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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to not stress. In high school I thought college was going to be terrible. I have loved college more than high school and I thought I would never think that. College is a time in your life to expand your freedom and grow in your knowledge. I would tell myself as a high school senior to relax and not stress. I would also tell myself to not worry as much about the applications and enjoy my last year in high school.


I know you cant wait to get out of the house and move into the dorms and start your college life. You should, because it is pretty awesome! However, independence comes at a price. Don't slack on your grades that last semester, just do the boring busy work and get those A's because B's will only get you so much. Start saving anything and everything you can and be prepared to work your tail off in order to pay all the bills that are coming. It is going to be hard and you might cry a few times when everything seems like it is falling apart, but keep your chin up because this is only going to make you stronger. Keep working hard now and be ready to work harder after graduation, but it is worth every late night shift and every month you go by without being able to get new stuff or go out. The freedom you will have and knowing that you are able to take care of yourself is the most rewarding feeling you can have. Keep going and do everything you can now to make the ride a bit easier later.


Remember to save money and just be yourself! you make better friends that way


Honestly staying on track of finances. The college work load isn't as bad as teacher make of it in high school. Look for scholarships and finanical aid.


August You have potential and you are doing good so far with accomlpishing your goals you had set for yourself when you were a freshman. When you get to college there will be 6 skills you need to continue to be a successful student. Preparation, Networking, Note-taking, Studying, Review, and Balance. If you ever feel like you are rushing your future just like you rushed the age of 18 Just remember "You have to crwal before you walk" . Also think about the sacrafices you would have to make when you get to college because you, will be a full time student and working at the same time. Highschool and college is a big transition.You have to be more responsible in college because you're an adult and no one will be there to baby sit you and tell you don't do this and don't do that. Your good communication skills will be an big help in college. It will be easier to interact with people who have the same goals as you and you won't hesitate to ask your professors questions. Almost forgot one thing. You might want to go to bed on time too.


If I could go back in time I would tell my self, it may seem scary but it is just because its new to you. By the time you know it, it will be over. Also I would tell myself not to take breaks, to run full force with this because this experiece and the education you recieve will be well worth it. College is like high school if anything easier because you have more control over your schedule. Overall my experience has been a delight and its not over yet!


The advice i will give myself if i were to go back to high school would be that i would prepare myself better. The way i would do so woud be that i would take time for school and take it more serious and focus on it more trying to make the best out of it. I would tell myself to get involded in every program that has to do with academics to further my education. I would also keep my grades above average to be prepared for college. As well as keep myself in a responsible enviornment to be able to keep myself in a college mode.


If i could go back and give myself adivce about college the first thing i would tell myself is to go talk to my counselor about scholarships and to join every club and sport i can. I would also tell myself to not worry because college life isn't scary at all. It's actually the greatest thing that has (will) happen to me. The last thing i would tell myself is to do more community service activities and get involved more in the community and find ways to help out.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing I would tell myself would be to enjoy the last year of highschool as much as possible, it does not last forever! As far as college is concerened, I would notify myself that there is so much to be learned, and that in order to enjoy it the most, I should act as an intellectual sponge. By that, I mean that I need to soak up as much information as I can because information is a valuable tool in college, and in life as a whole. I would tell myself to be happy, and to never let anyone deter me from my dreams; without them, I would have absolutely nothing. Most importantly, I would tell myself that in order to have a successful college experince, I must love. Love people, love life, and love education. I feel like I've done my best in college thus far, and I can only hope to continue that trend.


If I could say anything to myself two years ago when I graduated from high school, I wouldn’t say anything. Not one word. Not because my life is absent from stains; there are plenty of those. Retrospectively, I despised having my first heart-wrenching breakup last summer, the “freshman 15”, an obvious vacancy of close friends my first year of college, and a myriad of other obstacles. Yet we all contend with challenges; they are unavoidable; ineludible. Even if I were to warn myself about my mistakes, I would still encounter them. From them, I’ve learned how to say “I’m sorry” and mean it. From them, it is evident I need forgiveness and grace. From them, I’ve been humbled. From them, I have just begun to learn what it is to be human. Therefore, as strenuous and ironic as life is at times, I would not change my experiences, the pleasant and the pungent, for anything. Plus, if I knew the outcomes of the events in my life, major and minor, what would be the point of faith?


