Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix Campus is how far it is from the other campus. ASU has four different campuses and each campus holds different events. Such as Tempe holds all the althetic events. Sometimes transportation can be a pain when wanting to go to the other campuses. ASU doesn't do too many events to try to bring all four campuses together.


I consider the cafeteria food the worst thing about by school becuase they don't have very many healthy options. I do like some of the food there, but I wish we had more fruit and healthy meals to chose from.


I wish the Downtown Campus was a bit more connected like the Tempe Campus because it allows for meeting people of different majors


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the tuition expenses. I love everything else about my school, the expenses are just overwhelming and incredibly stressful.




The reputation it has. We have a reputation for being a part school, but that is only a small fraction of the what actually goes on. We are a school that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship as well as strong, ethical journalism.


The hassel with scheduling and getting classes figured out. Getting into all the classes that you need to is a hassel with the campus being smaller.


I beileve that the teachers and staff have been great and I have learned a lot. Never the less, some students do not really put a lot of effort to school, which makes me wonder, whose fault is it? Other than that I think that Arizona State University is awesome for me and they are well structured and have good sources.


I do not feel that my campus has enough activites and groups for students to be a part of. Arizona State University (the main campus) has a lot for students to do, but it is very inconvenient for students to travel 25 minutes on the light rail to get to an activity.


The Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix Campus is a great place to attend, however there are a few problems with the location. It is located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, and is apart from the rest of the University. Unfortunately, that is the big downfall because all the great programs and clubs offered at the main campus aren't as available to students at the Downtown campus. There is a lightrail service to Tempe, but it's troublesome traveling for half and hour each way for something that may last only a few minutes.


I attend Arizona State University: a school with more than 60,000 students spread out among four separate campuses. Because I chose a nursing major, I was assigned to live in the Phoenix campus dormitory. Unfortunately, Tempe campus is host to college sports, Greek life, a wide variety of club activities, and volunteer opportunities. The downtown campus makes it hard to participate in such events because they have roughly ten percent of Tempe's club variety. I feel completely isolated from "college social life."


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is a smaller school. Some would say that it lacks the true "college experience" because there aren't very many students on campus at any given time, and due to its location the weekend life is slightly boring at times.


I did not really care for the online courses. There were a few technical glitches in the blackboard system that arised. Some teachers were understanding, others weren't. One teacher had a link you had to click on to read in order to take the final, but it did not work. I emailed her, but I have an overnight job. I had to leave right afterwards. She emailed me saying I would have to take the test again that night. When I emailed her back explaining that I had work, she just gave me a failing grade on the final.


The only bad thing that I find about my school is the lack of motivation that some students have. I am very enthusiastic about what I am doing, and I enjoy the courses I am taking. I love a challenge. The fact that other students are only trying to "get by" is frustrating to me. The choices you make during college affect the rest of your life. So work hard, stay in school, and give it your all. Mediocrity gets you nowhere. Students attending the university need to find something they are passionate about and stick to it!


There is a lot of partying but you dont have to get mixed up in it. Just stay focused and get involved with school sponsered activities and you wont have any problems.


My campus's pride and joy is the Cronkite School of Journalism. This school offers those students more opportunities than any other major. I am a Criminology and Criminal Justice major, minoring in Socio-cultural Anthropology. I feel as if we are the overlooked major. We are offered no expert advice and hardly any guidance. I would like to see more Criminology speakers and planned activities, allowing us to network and broaden our horizons.