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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear high school me, enjoy every second that you can during your senior year, please. Don't wish it away like you do, and just take in every moment. Your freshmen year will be somewhat chaotic, full of drama, and yet it is still one of the best years of your life. You will meet so many people from all over the world and you will be very similar to them and be very different at the same time. You got pretty lucky with your roommate, in most ways. She will do a couple things that get on your nerves, but you will probably do the same to her and not even know it. You need to look at this year as an adventure. This will be your only year in your life that you live in a dorm room so you need to soak it up while you can. Just go with the flow, and take advantage of the many opportunities that are given to you, such as getting involved. Join a club so you have something to put on your resume and so you can meet even more people. You're going to love it! Love, Lindsey


Finish college before you get to old!


The advise I would give my self is that college is something you will be excited to attend and the friends you will make is great.


Hang in there! As a returning college student (after about 25 years or so) I would encourage anyone to keep trying and pursue their dreams, not matter how long it has been since they have been in school! Being able to return to school after all these years is a huge accomplishment and I am very proud of myself, but it takes courage and perseverance to overcome the adjustments...learning how to learn all over again. I attended college as a high school student back in 1985 so that I could fulfill my credit requirements to graduate on time and I remember knowing that I wanted to continue my learning. I was not aware that I was eligible to obtain financial assistance due to my high grade point average (3.75) until a college recruiter came to my school. At that point I applied to Cornell College and was accepted so I was very excited! Ironically enough, there was a fork in my educational road and I decided to become a mother instead of pursuing college at that time. I did, however, sign up for classes through my local community college and finished my first year. Anything is possible!


It's easy to get caught up on other people's opinions on what you should major in, but don't be afraid to explore your options. Not every major is meant for everyone, take a risk on what you find interesting to you. At the end of the day you are the person who is going to pay your bills. Take advantage of the resources at school because you can never have too many questions or answers. They know what they are talking about, trust me. Although, mom and dad won't understand much of what is going on in school, keep them informed. It will help them understand what attending a university consists of, allowing a growth in your bond with them. Always remember, "Smile. The road to success may be hard, but it's always worth the struggle," unknown. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent. Enjoy every moment in your journey as a first-generation student. You're not the first person in the world to graduate as a first-generation student, but you can be the first to inspire someone else to join the adventure.


Take education seriously, but still go out and have fun. Classes are harder than you think. You really need to take time to study and do your best to pay attention in your classes and take good notes. Don't let your education and grades slip through your finger tips. Really take advantage of it all and apply what you are learning to your life now and your future life. You will be amazed at what you have learned. Along with studying, make sure you take some breaks and go on adventures with the friends you meet. Make memories that will last a life time. Don't be afraid to try something crazy or new. Join a club that interests you, even if it doesn't relate to your major. Have fun and study hard, everything else will fall into place.


The advice I would give to myself is to strive and pass all my classes with an A because college life is much harder than being a high school senior.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is to get out of my comfort zone and go make new friends. Learn to meet other people and become friends with them, but also keep the friends you have. Learning to make new friends my senior year of high school will make it easier to make friends in college. Put yourself out there and always be yourself. You don't have to become friends with every person you meet, but be nice to everyone and get to know them.


I would tell myself to make sure to get a computer so I can have an easier time doing my assignments. I would also say that I can get extra help from the library and check out books to give myself an advantage in class. Waking up and going to school in the morning when I have afternoon classes is also something that I would let myself know so there is not a chance of missing the bus and being late for classes. Not getting bent out of shape over english assignments is another thing I would let myself know that needs to be done. Other advice myself would recieve would be to get all of the projects done and out of the way in teh beginning and to avoid taking chemistry during the summer. The suummer courses should be reserved for classes like english. Last but not least, I would give the idea of getting involved in a major that uses math so I am not in a limbo and to check my course requirements at the student center website. All of this advice would be helpful and prevent any mishaps.


I would tell myself to enjoy life while your a kid. Even though that Stats test and school committments were important, don't forget that this is your last year of not paying bills and having big responsibilities, so don't take it for granted. I know you're excited to be an 'adult' but you have the rest of your life to be an adult, live each moment in the moment and remember how lucky for everything you have. Love, Taylor


I would tell myself that it is okay to be scared. I tend to overthink and have mini heart attacks when change is about to happen, but even though I welcome change with open arms, I worry about what's going to happen next. I would also tell myself to take things at a slow pace and try not to overwhlem myself with so much. But rather than just focusing on your breathing, focus on the good times amd memories that come along in a brand new journey. Like it is said, it's not just the destination that counts, but the journery as well, well something along those lines! But with this new change and growing indepence, you will soon be able to overcome your obstacles and be the success story I know you can be.