If I was able to go back and speak with my high school senior self, I would tell myself two very important things. First of all, I would explain that I should not feel entitled to anything in this life. Relationships and material items are a blessing; we do not deserve them. In order to have relationships in college, I need to show people that I care, and make them feel comfortable around me. It is not everyone else’s responsibility to cater to my emotional needs. I will receive that once I have shown that I can be a caring friend and serve others when they need it the most. Secondly, I would tell myself that I still have so much to learn. The knowledge I possessed in high school was so limited, and a wise thing to do would be to surround myself with people that have had more life experience than I have had. That way, they will be able to pour their wisdom into me, and I would be able to realize that I need to learn what they have to teach me.


Dear highschool graduate, after conquering your world you’re at the bottom of the foodchain again. It’s not as bad as it seems. Life happens, but you’ll find that things usually work themselves out. There will be distractions, good and bad. You may get lower grades than before, but what’s important is that you give it your all. Take my advice: get things done right away -procrastination is not your friend! Structure, organization and goals will help you succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help -faculty actually wants to help you! Stand tall and be uniquely you! Everyone else is in their self-discovery stage too; conversation and debate are good! Find what YOU believe, not just what you were taught in school or raised on. Meet people! Befriend the “weird”. Venture to know people from different cliques. Remember, take time to do things you love; enjoy every moment, take it all in. Smell flowers, enjoy sunshine, stargaze. This will relieve stress and empower you to face lifes challenges. Eat healthy. Exercise. Sleep well. Your health is really important! In everything, aim for excellence. Smile. And above all, don’t worry…you can do this!


"Don't make mountains out of molehills." The problems that seem overwhelming now will seem foolish to you later. Being so fixated on your stress and difficulties will distract you from the task at hand. Focus on the here and now and stop worrying about the future. Dwelling on things that have yet to come don't solve the problems, but instead take your attention away from what's in front of you right now. Take time to breathe, enjoy the moment in the present and focus on that. Doing your absolute best in the present will be the foundation for your future. You can't reach your destination if you don't build your path to get there.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, the advice I would give myself on college life would generally be based on better preparation. In other words, I did not feel very prepared to enter college when I graduated high school. I have struggled with my learning disability since I was in middle school, and the transition to college seemed very difficult. I knew the work would be harder, and I knew there was more of a demand to keep up with the other students academically. The advice I would have given myelf would have been to maintain better confidence and to grow deeper especially in my faith in Jesus Christ. From what college has taught me, I have learned the importance of striving for success not only as a student but as an individual. If I had known these traits when I was still in high school, I would have entered college with more confidence. With more confidence, the fears I had of entering college with my learning disability would have not bothered me. College has educated me in many ways. It has been my biggest stage of growth!


Zech, I know as a senior, you have this pride of being on the top. Having this arragence, and this self righteous can be a great feeling at the moment, but I want to you to be prepared on what lies ahead. You wont always be at the top. You'll be going to a school, where most of the people their, are older then you, with more knoledge and experience. Don't go into school with a proud hardend heart, but go in with a humble one. Look at no one less then you, but look at every one as greater then you. Be willing to serve the people around you, and have a heart of humility toward everyone. Love your enemies, and do good to those who hate you. Give a helping hand to those in need. Be a light in peoples lives that one would be attracted to. Give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} on your homework, and your spitual life, and live a life with a love for your self. Accept your past for what it is, because it is NOW apart of you, and learn to love you self, so you can love GOD.


Four years of my life were shaped in the same building with halls and classrooms I knew so well. Now the place seems a blur in my memory, and I realize something went wrong. High school was the time where I was told “enjoy it while you can.” Instead of seeing the value in that statement, I chose to rebel, and seek my own desires of the moment. As an education major at a university now, I wish I had found the value of that time I spent in high school. The experiences I wished to pass where major events that should have contributed to shaping me into a better person. The impact I could have had on friends, I now will not see again. I had the potential to learn from the experiences of each person who crossed my path during my high school years. If I could go back to high school I would enjoy the moment. I would tell myself not worry about the future or become anxious about the unknown, but find the blessings in the moment along with the lesson it holds, for the moment soon will pass.


I would tell myself to stay in school study really hard , that the benefits will all be worth it in the end it is much easier to continue on then restart later in life


First and foremost if I could go back in time I would tell myself to apply for scholarships any and all scholarships available. Paying out of pocket is very expensive. I would tell myself to step out of its shy box and get to know people. The door of opportunites are wider when involved. I would also have a serious talk about procrastination. Plan ahead because procrastination has a way of creeping up on you. Most of all I would tell myself to have fun. College is a growing experience a time where people grow and mature. A time in life that will never come back.


