Arizona Christian University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Aside from the tuition payments every month, the worst thing about my school is that the second floor lounge in the resident hall is never clean. It doesn't matter if it is completely trashed after a football game or if there is one single plate of cafeteria food sitting on a table, that space can never be perfectly clean. Even though our wonderful maitenance vaccums the lounge every night, crumbs and cups will always manage to find their way onto the carpet within the hour.


One of the worst things about our school would probably be the size of our campus. As the attendence grows, it poses an expansion problem. I have heard, however, that we will be moving to a new campus within the next two years or so.


Size, resources


I think that my school does not have enough variety in extra classes and extra curricular activities such as arts and languages


The money. Honestly for the size of the school, the price is ridiculous. They nickle and dime you for everything!


Because of the size of the school, everyone knows your personal business it seems.


I honestly can't say there is anything bad about Southwestern. I think the worst thing that has happened since I've been going there is sometimes the wireless doesn't work but the IT guys get it back up quickly.


My school is a conservative Christian school, and people here can be a little too right-wing and rigid sometimes. However, they're all learning and trying to improve. The humility of the people here is very compelling. :)