Argosy University-The Art Institute of California-San Francisco Top Questions

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My school is unique in that class sizes don't often go over 30. I am so greatful to have small class sizes with one on one attention from the instuctors. My whole family has told me stories of their classes being over 300 students where the professor had to have a microphone just be be heard by all of his students. Although this makes tuition more, it is of a great benefit to me to learn more easily and to reap all of the benefits my eduction can possibly offer.


The Art Institute prepares their students for the work environment of the present day so that students will be ready to transition into the industry.


The Art Institute of Ca in San Francisco is unique in many different ways. First of all, this school gives a great deal of attention to you as a student and as an individual. They are very concerned and helpful when it comes to your academic standing and your talents. They offer many opportunities for you to succeed and have a lot of connections with the professional work world after graduation.

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