The first had experience I have gained up to this point would allow for many things to be said to my high school self. First, I would demand that I be more open to experiences outside of school. School is not life. There is fun to be had, and things to be learned outside of school. A novel idea, I know. Also, I would have told myself not to date in high school! Tying myself down in any way to anything was a bad idea because it limited myself. The last piece of advice that would be imperitave I tell myself is this nugget of wisdom: learn to play the cello! I put it off for so long, that now I have no time; thus, my procrastiniation has won for now. These three things would be my advice to my past self.


If I could go back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to pick up some better study habits. Instead of just glancing over notes, perhaps reading chapters that were assigned and answering chapter questions. I would also advise myself to improve my time management skills, in order to maximize study time while also getting a healthy amount of sleep. But most importantly, I would advise myself to get ready to be tested. In high school, there are times when you are tested; but when it gets to college those tests are far more consequencial. Such as missing a lecture, in college that one day of lecture you miss is the equivalent of a weeks worth of work within a high school setting. It is inevitable to have life occur, and you miss one day of class; but do not let it be a reoccuring thing as you will fall behind and have a very difficult time catching back up.


The biggest issue I have run into is effective use of time. It's about what good habits you form, and when you form them. Mainly, I would tell myself to get into the habit of laying out daily, weekly, monthly, and semesterly schedules in order to get into the habit of using my time wisely. From there, I would tell me to limit my work on any subject or task to one hour at a time, to prevent burnout. This would also help to get multiple tasks at least partially done each day, instead of finishing some, but getting way behind on others. Of course, I would also tell me to take the advice of my parents, since that is what has gotten me this far, I would want to make sure I did it again. So pretty much, advice to my high school self: 1) Plan my schedule, 2) Set specific time limits, 3) Try to get done with "todays work" before playing, 4) Take breaks and naps when I need it, not after an hour of inefficient studying, and 4) Listen to my parents, cause that's what I have done and it has worked out splendidly.


What’s up Ronald! What an amazing experience you will soon come to discover; graduating the Police Academy to becoming a father. Advice… Well sorry to tell you but being INGNORANT and INFERRIOR IS NOT COOL. I know, you’re just doing it to fit in. There is no but CUT IT OUT! Anyway you are graduating MAGNA CUM LAUDE. Who are we fooling by talking with a slurred speech Furthermore, No one is perfect, and you need to accept yourself in order for others to accept you. I know you think that you need to be a football player and make a lot of money but your too small and not that good so quit and focus on school. Also, leave Rhonda and momma alone. I know they annoying. They ask too many questions. They do this because they love you more than you love yourself. Contrary to what you think right now, they do understand you. They raised you! They only want the best for you. Don’t be afraid of change. Take risks. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. (You have a couple of really stupid ones coming up.) Remember your perseverance and resilience will inspire you to overcome.


Trevor, I know you're a senior in highschool and you may think you know everything. Please know this: Life will continue to change, so don't ever stop growing and learning from your experiences. Keep a journal and write in it every so often. Also, read a book instead of watching TV, it will benefit you immensely. Also, you don't have to be afraid to step outside of you comfort zone. Talk to people, say hello to a stranger, ask them how their day is going. Be human and show love and compassion; never fear and worry. Also, you will have more responsibilites, so find a mentor and visit with him every so often. Stay on course, do what you need to do, but chase your dreams! Make new friends! Remember that you do matter, and you are here for a reason! Find your purpose and pursue it with all your heart! Remember that your parents love you unconditionally. Ask them before you do anything drastic. Have faith through tough times. Most of all enjoy the ride and discover yourself. College is an amazing journey if you make it so! You are blessed with such an amazing opportunity.


Dear high school self, Do not be intimidated by the realization that as a college student you are now responsible for making your dreams a reality. Have a teachable spirit. Be eager to learn something new about life from every professor, student, and staff member you meet, even if their beliefs are different from yours. During those times when homework seems overwhelming, remember your goals and do not let fears of failing keep you from persevering. The only way to fail is to give up. Get to know your professors and discover what they expect from you. Always treat your professors with the utmost respect and build relationships with them by being on time to class, listening attentively during lectures, and honoring them in your conversations outside of the classroom as well. This is not to say that you won't have days when you are late for class because you woke up late and had difficulty finding a parking spot, or that you won't occasionally say things you regret. As a college student, you risk making mistakes, but as the author and journalist Pamela Druckerman said, "To grow up without risk is to risk not growing up."


