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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back into time as a high school senior, and give myself advice about the trasition into college I would tell myself to take college serious at all times. I would tell myself that there are going to be times when you may feel like you can't or wont make it through college, because it's not always easy. But as long as you have faith, stay focus, believe in yourself, and work hard for what you want you will accomplish your goals. I would also tell myself to not be afraid to ask the teachers for help, when help is needed, because that is what they are there for to teach you, and to help you understand what you may be having trouble understanding. The last thing I would tell myself is to start applying for scholarships because they are life savers, when it comes to paying for school tuitions or even just having a little extra money in your pocket.


If I were to go back to my senior year to give myself advice, the only thing I would tell myself is to do what I love - not what others expect me to do. I wasted time doing what others expected of me and hated it. Now I am doing what I love and am thriving. If someone would have told me then the phrase "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" I might have stopped what I was doing for everyone else and started doing things for myself (something I'm not terribly good at but I am learning). When it comes to the transition, I would have told myself to take things slower rather than rush into all sorts of actitivies like I did. Give myself more time to discover what it is I truly like on campus and what I didn't. I know it would have benefited me a lot to hear this then but we live and learn! Always learning!


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school, the advice I would give myself regarding college would be, ?JUST GO! Don?t wait for things to be perfect, follow your dreams now!? I?m currently thirty-four years old, and I really wish that I had gone to college directly out of high school. The problem was that my family didn?t have the money to send me to art school so I decided that I would get a job and work for a year or two to earn money for college. I wanted everything to be perfect before I started school. Unfortunately things rarely go as planned and the next thing I knew I was trying to start school at the age of thirty-two with a wife and a truckload of bills. Attending school now is twice as hard as it would have been had I gone when I was seventeen. That being said, it?s never too late to follow your dreams. I?m finally attending college and I love every minute of it!


I would tell myself that almost no one is able to afford college. Only the extremely wealthy are able to go to college, or send their kids to college, absolutally worry free. I would tell myself to not worry about the price and concentrate on all the great benefits college can give to a student. I would tell myself that even if it doesn't work out, no one can take the knowlege you have gained from you. And that even though it can be intimidating don't worry, time heals all wounds and pays back all loans. Also that everything happens for some reason or another, and that something in the universe in drawing you to college, and you have one life so go for it. And there is no way I could leave without telling myself how much fun I was about to have and the new friends I was about to make that will no doubt last forever, and to break a leg.


The one thing I would tell myself is that it's very important to know the end result when it comes to the goal of my education and that it's important to know whether I am going to college to commit my life to the study of a field or whether I am going to turn that study into a tangible career? I would have needed that mind set to keep me focused on moving forward, regardless of the set backs, toward the fulfillment of my education and the achievement of my chosen career. That would be the most important piece of advice that I would give myself about the transition into college life.


I am currently a senior in college, and if I can go back in time as a high school senior--first advice I would tell myself is that college is not a race nor is it a competition, but I would tell myself it is a means to a better life. After receiving my associates degree and finding work experience, I would like the ability to tell myself that--receiving straight A's are not as important as having a good attitude, good communication skills, and having the ability to collaborate and work with other people. And most importantly, I would tell myself not to give up. College is hard--but life without a Bachelor's Degree is even harder. As I drive to school, I see several homeless people--it is a reminder that any decision to stop my education is a step towards a life I do not deserve. I would tell myself if I were in high school that the sacrifice my mom has made to work 16 hours a day since I was a child--was so I can have a better life and not struggle as my mom has struggled.


i would definately keep away from any distractions such as drama, relationships. etc. and focus on my future because it will stick with you while your so called "problems" will fade away.


The advice I would give myself is to be prepared for the unexpected. All the new faces, personalities and cultures surrrounding you will open your eyes. The experience you will have in college will shape you as an Individual for the rest of your life. Also, anything you learned in high school will be irrelvant to what it really is in college. It will shape you as an individual in ways you'll never experience again in your life. So enjoy life, the experience, and the new found personalities you might meet in college because after college it is all down hill from there...


