Argosy University-The Art Institute of California-San Francisco Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


one that lacks passion, imagination or creativity.


Anyone who doesn't work well in a fast paced environment with a heavy wirk load. If your a person who doesnt like spending extra hours at school and misses school frequently for no reason, or you don't work well under pressure, then this school isn't for you because this school truly prepares you and treats it like a job, you either pass or fail.


Any one who is unsure or only wants to test the major. Once the school has you they make it very hard to transfer and it is very expensive compared to what you make once graduate. Any one who values personal time and flexablity over their career path.


People who don't want to feel like someone elses paycheck. Or who doesn't want to see gratuitous drug use (i.e. needles) and people dropping trou and crapping on the street. This location is dirty, gross and unsafe.


The Art Institute of Ca in San Francisco is very competitive. The work load can be a bit much for someone who cannot work well under stress. Also, students who procrastinate, or are indecisive about their future would not benefit from attending this school. Ai SF is fast paced, and the quarters go by so ast, that you have to stick to your academic plan and leave no room for errors.

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