I want you to know that even though this school was not your first choice, you will do more growing here than you would have anywhere else. Do not get caught up in frivolous things, be purposeful and meaningful with your time, but also do not forget the importance of friendship. You are going to make a lot of friends, you do not need to put on an act so that they will like you. Also, there is no need to be scoping out the boys, God has the perfect man picked out for you, and you will save yourself a lot of heartache and embarrassment if you just trust Him. Lastly, and this is extremely imortant so pay attention, hold on to that dream you have of working internationally. Do not compromise because it seems hard or impossible. It is possible. Pick a major that will get you there, and go for it. Trust me, do not be afraid, and most of all, trust God with everything and chase after Him.


Picking your major is important. Deciding and narrowing it down to the one you will use for the rest of your life is even more important. If you just decide what to major in based on what others say or jobs you may receive, you will never be happy with what you will do in the future. The One who has the most say in what you pursue with your education is your Heavenly Father. Spend time with Him. Let Him speak to you. Failing to listen and let Him work results in a tradgedy. He knows what is best for you. You do not need to worry if you place it in His hands and let Him work through you. Do not be so caught up with school that you forget to spend time with God. He puts everything in place. It is hard to balance your time which is the most important thing once in school. When you are used to not doing anything besides hanging out and talking to friends all the time, it makes it difficult to transition to a full-time school schedule. Prioritize your time. You know what has to be done. Do it.


First of all, college is not the same as high school. I know that you "know" that, but trust me, it's a completely different world. The best thing that you can do right now is to erase all expectations you have of what university will be like. That way, anything that comes to you will be an unexpected surprise, and will neither fulfill nor fall short of any preconceived notions you have of what it will be like. This will help you to make the most of your college years. Another thing you should keep in mind is that, for the most part, friends will not just find you - go out and find them! To have friends, you need to be a friend. So don't get upset when you're not connecting with people when all you've done is sit in your dorm. Also, don't slack off in your classes. Remember, you're at college to learn. Sometimes, the most effective way to do that is to put some assignments on the side burner - just don't forget about them or it will burn you! Finally, have fun! This is an exciting time - cherish each moment.


Dear high school me, You're going to see a whole lot of stuff. Here are ten things to remember: 1. Nothing is as bad as it seems. 2. Friends struggle. Don't give up. 3. Apply for scholarships before college. 4. The first guy to tell you that he loves you is not the one to settle with. 5. You're going to meet a guy that listens to all your problems. He'll be important later. 6. Your parents are always right. 7. Keep God at the center of your life. 8. Listen to the still, small voice. 9. Your younger siblings are watching your every move. 10. You're going to make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up over it. Learn from it. I have no idea if you plan to listen, but that's all right. Because, in the end, you do figure it out. God brings you through. You turn out all right. Sincerly, You from the future


I would tell myself to not worry about perfection. This life and opportunity of college is about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. I would tell myself, "You are going to go through some things you never have before, but do not fret. For The Lord will always be there. No matter how dim and how bleak things look, never panic. For help will and always be closer than you think. I could tell you ways in which this experiece of college could be made easier, shortend, simplified, and bring less head and heart ache, but I'm not going to. For what I learned over my 6+ years as an undergraduate didn't always come when life was easy, short and simple. I learned that, it is in the hardest times, the darkest times, we realize who we truly are and to whom we rely on. Simply put, I re-found God in the hardest and the darkest times. When I put my faith in Him, the struggles of this world dont seem so daunting or large anymore. Always remember, God has a plan for you. It is just to complex for you to see right now."


The first thing I would say to my senior self is not to worry. People think they have it all together and know what they want to do with their lives - as far as career choice - but most people end up changing their major - and thus - career interest at least twice. When I was a senior, I thought knowing exactly what I want to study would be the only reason why I should even attend any institution for higher education. Little did I know that wasn't the case; I did not have to know myself completely to make a decision such as career choice just yet. Now that I'm one semester in, I can now say with confidence that my list of possible career choices is beginning to narrow - and even having a list in the first place isn't a bad thing, because going to college isn't just about studying the basics of an intended major. This leads to my second, just as valuable piece of advice to my senior self: to let go of high school. Friends, triumphs, defeats - they'll all be memories. Only the great ones will surface into life after high school.


