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Overall, ASU is the best school in Arizona with the best criminal justice program of all three major universities. Also, out of most schools, ASU does have multiple campuses in very central locations with a good shuttle program.


ASU is the most diverse university I was looking at, the teachers here have connections to voluteer serves, internships and jobs are always willing to help. The students here are so enthusiastic and excited to be Sun Devils. The multiple campuses allow you to get all types of experiences while being at one school.


The school is community based. Everyone supports the school that lives near it. The school has a reputation unlike any other school. The reputation is spread throughout the entire United States. The school is innovative and expanding into new areas. The school is evolving to fit the need of the growing population, community, and careers.


Arizona State University is unique in that it offers an ABET accredited, completely online undergraduate program in electrical engineering, leaving it as my only option for continuing my college education in that field while serving on active duty in the Navy. However I have found that the school's website is very informative, and easy to navigate; and there are more than enough resources - online and otherwise - available to me as a student that I feel I can succeed in my education in this non-traditional format.


The faculty and staff seem to really care about the wellbeing of students.


It had the largest student popualtion in the country. The campus was vibrant and diverse and beckoned for me to attend. I was ready to leave the valley after I graduated high school, but something about the univeristy made me feel like I had found a new home. One where I could tolerate the Arizona heat in exchange for this magnificant college experience.


the location and weather, even thought it's a big school it can be very intimate at times


Arizona State University has an exceedingly large and diverse student body and many interdisciplinary programs. My understanding is that ASU awards more undergraduate degrees per year than any other school in the U.S. except the University of Phoenix . Because the university attracts so many different kinds of students, I believe that, compared to other state universities, one's experience at ASU is what one makes of it. One could study hard and gain a good education or completely devote themselves to campus social life.


Out of the schools that accepted me, this one was the closest to home. It's far enough that I don't have to see my family if I don't want to, but close enough for me to go home in the event that I do want to see them.


What I really enjoyed at ASU is the vareity in almost every aspect of learning. I attended the Honors College which gave me the small and close knit community and class sizes, while the larger univeristy offered expanded opportunities. There is never a dull moment and the surrounding area is ideal for a college town. ASU is a well renowned school now and it still admits most of the students who apply. That means everyone has the chance to attend a great university with great standing in the world.


It is the closest school to my parents.


ASU offered me a great scholarship that other schools did not match, that is why I chose to go to school at ASU.


My school is like a melting pot. There are people with different backgrounds and from different countries. Every person has a different story and is unique in their own way. There is so much to offer at my school and many different things you can get involved in. They have clubs with all types of people and they all are different and bring something new to the table. I dont think many people can say they go to a school like that.


Our school is very large and diverse and well welcoming. Easy to get along , make friends yet serious enough to earn great jobs.


I am used to small schools with very low teacher/student ratios and when I came to ASU the class sizes are very large but the neat thing about ASU, as long as you participate and introduce yourself to the professors, they do an amazing job to make sure they remember who you are, even when they have over 1000 students.


The weather here is never very cold, but blistering hot during much of the fall session. I was already living here in Phoenix, AZ as I started back to school. I began at a local Maricopa Community College and they have a automatic acceptance into Arizona State University if you have attended the Maricopa Community colleges. ASU is a public school with a world reputation. It is not cheap, but one of the least expensive public universities. paying out of state tuition was not an option for me.

Myref Ann

I attend the Herberger Institute of Art and Design. The most unique thing about our school is the competitiveness of the programs. They only accept 30 students per year, and once you are in the program... you take the same classes with them through graduation. The sense of comraderie is strong within each studio.


Easy to get in, hard to get out.


Arizona State University has created a new vision called The New American University which increases access to its educational resources and works with communities to positively impact social and economic development. ASU provides free tutoring sessions as well as an abundence of honor programs such as W.P. Carey School of Business and The Barrett Honors College.


ASU is what you make of it. For serious scholars, join the Barrett Honors College, which has the feel of an Ivy league school all locked away (literally, non-honors students cannot get key-cards to enter the complex) from the rest of campus. But to satisfy your extracurricular needs, you can venture to the rest of the campus to find anything you could possibly imagine.


Something that makes Arizona State University unique is the light rail. The light rail is public transportation that connects the Tempe campus with the Phoenix campus. This allows students to take classes at each of the campuses and experience two completely different cities while doing so. Not only is the light rail a benefit to those who ride it, but also to the environment.


Compared to the other two schools that I considered (Cal Poly SLO and University of Nevada Reno [UNR]), I was offered the most financial aid from Arizona State University ($8,000 per year). I am originally from Las Vegas, NV and when I was weighing my options for college in the early part of last year, I noticed that ASU offers a very considerable amount of financial aid to incoming freshman regardless of residency (in-state or out). To me, this is what makes ASU unique because the other two colleges I considered (including in-state UNR) offered less money.


The unique thing in my college is that you can customize your major and take as many minors and classes as you wish. I like that freedom of choice.


ASU is only 30 minutes from where I live and offers far more benefits than the other schools I applied to. Their engineering program is super and the on-campus accomidations are fantastic, even better than I expected when I first checked it out. There are so many different clubs and interships available to engineers, as well as doing independent study projects with teachers. I've gotten to know a few professors and look forward to meeting even more next semester when I get to explore more of the education opportunities on campus.


