Arcadia University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Availability of the professors and the ability to assist in professors research (psychology and other sciences). It gives hands-on experinece, adds to your resume/CV, allows students to network, and develop lasting professional relationships with various faculty and staff.


The best thing about Arcadia are the professors. Most of the professors I've had are passionate about the subject they teach, and are willing to offer the help you deserve. The professor treat you as equals, and are interested in your thoughts, ideas, and questions. If you have specific questions, you can always reach your professors, and they will guide you in the right direction. With that being said, they won't give you teh answers or suggestions, you have to work and ask for the answers and suggestions.


The best thing about Arcadia is that students are able to build strong bonds socially and academically with their peers and professors. The small school feel allows students of many cultures and backgrounds to express themselves and experience the fantastic opportunities the campus has to offer. The classes are typically between 15 and 40 students, which allows students to receive more academic assistance and attention both inside and outside of the classroom. In all these aspects, students are able to develop life-long friendships and connections that will be beneficial in the workplace and in future educational experiences.


The best thing about Arcadia University, hands down, is our emphasis on global experiences. Before coming to Arcadia I had never truly traveled outside of the country. Now, after four years at Arcadia, I can say because of them I have been to Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy and Tunisia. I spent a week on Arcadia's fantastic Spring Preview program in Spain, and I spent two semesters abroad--one ine London, and the other in Sicily. Arcadia makes is easy and afforable to travel.


The location, it is a bus ride away from the city, so there is always something to do and see.


Most of the professors are really approachable and actually care about you as a person and not just a body in their classroom. I have never had a problem getting into any class that I needed and the administration is always helpful if there are any issues with classes, financial aid, or anything else.


The best part about Arcadia University is the Study Abroad Program. In my experience studying in London, it was a wonderful experience that many college students do not get the oppurtunity to participate in. In studying abroad, it opened my eyes to the global workplace, different cultures, and amazing people I would not have met otherwise. Studying in London showed me how other students attend college and how to prepare for the global job market.


Its study abroad program since they are ranked number one in the country. Most students get to study abroad at least once during their four years.


The best thing about my school is how involved everyone is in the community. All of the clubs and sports require some volunteer work to be done for the year and I think that it is very important to be involved.


The class size here is fantastic. I've never been in a class larger than maybe 25 kids, and because of that it's really easy for everyone to discuss things openly since most of our classes here are discussion based seminar-type classes. It also makes it easier for people to share different ideas without things getting too heated and turning into a debate or an argument.


The classes, because they're the only things so far that I really haven't had a problem with. Everything else has some issue or drawback that makes me think that I might have made the wrong decision by transferring here.


The teachers are very helpful and they want you to succeed in their class. Also, there is plenty of tutoring available for those who are having trouble. Arcadia University wants their students to get their money's worth.


I really like the professors. They're helpful and professional, and class sizes are small and personal.


The best thing about Arcadia is the diversity among people. On campus you will find so many unique people that it is hard not to make friends. Also they are really trying to clean up their act with recycling being made available mostly everywhere on campus.


My teamates because they held my interest the most.


The atmosphere and the people there. Being in the theatre department especially, there's definitely a sense of community, and it's beautiful.


The best thing about Arcadia are the small class sizes and the personal attention that comes along with that. I always know that my professors know and care about me. It makes me a better student.


I believe that the best thing about my school is that the professors and staff are always there to help with anything htat is bothering you or that you are having trouble with. They really care about your sucess.


It's quiet because it makes it easier to study and get things done.


The best thing about Arcadia University is its somewhat small campus size. The smaller amount of students, about 3,700 students, compared to many Universities allows for so much more individual growth. Especially because the student to teacher ratio is so small, with the average class size being about 20 students or less, which allows for a great one on one relationship with most of my professors. It's wonderful to have my proffessors actually know me by name, and know that they actually care about my education and performance in their class. The learning is strongly enhanced by this.


The small classrooms which gives your teachers the ability to have more of a focus on each student.