Grow up! Moving out of your parents house will not give you the independence you are seeking. I know it might not seem like it now but your parents know what they are talking about. You know how dad keeps telling you, you should follow in his footsteps and be a nurse? You hate the idea right? That is because you're so determined to be your own person that you do not realize it is what YOU want out of life. If you keep on this path you are headed down you will be a senior in college, with no more financial aid available to you because you went to an overpriced university, and you will have a degree in something you don't want because you were childish and did not listen to your parents. It is not worth it, you do not even get the "college life" you're looking for because you spend your free time working to pay for the apartment, you had to have. After four years, you end up where you are now, only without money to pay for your education and drowning in debt. Please grow up, before it's too late.


"Apply yourself! Fill out scholarships and research schools more throughly and make sure that you are content with your decision and not just trying to fill out others expectations for you."


I would probably start by telling myself to prepare for the future. You need to take a course in a college than going into the Air National Guard. I would have persued in my passion of history and become an archelogist with a BA in science. Dreaming of becoming the next Indiana Jones, I would love to take the time to explore KV5 in the Valley of the Kings in Eygpt. The tomb of KV5 is where the pharoah during Moses time made for his 100 children. I want to travel the world learning about different cultures because I am a people person now. It took a public speaking class in eight grade to open a silent closed vault of ideas. Also, I would tell myself to be more organized, study hard and not let life distract me from my goals. Trust in Jesus with everything.and not to lean on my own understanding. Taking math more seriously as well as more subjects to prepare for college life. I would have made sure that I received a driver's license earlier. Having a family life could have waited ten years so I would be more matured and ready for them.


I would tell myself the importance of saving up for college and applying for as many scholarships that you are able to, in order to not take out any loans and be in debt after graduation from college.


In college you need to be able to establish a organized system for yourself to manage your time in not only school but your life. In college you need to be able to organize yourself for classes, assignments, tests, and study time. When your going to class to be prepared for your lecture already knowledgable of the the material to be more productive in class. Managing life isnt easy the amount of sleep you get every day the time your work requires you to be flexible with school and be responsible for all the assignments that need to met at organized schedules.


The work load is less, so everything you're doing now will all be worth it. It's okay that you aren't going to a top university, you're going to have better opportunities here. You'll be happy and you're going to make friends. For the rest of the school year and summer, don't stress. Finish what is necessary for senior year and do scholarships over the summer. That aside, have fun. Money is going to be a problem, but it will be handled; it's not worth making yourself sick over. It's a lot to handle, but college has always been your destination- the one thing you've always been sure about. Just in the first semester, you'll learn so much. And I don't mean from the books. It'll all be worth it in the end, so don't doubt yourself. Go to college and don't stress over money now. Just go with the flow.


Don’t fight change, embrace it. That is the main principle I wish I knew going into college. When I started, I fought the process every step of the way and definitely made it harder on myself. I didn’t want to change my study habits even though my test grades proved something needed to change. In high school, being naturally smart allowed me to get good grades in classes without much effort. College was a different story and I wish I was mentally prepared for what was now expected out of me. Now that I am a senior in college, I finally understand that I came to college to change myself. I have dreams of being a nurse and that requires a lot of changing and growing as a person. Another small detail I would want to tell myself is Mrs. Robb is right; I need to strive for progress, not perfection. I spent too much of my time in college trying to be perfect and competing with others. Now I simply focus on the progress I have made and continue to make. It allows me to have a much brighter outlook on my journey so far.


I would make sure to tell myself that money matters and that it's nothing to take lightly or not think about. I would make sure to tell myself to get on looking for scholarships and grants because it would lead to a better relationship with my parents and cause a lot less stress for everyone.


Just because it's "high school", don't mess around and not pay attention in class and just get by with your grades. All this the things you learn in high school will contribute to what you do and learn in college. Doing the best you can in high school will benefit you in college, possibly even getting you through college faster than expected. The decisions you are making now have an everlasting impact on your future.


The advice I'd give to myself as a HS senior would be to take my studies more seriously because I'd be in need in both my college years and future. I'd encourage myself to participate in as many sports and extra curricular activities that take place at school and to have fun. Making as many HS memories and friendships is something that you will always look back on and cherish. The importance of attaining good grades would be something I would stress on because of the potential college scholarships that could be gained. With the amount of student loans I've had to take out during my academic journey I would have most definitely done things differently in HS. Had I kept better grades it would have afforded me more opportunities for scholarships and I probably wouldn't have found myself in the financial pickle that I am in today. It's really astounding to see things in retrospect and now makes me wish I would've been more mature at that time to realize all of the things I do today. It's true when they say that lessons learned are the most valuable in life.


