Arizona Christian University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who dont like small schools


If you expect to get a degree without working very hard, you should not waste your money. To earn a degree of any kind at Arizona Christian University you will work hard and you will have to sacrifice your social life much more than once or twice. Balance is not out of the question though, because they offer exceptional tutoring and the professors are genuinely concerned for the students' welfare. All in all, expect to work hard and be rewarded for it.


A strong Christ-focused Christian.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is somebody who is not willing to learning about God, and grow in faith. The Christian faith is involved in every aspect of this school. If you have made up your mind about another belief system, then I would not attend this school. Also, if you are here only to play sports and not grow in your walk with Christ, then I would not attend this school. I would not attend this school if you tend to start drama or conflicts with staff or students because the school is small.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is one with a closed off mind and someone without a Christian faith. A majority of what our school teaches is classes with a Christian element involved. So if you are someone who loves Christ, has a desire to deepen your understanding while also waking with Jesus, you will fit in perfectly with this school.