Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


ASU is a school of overall friendly people who are at times quite stereotypical college students, and while the faculty can teach you many things, each staff member is different meaning that expectations often need to be adjusted.


Arizona State is the school of opportunity.


A busy, open campus full of numerous activites, clubs, and majors with opportunity, academic and job related, around every corner.


The ASU School of Social Work was knowledgeable, fun, and specific in the sense that there were no wasted courses taken.


ASU is an engaging and beautiful campus that gives its students hands on experience and well prepares them for the future.


Because it is the largest university in all of the United States, Arizona State University offers its students with an overwhelming amount of opportunites that will allow you to do whatever your heart desires, and you can do this all while living on a beautiful and warm campus.


I am in Barretts excellent Program


Arizona State University is great and versatile school, the campus is continously expanding, and majors are always being added, the academic programs and oppurtunities are endless and are ranked among the tops schools in the nation.


Arizona State University is a diverse group of people, comprised of students, faculty, and staff, who are dedicated to education and the betterment of education for others.


Known in the media for being a "party school", but many students are actually very focused on academics and being involved on campus in many different clubs and intramural sports.


Arizona State University is a fairly hip, accomodating university, affording the serious student a largely hassle-free experience, and offering the casual student room for expanding their interests into a wide variety of educational opportunities.


There is something at Arizona State University for everyone, it is not just about partying!


ASU is energetic, open, and inviting.


Diverse, when it comes to almost everything, classes, people, clubs, and events/activites.


a place where people come to try new things and have new experiences.


My school is filled with people who like to work and play hard.


Arizona State University is a very modern school filled with a wide variety of students from all of the world, in which any student can find their niche.


My school is awesome and so if the faculty!


Its a good academic and social balance


That one party school in the desert.


ASU is a very diverse, technologically advanced, large (menaing lots of students and the campus is pretty big too), afordable (compared to other schools I looked into) and fun with a Starbucks on every corner.


ASU was a very big, diverse, fun school that was very focused on academics and career goals.


ASU has helped me grow and has pushed me to excel in everything I do in school and in life; couldn't be happier.


Great university offering many programs with lots of enthusiastic students.


ASU has greatly enhanced my outlook on life and fueld my drive for education.


Arizona State University is a school where students learn from faculty who are dedicated to helping students do their best, is filled with a variety of students and surrounded by beautiful scenery everywhere you look.


Arizona State University is a school for everybody in that it provides each student with a wealth of opportunities if they are willing to take the time to look for them and the steps to try them.


Arizona State University is a diversified institution with dedicated staff and faculty.


ASU was a decent school to attend.


Arizona State University is a well renowned university, especially since ASU is in the top 100 universities in the world according to The Academic Ranking of World Universities, which was compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and above all, ASU is a vibrant and diverse university with high expectations and is recognized for excellence among many organizations worldwide.


Arizona State University is an innovative, modern, research university.


ASU is a great place to live and learn if you are organized, studious, and don't let partying get in your way.


Arizona state University is a college where if you really want an education it is easy to lose focus an completly fail.


Heavily populated, hot, and superficial.


A truly spirited community where one sees the mergence of many cultures due to the amount of worldy students that are recieved.


A large school with many different types of people.


Very large, active community.




Arizona State University is the largest school in the country, however it is diverse enough to allow everybody to find their specific major so that they can make a difference in the world.


ASU is a friendly gateway to a better future, if you know how to utilize its resources to their full potential.


Good place to get drunk and receive a degree without receiving an education.


Arizona State is a prestigous university.


Arizona State University is best defined as The New American University, recently considered one of America's Top Colleges, boasting a tradition of being a PAC-10 Conference power house, and a leading research institution streaching from the surface of Mars to becoming more sustainable in a chainging world.


My school is somewhat of a party school but also a school full of ideas and intelligence.


Arizona State University is a school that contains many resources and research opportunities that can help its students succeed.


ASU is very friendly, but so big it can be difficult to get the right information.


Arizona State is a open-minded, diverse, welcoming place to be that plays hard and works harder, and I would reccomend anyone to go there.


One way to describe my school would be that it is a foundation upon which is rich in academic progress and success with a friendly atmosphere.


ASU provides a place where you can literally try anything, be completely outgoing, or be interested in anything, and not be alone. It is also the bane of shy students simply by the magnitude of students. Once you find something you love, it will become one of the best experiences of your life.


ASU is fun, large, and upbeat.