Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


M classmates are just average classmates that I only see when I go to schoool. There is no personal relationship between me and any of them.


My classmates do their work for school, and hold a part time to full time job


My classmates and I take advantage of the opportunity to getting the chance to have the dean of students speak in one of their classes to provide the insight that we need to strieve from excellence in our line of work.


My classmates for the most part, don’t attend class, only show up when attendance is required (especially for exams), like to party and drink, don’t take school seriously, and are procrastinators.


My classmates are wonderful and I would do anything to help them become better nurses.


My classmates are kind, dedicated students who enjoy learning, debating, and working towards furthering their education.




For those who are attending to Arizona State University, just be yourself. Hvae fun and get lots of help. Do not get stressed out all the time. Pass all of your classes, raise you GPA, and graduate with honors.


I see the majority of my classmates as decent students; however they can be slightly lax in their dedication.


My classmates are both hard-working and focused, but also know how to have fun. They are also very willing to help each other out. One thing I like about this campus is how close everyone on your "floor" becomes. It is like a little family and since everyone on your floor has related majors, you have many of the same classes. This helps when it comes to study groups or academic and social support.


My classmates are making their way by supporting each other, and keeping ahead of the world today by staying educated.


My classmates are intelligent, full of energy and selfless


My classmates are all very determined, it's not like high school where the only reason people are there is because the government. You are paying to go to school so eeryone is driven and ready to learn, and get what they paid for.


Vary from hard working and motivated to complete slackers.


The program im in is very competitive so all the students are very smart and career focused. We all work very hard to do the best we can to achieve our educational goals.


Some of them are really annoying, but its easy to find people that are like you.


Very self-motivated and eager learners.