Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very fun-loving, intelligent students, nothing beats our school spirit when it comes to sports, education, and our late nights on the town.


From what I know, there is a lot of diversity on campus, there are clubs, athletic groups to join both at the college level as well as recreational. I feel like the only students who will not thrive well are those who are not willing to set outside their comfort level. It can be scary to reach out to people and make new friends, but at the same time, that is exactly why we are pursing college- to better ourselves and make a difference in the world both big and small.

James Matthew

My classmates are focused, exceptional, down to earth, wanting to think outside of the box and create something worthy students


My classmates were dedicated, willing to collaborate and motivated.


Coming from Philadelphia, I was more than pleasantly surprised at how nice and helpful people have been to me so far on campus. From leading me to my classes during the first week, to telling me where the best places to eat are, it seems as though the people are overall genuine- which is something I hadn't seen very often in high school.


it depends everyone is different, but there is lots of diversity.


ASU is university with diversity.


My classmates are diverse, highly intelligent, hilarious, motivated, passionate, kind, creative, engaged, and downright fun to study alongside.


My classmates are friendly, helpful students who have a passion for succeeding and making a difference in the lives of those around them.


Ive only stepped into ASU once this whole year and it was the best first steps. I met so many people that are now my future friends and I even hang out with some of them already. It has been an postive expirence to meet all these people they are all kind and really helpful. I know that these next four years will be the greatest yet with friends and classmates like them.


My ASU classmates are ambitious and laidback, but still searching to find themselves and their purpose in life.


They are generally friendly, helpfull and knowledgable.


My average classmate does not know who they are; they use alcohol to hide their inability to decide on a passion or career; they waste these precious, decisive years by following blindly what other people tell them to do; they will be worker bees who will make a decent living (but may never go the extra mile); they are like most other 18-21 year-olds and many of the people who will read this sentence.


Balanced and mature


My classmates are intelligent, helpful, and always coming up with new and creative ideas.


My classmates seem to enjoy being in class and make the most of our learning environment.


Curious, fresh minds like myself discovering a new method of school life and learning.


My classmates came from many diverse backgrounds, and ranged from exceptionally bright and dedicated persons to those who cared more for partying than for intellectual pursuits and study.


My peers’ intelligence can be quite intimidating, but I love the mental challenge!


Lacking movation and drive.


Outgoing and determined to succeed.


In most of my classes, my classmates are very intellectually driven and fun to spend time with outside of classes.


slackers. Dirty, dirty slackers.


The people I have met at ASU have all been open and friendly; especially the upper classmen who are willing to answer any questions I may have and have made the effort to make me feel welcome on campus.


ASU students are a phenomenal bunch.


My classmates are fun, talkative and really interactive.


I did not get a chance to meet other students yet, but I'm looking forward to our online discussions...


Everyone on the downtown campus knows everyone. Within a few weeks of living here, students make friends from all parts of the United States as well as the world. Most students on the campus come from California, Oregon, and Illinois. Of course there are also many from Arizona as well. ASU is filled with students from all backgrounds and very accepting of these backgrounds. It is my opinion, that no one will feel out of place here. There are comedy clubs, chess clubs, sororities, fraternities, and so many, many other organizations.


The students are pretty diverse in terms of race, LGBT, social status, and international. The art community is the best representation of the diversity available throughout the campus. Financial aide students are mixed with those students who pay for their education on their own, or through parents. For the most part, education is taken seriously amoungst students, so the classmates in the courses usually are good people to be around.


At Arizona State, you will encounter many diverse groups of students. Most are welcoming and friendly, that is, if you extend the same courtesy. If given the chance, join a study group because your classmates will normally want you to succeed too. This is important because your classmates can be the best encouragement when the to-do list gets long.


I think students at Arizona State University are very proactive! If a student believes in something strongly he or she will most definitely stand up for it. I do not believe any student would feel out of place at ASU. There are so many different types of people and groups here that I believe it is nearly impossible to not be able to fit in somewhere. Students from different groups are able to interact with each other which is super cool! If one group is putting on a philanthropy or asking for donations most groups will usually come out and support them in any way possible. I think students are politically aware here; there are so many political clubs students can join if they want to learn more or if they just want to get involved. I have never heard students discuss how much they'll earn one day but I am sure some students do talk about it.


Everyone has a place at ASU there is a group for everyone.


