Arizona Christian University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Dealing with the financial aid department and registering for classes to fit your schedule


My first year at ACU was frustrating because they were adjusting to the growth of the student body and there were certain things that were miscommunicated or not communicated at all.


I would say that the area that comes to mind first would be the financial support for the music program. Since the university started adding sports teams, which are very welcomed by the student body, some support for the arts went down to accomodate the sports teams. I understand that this is not a permanent state for the school, but a temporary one. Yet, I still find it very frustrating that my timing was just when this happened.


Trying to gain access to all of opportunities available is a struggle because there are so many students here. For example internships, scholarships, jobs, appointments, sporting events etc. are very difficalt to obtain because of the large capacity of students. It is a cutthroat environment where everyone is another's enemy in the fight to futher one's human capital.


The most frustrating thing at Arizona Christian University is the switch from Music and Ministry to Sports. The school originally started as a ministry school and is going more toward sports programs. It was frustrating coming in as a freshman and scholarships I would have received the year before for ministry or music were discontinued and the sports and acedemic scholarships were raised.


I found that the academics were not as rigourous as I would have liked. I feel that while I was boring myself with a lack of rigor, my peers across the country at other universities were quickly outpacing me.


Who do you like? Are you engaged yet? The community on campus is rich and social activity is highly encouraged. However, the campus is rather small which makes secrets kept very few. Associated with our campus is the familiar mantra, "Ring by Spring" and the accompanying pressure to get married. Arriving on campus I chuckled at what I assumed was a funny joke, but now in my Sophomore year and dating, I endure every well-meaning match-maker enrolled at Arizona Christian University asking if I'm engaged yet. No, I am not engaged yet.


Sometimes professors don't post grades very quickly, or at all, and you have to ask them about your grade or calculate it yourself. Also, the administrative staff often forgets to return your calls, so you have to be on their tails all the time.


Southwestern is mostly conservative, but they encourage students and professors to discuss opposing viewpoints. Even though these discussions are encouraged, the majority of the faculty and students are pretty close-minded to those that may hold differing viewpoints. Also, Southwestern is a Christian school, so it makes sense that everybody attending claims to be Christian. However, part of the application process states that you have to be a Christian to come here, so it?s frustrating the school won?t accept those who may not be a Christian but still want to come here for the education.