Make sure you stay focus on what you really want to do. Pick a profession that you feel in the future will make you happy and you will love to wake up and go to everyday. When choosing a school, find all you options that will truly benefit you, and can give you the basic tools and skills needed for the real world. Also when choosing your school find a place that will make you truly happy. College is about finding yourself so break out of your norm and comfort zone to find out about yourself and who you want to become.


Do not trust what the school itself and the tour guides tell you. They are trying to sell you on the school and may not always be completely honest with you. In both cases of the collages i attended the tour guides gave me false information about campus life and the curriculum. Go up to a few actual students ask them what they think. When looking at student houseing look online for health violation reports or law sutes. Also look at houseing outside of campus often in private schools and urban areas its much cheep off campus than on. good campus life is great but haveing a strong career survaces department means that you or your child won't end up working at star bucks after you graduate. Also if you have a career and school in mind make sure that feild pays enough to pay off your student loans. If you want a strong collage comunity and campus life choose a school in a collage town. Commuter schools and urban schools often have a weak sense of comunity as people are only on campus long enough to take their classes.


My advice as a college student about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience would be to always think twice about what you want to do in life, because if its not the right one then that would be just a big waist of time and money. So always think twice about college and your future in life.


don't send you child to an institute, mental or this one.


I would advise them to understand that choosing the right college is important, and they should fully understand the school's promises. Also I think they should research the idea of learning on their own without a college education if they are going into some digital/media/etc program. They should look for schools that have more to offer than just a degree; school's should be challenging and inspirational.


The most important advice would be to know about the college before enrolling, whether it is to research or hearing it from individuals at the college. Students never want to apply to a college just because it sounds good or it is near your area. They have to know exactly what they want to do when they start their career and know what majors woud lead them to that goal. A problem that many individual has is that they know very well what their job would be like, but they have enrolled in a major that only had a little to do with that career. Parents and students should also know the area the college is located. They need to know if that is the neighborhood the student would like to commute everyday. Housing, transportation, and food, as well as some others should be noted for the student's convenience so they are able to study well and have less worries about other problems. Listen to this advice and the parents and students would be more assured of the college experience they are getting into.


Well, the first and most important thing I would have to say, is make sure you know what you want to do in life, where you want to go and who you want to become. Also, because this is my life and I have the choice, I am here for a reason. So basically what I am saying is, try not to waste time. Sure, have fun and hang out with friends because it is crucial in order to have a good college experience. Although, just try and keep up with important task that involve your time and effort. Definitely try to organize and manage time effectively and you will have ups and downs but in the end, it will all pay off, smooth ride. If you do not do as good on a project, it is okay, that is why you are going to school, to learn and get better at it. To learn and work at things so that you and all your work is at its finest. The last thing that has been important to me, is of course, my family, I always keep in contact with them if I need an extra boost.


I would tell them to be patient and find a college/school that best suits you. You need to find a major that you like and a school in a location that is to your liking. An example is that I love art, film, etc: and the city life. Thats why I decided to go to The Arts Ints. In San Francisco. Also money can be an issue, so find the time to apply for Scholarships and get that a loan if necessary. College is not cheap, but follow that dream. College is not only work and study. Its a time of seeing, feeling and experiencing new things. Things that you will remember for the rest of your life. You make new and interesting friends. Friends you will remember forever. So the bottom line, follow that dream and it will come true


I would tell the students and their parents to find out what the student is deeply passionate about, and to find out what careers would interest them the most. This is important because you would not want to discover later on down your academic career that you invested so much time and money in a field of study that you are not passionate about. Another factor in considering which college to attend is the college?s relationships to the professional industries in which you are trying to be employed with after graduation. This is extremely important; because times are becoming competitive and the sooner you are in the door, the better. Another piece of advice I have for students and their parents in to start searching and applying for scholarships and grants early, preferably in high school. There are many opportunities available out there; you just have to have the time and dedication to look for them! I also encourage the students to make the most out of their college experiences, make lots of new friends, and attend every mixer or social your school has to offer.

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