The most unique aspect found at ASU would be the numerous opportunities offered to each and every student on campus. Whether doing research on biology cells or taking on an internship with the help of the business school, there is something for everyone. When I first arrived on campus I was afraid that there would be no opportunities to travel abroad and practice medicine/nursing in other countries, but I was wrong. ASU has an abundance of counselors to help guide you out into the real world.


At ASU you will ever find a world full of opportunities; and the opportunities are endless . The stuff is always willing to help you out in any situation even if your grade is upon the edge of a knife, there is someone always willing to encourage you!


It was close to home so i considered it.


ASU is in a nice town in the desert southwest. There is much to do and muxh to see in Arizona. The institution itself is highly concentrated on research. The campus is huge.


The ethnic backgrounds of all the students. It is a wonderful melting pot of religions, races, and ages.


One unique thing about ASU is the number of people who go to school here. There are so many people here, but at the same time there are a lot of oppertunities for small classes. The professors are all very open to undergrads here, and even though there may be 200-300 students in a class, if you try and get to know your professor they will generally be willing to help you and get to know you. The same is true with the advisors here. You get the amenities associated with a big campus, without giving up others.


A very urban school with a diverse student population and good opportunities for undergrad research. Fun teachers and interesting students make for an interesting college experience.


There is so much to do at ASU. There are clubs for just about everything and there is always something going on. You will never be bored here.


There are no hobo's on our campus! ASU Tempe Campus is so clean, and we have Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, which i am admitted into


It is a very large university with a vast campus. There are many under grad programs to choose from and many great schools such as the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering and W.P. Carey School of Buisness.


The thing that pushed me to go to Arizona State University among all of the other choices of schools was the financial assistance I was able to get, which allowed me to attend at a university level. I am grateful that this school is so willing to help student who are not able to afford college without financial help.


Whats Unique about my school is that their are special programs for the Applied Psychology classes which also include a seperate campus just for our students.


ASU is unique because it has so many, many students, and it is so large, like its own city. Also, it is relatively cheap/affordable compared to the other schools I considered (which were all in California).


There is a large community alumni around the area that I am front.


I?m actually a transfer student, and what makes ASU different from my last school is that it helped me see diversity in a new light. ASU is a very big school and there are many different people you run into. The other schools I considered it seemed to me that all the students looked like carbon copies of one another. If you weren?t a sorority girl or a pothead, you didn?t fit it. But at ASU, I saw that diversity was embraced and everyone was accepted in one way or another.


ASU offer a welcoming learning atmosphere where friends can come together to learn.


I haven?t been to many schools, but if I had to compare to other schools. The campus is very big and every day on it is like a different experience. There are new people to meet everyday and almost feels like you would never get a chance to meet everyone.


The school is absolutely beautiful and the amazing weather permits you to be outside and be active as often as you want. The W.P Carey School of Business was full of incredibly intelligent and talented teachers who strived to make their classrooms and your classroom experiences as fufilling as they could. Education was a priority in the business school, but educators also made sure that you felt as though you were safe at your home away from home, safe and welcomed and cared for. Even though the school is so massive, they cared about each individual equally.


What is unique about Arizona State University compared to other schools I considered is the enthusiasm from the students to learn and all of the resources available with no charge for students.


The liberal arts program through the online university allows a student to pursue a multi-disciplinary program of study instead of the conventional predefined program inclusive of general studies that tends to bore most incoming students. The program gives the student the opportunity to pursue a variety courses that interest him or her leading to the student being more focused on the program and completion of the degree. I have been in the workforce for almost 15 years and the varying courses have provided exceptional knowledge for the work I perform.


Arizona State University is very close to home, which is really the sole reason I chose it. Because of my visual conditions, I can't obtain a driver's license. However, I have utilized the public transit system, so I have no trouble going to and from the campus. The other major universities in Arizona (the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University) are too far away. I also chose ASU because there is plenty to do, unlike the community college I had attended before (Central Arizona College).


Arizona State University is the most unique school because of its extremely significant size. Attending the largest university in the United States provides benefits of a recognizable name, many scholarships, a strong emphasis on education, dedicated faculty, vast involvement opportunities, and a commitment to research.


ASU is like a small city in its self. It has its own streets and you can get around the campus by walking, bike or take a bus. The city where it is located is bicycle friendly and has a great bus system and light rail transportation to get around. There are many majors to choose from as well as many different campus. The advisors are friendly and helpful in guiding you in the right direction or keep you on track. On the website you can get your notes to email your teacher and contact your advior.


ASU is a very large school. Class sizes are very large, but so is the list of possible majors. Go to ASU, just be ready to transition to a college that is its own city. Sporting events are very enthusiastic, and the overall campus spirit is fantastic


If ASU isn't the largest school in the country, it is definitely in the top five. Considering that there are thousands of schools, that is about as unique as you can get.


Arizona Statse University has hundrend of clubs, groups, and organizations so even though it is a very large campus, anyone can fit in somewhere.