It's very hard to lump all 60,000 students into one category. I will just say that no matter who you are, it is not difficult to find your niche and people who you get along with.


There is a diverse group of students on campus. Some are more opinionated than others and enjoy speaking their mind. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at ASU because everyone is on their own path toward getting a degree. Students are from everywhere! It's not often that I hear about students talking about how much they'll earn one day.


This is an impossible question because so many different type of students could be found at Arizona State University. ASU is so diverse mostly due to its enormous size. It would be impossible for someone to not find a group they feel comfortable with. Ranging from Greek life to the numerous clubs ASU offers, based off your interests, if you put forth the effort, you can find where you fit. In class, students are casual and comfortable and it is a very laid back atmosphere. I found a wide array of student's financial backgrounds, but I also feel as if a lot of student's are well off here and have extra finances to enjoy extracurricular activities. Student's seem very motivated by money and want to excel to one day have a job that can support them in the future.


Since we are such a big campus there is a variety of students, of all races, religions, sexual orientation, etc. It doesn't seem like any student would feel out of place here with such a variety of students here.


Students at ASU come from all walks of life. You won't find just preppy rich kids, or super-intelligent people here. ASU can't possibly be described as having a student body of jut one, or a couple types. People here come from everywhere. With Michael Crow's vision of an "New American University" being implemented, ASU has increased in size over the year to being the largest public school in the country with a total enrollment around 75000. Our students come from every state in the union, and over 70+ countries. I've met students from all over South America, East and West Europe, Asia, and Oceania. As with all campuses there are respectful people, and not. Hateful, and caring. I'm a 2nd generation Cantonese Chinese-American (born and raised), Non-denominational Protestant Christian, from an upper-middle class area of Arizona. I've met people from every group, and people are accepting for the most part. People are also diverse. When I was in design the majority of our kids were international students. There were a lot of students from Indonesia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Japan. Spliced in there were kids like me, native-born Arizonians, along with people of Native American descent, Californians, Oregonians, East coast, and West coasters. Religion-wise, I met people who were Wiccans, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Buddhists, Bohai, etc. Some people even made their own religions. At ASU i think the prevalent financial background is middle class and upper-middle class. ASU as a whole mostly takes students from Arizona (it is one of our state institutions), but has a large growing population of out of state students, and international students (both exchange, and 4-yr students). The breakdown for me feels like 50/35/15. Students tend to get a long, and interact with people from every race and type. I think the most common case of "isolation" is that mostly foreign students from Asia and the UAE/Middle East tend to stay off on their own. Asian students are more accessible though because of the great interest in Asian language courses and organizations.


There are so many different types of people at Asu that it is hard to categorize them all. From what I have seen, there are just as many geeks and nerds as there are frat kids, equal amounts of liberals and conservatives. One group you don't see much of is the hippie type group. It's hard to know what backgrounds everyone comes from because they all pretty much look and act the same in a classroom setting. Overall, there doesn't seem to be much discrimination of different groups because everyone can find people similar to them here.


Since Arizona State University is a top school for a spectrum of areas, the student body is quite diverse. We have international students, native Arizonans, and students from all across the nation. I doubt there is a single person who is the sole being who hails from _______ (fill in the blank). Our campus is a big one for acceptance, I don't believe I've ever witnessed a single act of bullying in my two years of attendance. There is also almost always a club for whatever a student is in search of, and when there's not they take the initiative to create one. I've made friends from Germany, Spain, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, and the list goes on and on. Students generally wear the same things to class, regardless of origin. A pair jeans, a clean t-shirt, and a pair of shoes is generally what I come across. The weather here permits you to wear shorts and fewer layers for the bulk of the school year. However, even amidst all the various groups and faces, no culture is lost. There are sororities and fraternities which cater to certain religious or ethnic affiliations, as well as clubs and other student organizations. You should branch out and reach out but never lose sight of your own identity; of what you can bring to the table and to Arizona State University.


One of the best aspects of Arizona State University is that there is such a wide range of people to interact with and get to know. As a freshmen I have met so many different people of all different ethnicities, religions, and academic levels. It has bettered me as a person by opening my mind to multiple possibilities and it has also showed me to accept all individuals no matter who they are or where they come from.


They are highly focus, goal oriented, dress nice, and work hard.