As a high school senior, I maintain a 3.5 G.P.A. while playing sports throughout the year and doing concurrent enrollment at Rose State College. I applied to go to college at Oklahoma State University during the summer and was accepted late August. When I graduate in May 2014, I will be starting off in my second semester as a freshman at Oklahoma State University with 18 credit hours. If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to spend about 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my time searching for more scholarships. I would also tell my high school self to work harder in the college classes, instead of making a B in English Comp 1 & College Algebra! The transition was easy because I was mentally prepared but I would tell myself not to let my age hinder me from working as hard as the older people in the college classes. Basically, to not let the excuse of me being a high school senior hinder me from making an A in my college classes.


Dear me, Finishing up high school will be fun-filled times with friends and family, so be sure to enjoy that. It marks the beginning of growing up but it won't be immediate changes. College classes begin just like high school only they go twice as fast. Each semester, just look at your own degree planner before meeting with advisors to have an idea of what classes you want. You know you want to go into Physical Therapy so push towards that because unlike most people, this dream isn't going to change. Look for financial aid anywhere you can, some people can get paid to go to college (you are not some of those people). Make as many connections as you can, meet people with a solid handshake and look them in the eyes. If they say to get in touch with them, do it within 24 hours. Push through the tough classes and don't think that just because friends and roommates slack off and sleep through classes you can too. That's not how you work and it will come back to haunt you. Focus on your goal the whole way through.


I would tell myself to retake the ACT and score in the 30's. I scored a 26 but i believe that ifi would have scored higher i would be better off now. I would tell myself not to stress so much about the future and to just be happy. I have many regrets about my college career especially financially but all in all i am doing what i love. I think i chose the right path and i hope to be able to continue to go down this path. So if i could tell my high school self a couple things it would be those. And also to buy a bigger fan because it gets hot in Phoenix.


I graduated early in 2012 as a high school junior. If I can rewind time to my junior year in high school I would tell myself not to graduate early. I would explain that by graduating I would lose all my scholarship opportunities I had previously enrolled in. Without scholarship opportunities I had no resources to fund my future schooling limiting my choices. If I can just speak to myself for five minutes I would save my parents and myself stress over the future cost of education. By graduating early I lost eligibility to many financial opportunities I was not aware of. Furthermore, I would remind myself that not to worry of what it is expected of me but to follow the career path I love. To make the transition smoother I would tell myself not to be so shy and to make friendships in college. Most importantly I would advise myself that college is about making new friendships and making studying fun. Lastly, I would remind myself to appreciate sleep more because all nighter studying are the norm to study adequately!


Dear Self, Many new things will occur for you in the next few months. Transitioning from high school to college is not as fun or easy as society portrays it. College is hard - it is not high school. You will have to really work to get good grades. But, if you put your mind to it, you can do it! The first thing you need to plan to do is be organized. This is a major part of getting good grades. Write down when assignments are due, and do not procrastinate. Go to class, take notes, and establish good sleeping habits. These are very important for your success in college. College will be a time of stress and craziness. But, don't forget to have fun while you study and put forth an effort in your classes. Don't be overcome by all that stress. Enjoy your college years, because these will be the best times of your life! Have fun, relax, and study, study, study! Sincerely, Me


Don't worry about not being able to make friends. There are a wide variety of people. The odds of not finding a friend is slim. Study hard, but still have fun. Do your homework first and your fun time second. Listen during class and never be afraid to ask questions. And most importantly, have fun. You only go to college once.


I would tell the young Andre' to welcome and invite challenge and criticism. I would tell him to do this because at 18, when you graduate high school, he believes he knows everything and in reality, doens't know anything. Be humble, seek counsel from older men who have experienced and walked in a similiar path and direction he has or is going. Also, be teachable eager and ready to learn and grow. In addition, use good judgement and wisdom because decisions he makes now will directly effect his future. Finally, be patient and thankful.


Think of what you love most and what you would pay to do for the rest of your life. No need to think too extravagantly, simplicity is key. Work to your strengths and seek to maximize those. Don't let your preconceptions of money and power let you lose sight of what is important. In fact, here is the recipe for all that is important in life: faith and family. Outside of these, all else pales in comparison. Success and happiness aren't the end goals, to know and serve God is. With this in mind, seek to place yourself where you are able to do this best. Surround yourself with people who will support you in that endeavor, and do not lose sleep over the one's who don't. Lastly, enjoy all that college has to offer. Challenge yourself, but stay within yourself. Get excited about outrageous ideas and share them with others. Set goals and crush them.


