Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My favorite school tradition is going to the football gamer versus University State University because we all come together versus our enemy and cheer proudly for our school.


Arizona State University is best known as one of the nation's best universities for undergraduates and online students. Arizona States greatest strength is it's faculty and all of the amazing oppurtunities that are offered to their students. ASU tailors to a students needs whether it be a challenging honors program or slow, steady learning and active faculty engagement with all students.


My school is best known for the parties that it throws. Yet upon me actually attending the university and living in the dorms on campus, I've learned that there's way more offered here than just parties. Arizona State Universtiy is trying extremely hard to change people's opinions of the school, and I appreciate the attempt for change.


Not sure


ASU was until recently known as a party school. Though it is no longer at the top of the list, students should be wary that partying still exists on campus- so make sure you get in with the right crowd, or your GPA could fall faster than you thought possible.


Football, engineering, business, journalism


school spirit


Partying. Large student population.


Their school spirit. all of the school participates in charities and events that could bring joy to anyone! Every year freshmen and other classmates alike climb to the top of the mountain near the Tempe campus and repaint the giant ASU "A". I've never seen such school spirit anywhere else and i know I never will


Arizona State University is best known for it's urban and central feel that extends from the very trendy and upbeat shops and stores on Mill Avenue through the rest of the school. The school is also known to be a fun and upbet school (some might say a "party school") because of the many events, fraternaties, and sororities on campus.




ASU used to be known as a big drinking school, but in the last several years President Crow has worked hard to make ASU known as one of the top 100 schools to attend in the world. We are particularly known for our Business and Journalism programs but we are also taking huge leaps in research and sciences.


business program partying


The school is best known for it's school of business and engineering.


My school is best known for their honors college and business school , W.P. Carey ranked 24th in the latest ranking of US News and World Report for the leading undergraduate programs in the nation. It’s the ninth time in 10 years the W. P. Carey School ranks in the top 30 on this prestigious list.


Arizona State Universty is best known for in my eyes the wonderful sence of community you get when you first get there. I have never known so many wonderful people who treat you like family and do everything they can to help you.


My school is best known for its research facilities, attention to logic, and massive campus size. It is also known to be the most affordable scholastic environment, especially when comparing cost of education to quality on return.


My school is best known for its partiers and large campuses in Arizona.


Unfortunately, Arizona State is best known for partying. However, that is slowly but surely changing. Under President Michael Crow the university has become a hub for research and exploded in size. The idea of a New American University, one where all who have the ability are welcome, is becoming the new hallmark of ASU.


We have a landmark named "A Mountain" on our campus, right next to our football stadium. During rivalry week, it is our job to protect the giant A on the mountain from getting painted our rivals colors.


The candle lighting at "A" mountain is my favorite campus tradition.


The ASU Undie Run! You go and donate the clothes your wearing(minus your undies) to local shelters. Then you go for a run in your undies!


Partying, football, and good academic programs.


Arizona State University has an excellent business program and thriving social community. Students can choose from four different campuses in which different majors have more emphasis. The advising staff is very efficient and lovely to work with. Numerous activities are held for students throughout the year free of charge, such as concerts. Academically, it is a diverse school with excellent professors.


Asu is a fun school with an extreme social life.


Arizona State University is best known for it's Business programs and Research. It has been making many different discoveries and producing students with a broad education.


Arizona State University is probably best known for being the largest public university in the nation.


Big beautiful campus, wide range of majors, buisness school, entrepreneurship, a lot of clubs. My school is best known fro being very big and using that to their advantage.


I believe the IRA Fulton School of Engineering is one of the best state school engineering programs in the US and I've read their business school is also very good.


It's probably best known as a party school, but that's only because it's so big. It should be know for its research, especially in the biological fields. It has strong engineering, business, architecture, and music programs.


ASU UofA rivalry


We are best known for binge drinking and STDs.


ASU is best known for being a party school. For the most part, ASU is actually a very good school, in the top ten for America, and offers a really great curriculum, despite its' reputation.


Probably for being a party school.


My school is best known for its sports, academic successes, and the overrall atmosphere.


Partying, football, Nobel Laureate Steven Prescott


My school is best known for its school spirit and the diversity it has. Many people are proud they go to ASU as well as the Alumni who are proud to be a former Sun Devil. Also, there are many different people who go to ASU. Not only is there a great diversity between races and religion, but also beliefs, hobbies, and something as simple as style. ASU has a club or activity for every diverse person that is currently enrolled there as well as future students.




Known for being a party school.


I believe that my school is well known for its rise from being a party school to a well distinguished and purely academic. School is fun and the teachers are extremely knowledgeable.


Sadly, Arizona State is most known for its socializing. I have found, though, that this University is large and does much research.


My school is best known for the difference it tries to make in World. We live in a time where there will be many problems to arise for the next generation: Overpopulation, the baby-boomers strain on our healthcare system, poverty, pollution, protecting wildlife, disease, deforestation and endlessly more problems. ASU is a very heavy research university that is setting the path overcoming life's future problems. I am proud to be a part of a university that is so focused on the future.


honestly, ASU in the past has been known as a party school, but now is one of the top 5 buisness schools, one of the most prestigous honors colleges in the country, and a top 10 journalism school.


My school is best known for its Jounalism, business, and design schools. Those schools are very competitive and difficult to be accepted in to the programs.


Arizona State University is best known for our business program and the WP Carey School of business. I've been lucky enough to take one of those classes with my favorite teacher who teaches other classes within the business program.


My school in the past few years has been known as a party school. Since I am atttending the institution I believe the reason why ASU is known as a party school is the student body made that image of the school. ASU will seem like a party school if you want to party but if you want to get the best out of your education there are many ways to get the most out of it. There are many great opportunites here at ASU by doing undergraduate research and getting paid for doing the research.


I'd say that are school is best known for are athletic program as well as are business and space program.


While ASU has always had the reputation of being a major party school, "the party in the desert", it is also becoming better known as the New American University, a new name and plan desgined by President Michael Crowe for the school. He's focused on cracking down on the partying, and has steadily raised ASU's reputation and successfully gotten the business school recognized as one of the top 25 in the country. ASU is a majorly fun school, but you can also get a vaulable education and meet amazing people, two things that will completely change your life.


Warm winters, hot summers, relaxed but serious students. Lots to do about town - entertainment options, sports events, professional teams, lakes, rivers, mountains. Close to Las Vegas, California beaches, and amusement parks.


My school is best known for its diversity among students, as well as its many resources for student success (such as four different campuses throughout Arizona and plenty of online and evening classes). Student social life is also very huge here, as there are many on-campus clubs and activities, as well as the popular Mill Avenue, which has lots of restaurants, bars, and shops targeted at ASU's students.