Argosy University-The Art Institute of California-San Francisco Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Honestly I wish I knew more about math before I came to this school. I learned about math but it has never been my best subject, at all. I just wish I knew more then what I knew about math, because I see now that you really need math in any career, that you majior in. I find math to be very important.


I wish I had known what a finacial burden it would be not only on my pocket book, but on my mind. I think about how much money I have all the time and it is a major stress, which I did not expect as much of. I come from a poor family of college grads that are supportive in all ways they can be, but when it comes to finances they can not help to much. I feel like I should have taken scholarships more seriously so my constant stress would be less.


I wished to have seen how the campus was like before enrolling into the school and also know more about the courses I would have studied.

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