Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Taylor Place: life in Taylor Place is pretty nice. You control the temperature of your room year round. There are two towers, the freshman tower(tower 1) and the upperclassman tower(tower 2). There are 13 floors to Taylor Place, although floor 13 is called floor 14. Tower 1 is a shared bedroom and bathroom between two people. In tower 2, you get your own bedroom, then share a living room and bathroom with one other person. The dorm is wired for wi-fi and has a hook up in all the rooms for television. The beds are all twin XL, and hard. I recommend getting a foam bed pad from Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, ect. They cost $10+ and are 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} worth the investment. You can wake up and walk to class in less than 10minutes if you live at Taylor Place. Elevator rides can be awkward at times though.


I don't live in the dorms, but I have friends who do. They are like small apartments with one bathroom and a concrete ceiling, at least in Hassayampa.


The dorms are really nice. I love living on campus because it is so convenient.


The dorms are a time I wouldn't trade for anything. Time and time again I hear from friends who opted out of that experience and regret it. I was immersed in a world of people I'd never met before. My roommate and I failed to click due to a condition she was diagnosed with long before ever becoming roommates. It was out of her control but it made it a bit rough. My floor was wonderful though. Our CA's name was Christina and I couldn't have asked for a better floor supervisor. She encouraged all of us to keep our doors open and to get to know each other. I can name each of the ladies that were on my floor by name even to this day. So many memories and so much growth came from living on campus in the residence halls. There were tears and frustrations but many more smiles and fits of giggles echo in my remembrances than unhappiness or anger. Sharing a bathroom containing 3 stalls and 4 showers with 29 other girls produced many horror stories of hair in the drain and clogged up showers, but I look back on those times now and laugh. It was a bonding experience. Also, the horrific tales make for excellent stories later on when swapping dormitory stories with your future friends. I was lucky in my dorm for if anyone needed anything you could literally knock on any and every door without feeling unwelcome. I connected with a handful of girls on the floor more so than the rest and ended up living in an apartment with one of them this year. I remain in contact with a good portion of the rest of ladies via Facebook. From study sessions, to parties, to adventures, to late night gossip, I would not trade those memories for any other of my college experience. I strongly encourage any and everyone to live on campus for their freshman year, don't kick yourselves later. Center neighborhood, Best A, second floor, I have nothing but tender thoughts for you.


I live in Hassayampa Academic Village. This dorm hosts a lot of students on the Tempe Campus. I was extremely impressed with the dorms when I first saw them. I can control my air conditioning,I can loft my bed allowing a lot of space andI also have a bathroom connecting me to my suite mates. All the bathrooms/sink area in the room are painted and it made the entry way seem more like home.