The advice I would have given myself back in high school would have been to be more involved in the social part of school like going to sporting events and then being more involved in school like doing other activities. I also wish that I would have been more social our class was small and we all got along pretty well and the only thing I would have done different that I do today in college is to be more open and not be so shut out of the things that happen during our school year. I wish I would have been more out there and not so no I do not want to do that. I should have done more things in high school because once you get to college it is all on your own. Like Kindergarten all over again time to make new friends and new people. If I went back to my senior year I would be more involved in what is going on in high school and get more soical than I was in high school. It would look better on my job and resume applications. If I went back those things would be change.


I would tell myself to try harder and not give up when things are hard.


If I could go back in time and see myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself to not worry about the small things. In highschool I thought everything was so stressful and detrimental to my success. But looking back at it now highschool taught me to be disciplined, responsible, and balanced. College has been nothing but a fantastic experience for me beacuse I was able to take what I learned in highschool and apply it to my everyday lifestyle now. As a senior I was so worried about the college I was going to get into, or the friends I was leaving behind. But now I have realized its not the college you attend but the program you get involved in, and the experiences to take part in yourself. Its the choices you make and the classes you attend that will lead you to success in life. The choice is yours. I would tell myself to not worry about leaving friends behind, because I will create friendships stronger than the ones before, and the opportunities in college are endless. I would tell myself not to be afraid beacuse anything is possible when your determined to succeed.


I would tell myself to engage more in activities that the school offers, so that i would have made friends quicker.


I would tell myself to relax and really enjoy senior year. College is going to have some tough classes, it's going to be a ton of fun, but you are going to miss home and your friends all the time. Make some memories and keep them close to your heart. Strengthen your relationship with God and work on it all the time. That will be a huge help as you make the transition.


Don't stress about college. Even if you're enrolled full time, it's really not as difficult as everyone says. As long as you complete your assignments on time and study for the tests, you will have a high GPA and be just fine. But while you are off having your college adventure, don't forget to check in at home once in a while. Your family will worry about you and miss you. You don't want to accidently step on anyone's feelings by getting caught up in college and ignoring them.


Don't procrastinate! One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was joining the workforce before I finished my degree. I told myself I'll go back, no problem. But, life takes over. Bills, relationships, and family. I now have alot of work experience. That sounds like a great thing right? I have the experience, but not the degree to get the promotion I want. So now i'm a 28 year old married lady returning to school. Last year I completed an associates degree in nursing. I learned so much . You Tube is a great resource! Wikipedia should never be sited in a paper. Never sell your text books back to the school you never get even a forth back for what you paid. Rolling bookbags are noisey and not very cool, but they save your back. Keep your flash drive on your keyring. A lost flash drive can lead to sleepless nights. But, the most important thing is to keep going. Don't stop.


The days that I spent in high school, were some of the best days of my life and some of the worst in a teenagers eyes. In all reality I really wish I knew then what I know about college. It's one of the most important decisions in life because college is not mandatory and it's meant for everyone. Every move you make in high school is getting you ready for either college or whatever route you choose to take. From own personal experience, I wish I was looking for scholarships more sooner than later, because since I waited till last minute, I didn't get any at all. Mainly because I didn’t realize the time and effort it took, because I didn’t have the parents to sit there and push me to do it. And most students out there might, which they should take advantage of. But to those that don't, my advice is don't sit around and wait while you procrastinate. Sit down talk to someone, anyone at that matter that is willing to help you and get you through to success. Work hard and you’ll appreciate results.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior since I know about college life and about making the transition, I would find myself. By this I eman, since freshman year of college i felt like i ws moving too fast and needed to figure out who I was before i began another journey that I certainly wasn't prepared for. Not only would I want, but at leasrtknow how to stand your ground and let anyone or anything belitte you. This is something that I have found myself forgetting everytime I see someone who I believe has more of a structural domainance over me. Knowing myself I would have benefited alot from this conversation of piece of random advice from myself and chances are that I would be a little freaked out but taken it to heart.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have a lot to say. I would start out by stating how important it is to take the time to look for scholarships. College is really expensive. The earlier you start finding funding for college, the better off you will be. Second, I would suggest not working (if possible). Working and going to school is really hard. It brought my grades down the first year as I was trying to adapt to working and finding time to study. If you have to work to maintain a living, try to work only a few hours a week. You will become addicted to the money (even if it’s minimum wage) and will want to drop out or you will not put enough time and effort in your studies. Thirdly, don’t procrastinate. Do your work early. Don’t wait until the last minute because you will most likely not get good grades. Lastly, never give up. Life is full of obstacles. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome them, you will be successful (even if you are a minority).


