Arizona Christian University Top Questions

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The entire campus is one big family. Whether you live on campus or commute, there is always somone to talk to or hang out with on or off campus. You never sit in the lounge alone, you never eat alone and if you need a study parter, all you have to do is wave at whoever is walking around campus. The students and staff all support each other which creates a very open and honest atmosphere around the campus. This family atmosphere and genuine kindness is what made me decide to come to this institution.


what is very unique about this school is the availability of engaging with other students with the Word of God. Being a Christian university, ACU offers many opportunities for students to grow deeper in Jesus Christ and encourage them to make disiples. In addition, ACU maintains a positive relationshop with its community. Students and faculty often go out to serve in our community and help make a difference in the lives of those in the community.


Arizona Christian University equips students to make an impact on society through education they receive from professors who genially care about the success of their students


The school is faith-based in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, which creates an environment of encouragement and discipleship, where each student is able to lift up others in their mutual faith. This stimulates the ability to learn subjects alongside learning more about the Bible. It also enables the ability to learn sciences outside of wholesale indoctrination into the theory of evolution, which allows other valid theories to be considered, enabling scientific study to move forward. The college also focuses greatly on the development of its students' wellbeing and spiritual growth, and prepares them to live their lives joyfully.


The thing that sets my school apart is the community. whether it is with other students or with professors, or even staff, the campus has a tight knit community that you will not find at other, larger schools. That community, more than anything else, has been the thing I have loved about my college experience. I am not just anothher number, I am a person who is loved and cared about.


ACU fosters community, which means that students aren't alone in their pursuit of higher education and deeper relationship in their Christian walks. The small class sizes foster this community, and academic rigor is presented and encouraged. So not only do students who attend this university feel like they actually matter and build relationships, but they learn while doing so! They graduate as individuals who are prepared for their career of choice, with the firm foundation built from community and pursuit of Christ.


When I was finding, researching, and visiting the possible universities available to me, they all seemed the same. The ones I had trouble declining admission to were the major universities, simply because I knew they were already well-known to most employers. Arizona Christian University stood out from the rest; the student-to-professor ratio was much smaller than the others; the dorms were huge compared to the major universities'; the campus did not require a bike. Another, perhaps unforunate, unique attribute of my school was that it was also the most expensive.


Arizona Christian University is unique in the fact that the commity is unlike any other. Their community is a closly knit one. Everyone is kind and thoughful. Because of the campus being small the community is that of around 500 people. With such a small amount of people everyone knows each other.


Community is very close knit. Everyone looks up, smiles, and says hello.


This school requires that I take at least 16 hours of Bible classes. Classes that will furthur my faith and knowledge of the Bible. It also requires that I go to chapel, and perform community service hours. My school is getting me involved with my community and it's great.


Southwestern College is a small, private Christian school that offers a great education from a Christian perspective. The classes are always small allowing the professors to know the students individually and devote more time to helping students outside of class. Also, for a private school, the tuition is closer to that of a public school. So, if prospective students are looking for a private education at a more affordable price, Southwestern is a great choice. Lastly, everyone knows everyone here, making it similar to a family atmosphere.