Arizona Christian University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are friendly but also intelligent.


I consider all of my classmates to be family. Because I attend a small private university, it is common to have the same people in many of my classes. Because of this, we have all grown to be very close-knit and we are all very comfotable around one another. It is a great feeling to walk into a classroom and know you are about to spend time with peers and professors that care about you.


My classmates are the most fun thing about my school. The classmates here at Arizona Christian University, are on fire for God, and what he stands for, and are driven with a passion to transform Culture with truth.


My classmates are the most welcoming and friendly people I know.


My classmates at ACU can be very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are basically ideal to have. Everyone is joyful and always willing to help as well as genuinely care about each other.