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to take more dual credit classes in high school. Even if you have a scholarship and think you don't want to take dual credit so you don't have to pay for it, do it anyway. It costs to do dual enrollment but it saves you time in college while getting high school credit at the same time. Plus, I felt the dual courses I did take helped me a lot to prepare for college. I would also want to tell myself to not worry so much about what other people think. Adults always tells us that throughout our high school years, but it never really seems to sink in until we are in college and everyone becomes there own person. I think if I had listened more to that advice that i would have had a lot more confidence in high school, allowing me to have even more coonfidence now. We are all different, so we all need to find what works for us, no matter what others think.


Study, and study hard! You knew better and your folks told you that hard labor would detroy your body; regardless of the great money earned you will be passing further great opportunities to enrich your life. I had to do it my way! While learning the hard way. College has been a life altering decision that has opened my eyes and imagination. Furthermore, impressing myself and family alike, that working smarter not harder is a valid discovery. Formal education has become an intricate and complex detection. The advice I would have given myself would be as follows: 1. Take pride in your natural born abilities. 2. Listen to the authority that created you, and follow their academic advice. 3. Formal education needs to be expected and not an option. 4. Formal education will build self confidence and place peremptory examples upon the ones you love. Now I have listed advice upon myself, whats stopping you?


The advice I would give to myself would be to make every moment of my education count. "Be attentive, be focused and don’t let the small things in life distract you from your goals. Relationships are important, but they are not so important that you give up on the things you set out to do. Don’t let anyone take away your center no matter how much you think you want him or her to. Oh! And don’t forget to grab your favorite jacket out of Sarah’s cousin’s car. You’ll never find another one like it. Ever."


I know that you are set in your desicion to become a cosmotologist but you need to consider alternate routes your life may take. It is always a good idea to have a back up plan. Doing hair is a trade that requires constant practice otherwise you will loose your passion and have no other option. You may want to have childern and stay home for a few years to raise them, then going back to a salon may not be your best alternative. Going to school now is a lifetime easier than trying to start all over in 13 years. Not to mention that you have a few college credits that will expire in a few years. Please prepare yourself and your future family for what is to come. Good luck Kerry, please dont be lazy and foolish.


If I could tell my high school senior self before entering college it would only be one things. Be yourself, knowing who you are as a person and knowing what you believe is the thing that sets you apart from everyone else around you.


I would give myself the advice to manage my time efficiently and apply for as many scholarships as possible. I think that it is very important to not procrastinate on things in school and this is especially true at the college level. You need to make sure you plan your schedule accordingly and prioritize things so that you dont fall behind. I would also tell myself to apply for a lot of scholarships because it really isn't that hard to get your education paid for. It will keep you out of the debt you would incur from pulling loans, and also let you save your money for other important purchases. Sure some scholarship applications may be time consuming but the reward can be very beneficial and worth it.


At age 15, I discovered my professional goals. My interest in architecture and influence from my mother, turned into the desire for interior design. Recently, I have paid more attention to learn about interior design to gain knowledge of style as well as to be certain about choosing it as my career. A long time researching led to the desire to enroll in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division. Here, I can spend more time with my daughter, as well as, taking school on my own time, and gaining my degree and getting into the work environment faster. Along with the challenges of having a young daughter and getting my degree, I am faced with what happened five years ago. I suffered a traumatic brain injury. After twenty days in a coma, one year in rehabilitation, and four years healing, I have decided to take on this staircase. It was a long time to realize my dream, and it will be a long time to make it happen. This scholarship will give me an opportunity to further my education without having to worry about my family finances, and above all, a chance to take a step closer to success.


If I could take the opportunity to go back in time, the first thing I would tell myself about college is to be prepared to open up to new things. Instead of sticking to what I was comfortable with in high school, I should have branched out more and experienced more; such as campus clubs, activities, and overall involvement. Also, knowing what I do now about college life, I would have told myself that it is not like the movies. While opportunities are out there for me, it is my job to go out and seize them. I would also tell myself that there is more to look at when it comes to college than just the academics. While it is important, there are several other factors that lead to a happy college experience, such as the social aspect, along with the location of the campus. Every little detail counts when it comes to your overall happiness, and I would be sure to make that well-known to myself before picking a college.


Don't be afraid of your roommate - sure, it's not the perfect situation, but it'll all be okay. Don't worry about her messy habits or the fact that she's super rich. You'll learn quickly enough that it's okay to spend a night in your room reading and watching movies, rather than going out with everyone.