I was pleasantly surprised with the academics at ASU! My classes vary in size from small classrooms to large lecture halls. In the small classrooms the teachers get to know me very well and show a genuine interest in my success. What surprised me was that when I introduced myself to my lecture professors, they remembered me as well! All of my professors are very engaging and keep class interesting while teaching the important points of the curriculum. They encourage each student to try their best and give their students tools to succeed on every exam and assignment. I know this personally because I have listen intently to my professors and have followed the guidelines they have layed out for me, and have earned a 4.0 so far in my college career! I major in business communication with a minor in psychology and have taken classes that range from sociology to computer info technology. The most unique class I have taken has probably been sociology with Dr. Fey. He has a very unique way of teaching that kept me interested and allowed me to internalize the material much better than I would have in any other setting. I ended up with an A+ in that class and a mind full of fascinating information I use on a daily basis! I usually make a point to attend the professors office hours, because they can give you more personal attention and help you with any material you are struggling with. They are also very fun to talk to and you can learn many things about life itself from them. ASU's academic requirements are very reasonable and allow students to get into the school and grow in a university setting. The education at this school is definitely geared toward growing as an individual and starting a career that you are best suited in. I am in the W. P. Carey business school and they work hard to give the students as many opportunities as possible to achieve all their goals and get a successful career going right out of college. I know that academically speaking, I have made a good decision being a part of W.P. Carey and ASU in general.


Everyone on the downtown campus knows everyone. Within a few weeks of living here, students make friends from all parts of the United States as well as the world. Most students on the campus come from California, Oregon, and Illinois. Of course there are also many from Arizona as well. ASU is filled with students from all backgrounds and very accepting of these backgrounds. It is my opinion, that no one will feel out of place here. There are comedy clubs, chess clubs, sororities, fraternities, and so many, many other organizations.


The students at Arizona State University are of all age ranges and races. The university is very accepting of everyone's individual needs and I have had nothing but good experiences. Most of the students are from California and the west coast regions of the United States. However, there are a large number of students from the Midwest who venture out here. I am from Wisconsin, but I have had no problem making friends and finding my niche at Arizona. The smaller classes, usually English or elective type courses, provide a great opportunity to interact with other students through discussion and debate. Arizona State University is a very friendly environment for all types of students.


This school is so big that you can find a bit of any social group. There are both right-wing and left-wing students, gay and straight, rich and first generational, and members of all ethnicities. Largely mirrors the general population, except there is a under-representative Black population. Anyone can find their place here. From personal experience, the types of kids you find in the Honors College largely differ from the kids in other residential halls.


There are all different types of students here at ASU. Since there are so many students attending, the school naturally holds a lot of different types of people. I do not think ASU is as racially inclined as other schools, but we still do have a variety of students. We have religious clubs and there is cultural Greek Life offered. Students at ASU are typically attractive and carry themselves well. Most people don't wear sweatpants to class unless it is in a the morning, people typically get ready every day. If you were to walk into the dining hall and examine the tables you would see people affiliated with greek life, students that have known each other from home, Honors students and kids that live in the same hall. A lot of the students at ASU are from Arizona but there are also a lot from out of state, that's one of the great things about the large student body. Most students at ASU seem to be middle to upper class and have a good head on their shoulders.


You'll see and meet all kinds of people at ASU. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at all.


I don't think that any student would feel out of place here. With 60,000+ people, there is a place for everyone and that is one of the best parts about ASU. There is also a large number of out of state students which helps other kids from out of state find connections immediately. It's hard to pinpoint a single place, but most of the students are probably from Arizona or California. Also with financial situations, there is every level you could imagine so there is no predominate amount of any financial level.


Arizona State University is a very diverse college that has people from all parts of the world going to school here. Every day I encounter different types of races, religions, ect. The people that would feel out of place here are the ones that are not very outgoing and wouldn't be able to go out of there way to meet people. Its hard with 72,000 kids going to the Tempe campus alone to not get swallowed up in everything if you don't have the ability to go meet people. Most of the students here are from either California or Arizona, with everyone else scattered around the US and the world.


As far as dealing with students of different gender, race, ethnicity, ASU does a good job as being diversified and helps all students get along. However there does seem to be a lot less color like african americans so some one of that nature might feel out of place. Most of the students are white and come from the east coast or arizona. I also find that many of the students seem to be finacially secure. I also hear many speaking about how they will be so rich when they are older. I would say prodominately white males attend my school and they come from financially safe backgrounds.