Arcadia University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of student that sould not attend Arcadia University is a student that does not like diversity and is not open to new and differing ideals. Arcadia is an international school. Many of our students come from all around the world. If someone does not want to live near and or have class with someone who's first languge is not English, they should not come to this school.


A party person. Someone who doesn't want to see the same people.


A person who loves to party and not take things seriously and who does not want to study abroad should not attend this school.


The only person I can think should not attend Arcadia is someone who is intolerant. Tolerance is one of biggest things that Arcadia promotes to all their students and faculty. We have a Civility flag on campus, so whenever any type of intolerance is reported that flag is lowered so let the whole campus know that there has been some form of incivility.


Students who don't care about anyone but themselves.


People who like to "blend in" and like the crazy city life.


There is really no "type" of person that would not fit in here. There is a very diverse student body, and I am personally friends with many different kinds of people. My only concern would be for those looking for greek life. Arcadia does not tolerate any fraternities or sororities, and we do not have a football team. So if those are big determining factors Arcadia is not the best place for you.


A person who whats to be surrounded by a continuous party and an enormous amount of people.


Someone who needs to be at a school that has a serority or fraternity shouldn't go to Arcadia. Also a person who doesn't like small class sizes because Arcadia is small. Also people who play competitive sports because Arcadia is a D3 school.


I don't think that anyone who is looking for a lot of wild parties, drinking, fraternities, or a large campus atmosphere should attend Arcadia.


Students that would like to interact with other students and be highly involved.


people who arent academically inclined


You shouldn't attend this school if you want to be just a number in the crowd. Classes are very small and teachers know you personally very quickly. You get more one on one attention from the teacher here in a class of 15 or 20, than in a larger class of 30 or more.


The only people who wouldn't fit in at this school are people who aren't open-minded.