I would tell a person or people to get lots of help in college. I will remind them that college is hard. Make new friends and get to know your professors. Study hard, pass your quizzes and tests. If you have financial aid, then use it to pay off your tuition, fees, and your books. Make sure that you have grants or get a loan to help you out. Research about which colleges to go to. Most of all, be yourself and stay strong.


My paralegal program has been outstanding. Old illusions regarding the practice of law have been destroyed, with new ones unabashedly taking their place. I am learning substantive skills that attorneys fresh from law school do not have yet-- certain clerical procedures of the legal system, filing formats, and research skills. I am nearing completion of the required credits for that degree, but I will be trying to stay on with my school for at least a year longer. While inspiring and preparing me for the future, the paralegal program is insufficient as a transfer degree, functioning as a technical and not an academic degree. I feel that I will need stronger academic credits to transfer to a four year school. With any hope, I will be transferring from here into a prestigious undergraduate program that admits non-traditional students, provided they come with requisite stories of life experience and high grade point averages. I never dared dream of a college education back when my family was eating oatmeal for breakfast and dinner. Now, these kinds of possibilities crowd my mind every day. Education has brought me a light to follow and to help guide others through my world.


I have grown so much during my college experience. My experience has taught me tolerance, patience, humility, and strengthened my sense of humor. I have joined my college's student leadership program, and I am now the team leader for the Student Ambassador team. College has taught me that I am a very intellegent woman, and that I have a lot to offer others. My college has given me many opportunies to give back. I greatly appreciate what my college has done for me, and I stive everyday to make them proud.


Downtown ASU has been a great school to really kick-start my career and make professional connections. All my professors have actively been in the feilds that they teach and are enthusiatic about connecting their students to the real world. In addition, everyone is so community-minded and excited and focused on making positive change.


When it comes to college experiences and the end results, there are endless possibilities and conclusions. I for one have gotten a lot from attending college. It has taught me great time management skills and has also made me open my eyes to a different world I was not aware of when I was still in high school seven months ago. It has been valuable to attend because it has made me grown up and realize that the world is cold place to live in once you move out of you’re family’s house it has also taught me to appreciate what I have in life.


My college experience has offered me the opportunity to expand my perspectives, maturity, and independence on multiple levels. Living alone has given me the chance to have experience living alone and being responsible for all aspects of my life. The idea of being 'alone' has changed my perspectives and given me a chance to strengthen my maturity. I feel this maturity is imperative for all people at some point to develop and I am glad I have been so fortunate as to realize this early on in my college experience. The knowledge I have aquired, even just after my first semester, has been so valuable perhaps because the things I have learned have not been limited to only scholastic matters. College has provided me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people. I have met people with disabilities, people from foreign countries, as well as people much like myself from the Phoenix area. Out of my college experience, I have learned about people in general. I have been lucky thus far because my academic education has really contributed to my passion for my major (early childhood education).


I am currently a college freshman at Arizona State University and during this time, I am slowly discovering how great it is to take control of my future. It's more freedom than what I had in high school.In college you get to choose whatever you want, from classes to what color your shoelaces will be. We are slowly given the steering wheel to our dreams so that we can take charge of it and direct it to the path we want. There are a lot of challenging uphill climbs and obstacles on the way to the top, but our choices make us what we are and will be. College was just a dream to me and i didn't think that it will become a realty. I came a long way from where I am right now. It's hard to believe that 10 years ago I was just learning English and now I am in a college class excelling in that topic. I want to become a registered nurse and be the first to graduate college in the United States in my family.


Through the college experience I have learned how to become my own person. I went to a college that I didn't know anybody, so it forced me out of my comfort zone. Gradually I am learning more about myself and what type of person I am. At first the change was hard, but I started to realize I am a strong and independent person. I have what it takes to adapt to new situations and become successful. This experience has been valuable because it got me away from my hectic life living with an alcoholic father. I have been able to focus on school and get straight A’s. I have always wanted to be a Pediatrician and going to college and learning about myself has showed me that I have the power to make my dream come true. Arizona State has given me great opportunities already in my freshman year. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in my four years at college.


I have learned more about the world and real life. I've learned that things will not always be easy but if you persevere and put in the work, most likely, you will be alright.


College for me has been hard from the start, since none of my family member have gone to a university I really did not know what to expect. I had to research everything myself and sometimes I became frustrated, but I never gave up. When I got to Arizona State University, I discover a new me. Suddenly, I realize that from then on I was on my own and I had to take care of myself, which was a big responsibility. However, everyone at ASU helped me and taught me a lot. This experience has shown me how hard being an adult can be, but also it taught me that I’m not alone. Now, I know that the best choice I have ever done was to attend university and to follow my dreams.