Arcadia University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Arcadia is the tuition amount in comparison with the aid I am receiving. I feel that some students who are doing worse academically are unfairly receiving greater scholarships/aid.


Probably just that it is so expensive. Arcadia does give out good scholarships, if I hadn't gotten one I wouldn't be able to go, but it's still kind of expensive. This is frustrating to me because I love the school so much I wouldn't want to leave because of the expense. I know many students who have had to transfer because they just couldn't afford the tuition, a few of which were very close friends that I was very sad to see leave.


The most frustrating thing about Arcadia University is getting a professor that you hate. It makes going to each class very dreadful and makes learning extremely hard.


How expensive it is! I love it there but it is hard to find the money to attend!


The most frustrating thing is the lack of a communal sense. People here are friendly, but no one wants to get to know other people outside of their own social groups. Everyone walks around campus with a scoul on their face. I've tried smiling or saying hi to people as I pass by but they avoid eye contact. WE GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL! Half of the campus also goes home on the weekends. I don't know. I guess this all is just proof that most of the campus regrets their decision of choosing Arcadia.


The most frustrating thing about my school is each department seems to run under different rules. The eneral education requirements are known by all but other than that there seems to be no one person that you can go to get a straight answer. Everyone sends you to another person and nobody knows for sure.


I wish we had more healthy food options. As a commuter I don't have a meal plan and I don't always have time to make my own lunch. I'm not a fan of greasy food.


Getting answers from staff members because sometimes you get the run around or they are just slow at giving you an answer


The most frustrating experience I have had at my school is being placed in the housing that I desire. It is very difficult to get your first choice, and sometimes even to get your second or third choice. After being given the runaround by the housing department, I ended up in the dorms again, which is very uncommon for anyone who is not a freshman. The housing placement is based on a random lottery, and I think that there are many more efficient and fair ways of handling this.


I find the most frustrating thing about Arcadia being that there are not a lot of activites off campus in this area other than traveling to the city.


That I dont live on campus, because I cant afford to. Professors expect that I can come for a ten minute meeting when I live thirty minutes away.


Sometimes I am frustrated about the size of the school. We have a HUGE abroad program, which greatly expands it for the semesters you are studying in another country, but when you are here, it is sometimes frustrating. However, Philadelphia is right there, so there is a lot to offer close by. Just take advantage of it.


Most people go home on the weekends, soon campus activites during those times are not very fun


There seems to be a lack of activities during the weekend, and this causes most students to go home for the weekend.


It is very expensive and the financial aide department is not really helpful.


It sometimes is dead over the weekend, but they have events almost every weekend night and you can find a game of ultimate frisbee or just hang out with some friends. It's only dead if you let the weekend be dead. Philadelphia is also just a 5 dollar train ride away


People tend to leave on weekends, so there is always a group of people complaining that there is nothing to do. This leave me (president of our student programming board) in a situtation that calls for getting unmotivated people involved with campus activities.


It may be difficult to graduate in four years because of the general education requirements on top of major requirements.


The social life on the weekends. They do not have much to do and if they do it is usually just a movie or something similar to what they have every weekend for students to do.


The lack of school activites and school spirit.