Argosy University-Orange County Top Questions

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What's special about this school is that they could help you financially with the monthly payments and they have tutors that could help you with the subject that I'm having a difficult time with. The classes are really flexiable and work with your work if you have a job. It has all the equipments, programs, and rentals that you need for your classes.


When all other schools failed to offer the education that I needed, I turned to the Art Institute to fill my mind with enough culinary knowledge to pursue my dreams. Most Universities only offered scientific courses about food but the Art Institute gave me practical knowledge on how to succeed in the food industry. The highly skilled industry professionals teach applicable skills and I will always refer back to them when I need additional guidance.


Art Institute of Orange County is unique in many ways because of the majors they include. Not many schools include Culinary Arts. Art Institute was shown to be a big success in the future for anyone. They help me through financial aids, classes, and the credits we need. The professional chefs have taught me a lot, and is very patient with students who cannot catch up very fast. All the staffs have helped me from the beginning to now.

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