Arcadia University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That you'll have to take out loans for a stupid two year community college and put yourself in trouble when you finally get accepted into your dream school. Then that you'll have to start a GoFundMe campaign that no one will donate to because no one cares.


Before I came to Arcadia I wish I would have know the importance of applying for and recieving scholarships. This school is very expensive to attend, especially for someone who lives on campus.


On the weekends the campus is like a ghost town for a majority of the students live fairly close to the university. The campus itself is relatively small, student body makes up around 4,000 students, and when a good chunk of those students leave for the weekend it becomes quite boring. Yes, Philadelphia is 20miles away from the campus, it becomes quite annoying trying to find activities to do when you are limited due to age.


I wish i knew that the dining hall food would be repetitive and not appetizing at all.


Nothing, I was well informed.


I wish I had known about the friends I would make here and the connections I would indulge in. There are not many campuses in the world that can make everyone feel at home. In the time I have spent at Arcadia I have made friends that I would keep for a lifetime. I also wish I knew about the fun I would have as well with all the clubs and activites I can partake on. All my life I heard college would be tough loads of work and constant studying but its not, I'm glad.


Honestly, I feel like everthing that I needed to know about Arcadia was spelled out for me, through the website, brochures and representatives.


How hard it is to pay for college


I wish I would have known the area in which this school is located better before I came here. If you dont have a car on campus you cant really get anywhere you need to go besides campus. Also I wish I would have known that the offices dont have their act together with paperwork. The school kind messed up alot of my paperwork my freshamn year.


I wish i had known that the finaid office was so slow at what they do and that papers tend to get lost :(


I wish I had known about the social life. It's very dead here during the weekends and programs organised are even not that interesting.


that there was a lack of a social life and no greek life


I wish I had known about the significantly uneven female to male ratio.


Nothing really. It's all good. Maybe the male to female ratio.


I wish I had known how difficult it is to become social when you do not live on campus. All of the extra-curricular activities I wanted to be involved in have meetings at 10 or 11 o'clock at night, and when you're a commuter student, you do not want to drive all the way to campus that late at night for a mere 20 minute meeting, only to have to drive all the way back home and get to sleep soon enough for class the next day.