Arizona Christian University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school that I attend, is that we are a Christian school, that has a biblicaly intergrated curriculum. The spirtuality the school offers is suppurb, and the support that the school staff gives is that of a family.


The best thing about my school would definitely be the student-centered atmosphere. Everywhere you turn are professors, leaders, and resources seeking to help you succeed and grow as a person. For instance, there's a Student Center that provides tutoring during certain hours. And once a semester, ACU even hosts meetings designed to mingle mentors and students to work towards the student's growth. There aren't many institutions that provide that kind of opportunity for young adults.


I love the family-oriented feeling of the school. Everyone is friendly even the teachers. The teachers are awesome. Since the school is small, the teachers actually know the students and even after you have had one, they remember your name years later. It's just an amazing school.