Appreciate the process. The stress of applying to college and trying to figure out how to pay for college; the nervousness surrounding your first week at school, meeting people, syllabus-shock--it all gets to you. However, in-between pulling all-nighters, working to pay for school, and nights of only getting 3 hours of sleep, college is the best experience I've ever had. You will make friends for life here; you will learn excellent skills for life here; you will grow and you will change more than you know and it will all be fantastic. So enjoy it. Be responsible and wise with your time--take good care of yourself--and use every opportunity to learn and enjoy everything you can from this short experience. Appreciate the people that surround you; learn from them, encourage them and allow them to encourage you. Don't take your classes or professors for granted--be humble enough to learn from them and find joy in learning new things and applying them in real life. College doesn't last forever, but soak it up and allow it to be springboard to launch you into life once you graduate.


Dear 16-year-old Self, I know you have big dreams and aspirations. I see your heart for the nations of the world and the poor. These are good dreams, and will become a part of who you will be in the future, yes. I know you don't want to go to college. But think about the sheer privilege and example you will set for those in nations where education is not available. Becoming learned is not about the letter or the degree. It is about the skills you will take to bless other people in the world. If there is one thing you possess uniquely because of your upbringing, it is this: Americans are not the center of the universe, but they do look at the world through a lens of optimistic entreprenuership. This is a skill you can only learn from those who have gone before you. Humble yourself, and open your heart to learning. God will make a way for you to attend, but it will be worth it. With Love, Your 22-year old Self


Your going to want to go to college, and maybe not for the education. The loans might be scary, but it's such a small cost in comparison to the chances you will have.


I have gotten that you need to take responsablity for your life. It is up to you to do your homework and do your laundry and clean your room. It is life with training wheels. There is a structure, but there is a lot more freedom that most high school student only dream for. The only problem is that with the freedom they loose track of what they are really supposed to be doing. I learned how to be a functioning adult in this world.


I have gotten an amazing education from this college as well as friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I have grown as a Christian more than I thought was possible and have learned a lot from my teachers both spiritually and intellectually. If I would have attended a different school, I know that I would not have gotten the relationships I have now as well as the mix of both religious and career-oriented courses.


I have received the ability and confidence to go out into this worl and make an impact to those around me. I also have received a great education and the experience needed to go out and be succesful in my major.


I was afraid of what college was going to be. I was skeptical about going at all, but then I found the right school. The classes aren't too heavy, the staff is wonderful, and the students are more like family than friends. Being at college has given me a place to belong. I'm with people who chose to come to this school every day. They chose this school because it appealed to them, not because it was in their district or their parents made them go. We're all there together because of the choice we made. We couldn't be any more different on the outside, but on the inside, we wanted the same thing. A place to feel at home away from home.


Life changed at a blink of an eye from going to being a highschool student to living life on my own and attending university. All I could think about was living on my own out from my parents rule, but there was more to that. The life change was having to make all my own decisions, and that those tchoices map out the path on which I took. There have been some decisions that could have been prevented. For that reason, the advicie that I would give myself before making the transaction would be taking the time to listening to the elders around me. The first ones that I would listen to would be my parents, then my grandparents, and then the elders of the church. They have lived this life longer than I have; therefore, they would have a better idea of what to do when it came to moving out. They would also have general advise about day-to-day living that would lead up to becoming my dream. Now, I listen to them, and what a blessing it is!


Sometimes college doesn't go as you planned. I attended two other schools and took a two-year break before I ended up at Southwestern. I switched majors and minors three or four times and it has taken me longer to graduate than I intended. But don't be in a rush for these days to be over. Learn as much as you possibly can and learn how to help others and get outside yourself. You never know how many lives you may impact along the way. It may be cliche to say "stop and smell the roses," but it seems that in this case it applies. Stop. Enjoy yourself, but not so much that you miss opportunities to help others or learn. Keep plugging away, because this is the time in your life that will shape you more than any other.


As a high school senior, I was a disciplined, academic student who always put school first and didn?t allow much time for friends and fun. I didn?t have a problem working hard and getting good grades, yet that?s what I always worried about because I thought colleges were looking for perfection, and I knew I needed to get a good scholarship to go to school. If I were able to go back and talk to myself at that point in time, I would mainly tell myself to relax. I would probably let myself know that the ability to have fun and socialize is a more important aspect to transitioning into college and surviving it. I was already prepared for college with my work ethic, but in order to endure the stress and pressures that come with college, I would need to let my former self know that she needs to loosen up, learn how to make everything fun, and open herself up to letting others in and developing friendships. I would let her that she?d be okay, but if she could learn these things, college and life in general would easier and way more fun.