautiful campus should attend Arcadia.


Someone that is looking for a small personal environment, both academically and socially. You will make friends easily here and we have a very diverse mixture of students, considering there is such a small population. You will also build very good one on one relationships with professors which is extremely beneficial when receiving a college education.


Arcadia University should be attended by a student who is serious about academics, is driven to succeed, and is interested in study abroad oppurtunities. Arcadia had a difficult admissions process, requiring an average GPA of 3.7, with extra curricular activities. We are also the number one school in the United States for study abroad programs in over 40 countries! These programs allow the student to pay their same tuiton abroad as well. Also, Arcadia University has a friendly, small and warm campus, and should be attended by one who wants a small, yet international school.


A person who loves small class sizes should attend this school. This gives students the chance to get to know their professors on a more personal level.


~Students who intend to excell. ~Students who intend to study abroad. ~Students attending for the many graduate programs available.


Someone who is liberal and open minded. This person should not be expecting a party school.


Anyone who is willing to try new things or is non judgemental. Thre are tons of opportunities ere, however you have to b active in order to truly experience everything- there are lots of hidden treasures here.


Creative, liberal, looking for a well rounded education that is diverse


The person who should attend this school is one who is focused on global and environmental issues, and who is willing to take on new challenges revolving around these issues. This person should also enjoy academic and social encounters in groups that are very diverse, and be willing to enjoy new things.


SOmeone not interested in soroities and fraternities, is willing to work hard, and doesn't mind being in the suburbs.


Someone who is looking for a small school with small class sizes, most are a max of 30. Someone who likes knowing who is on campus and who does what on campus, and someone who cares about the kind of education they get.