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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


ASU has a reputation as a party school. Some students are hardcore party people and others are very dedicated to their studies. I feel most students downtown are more focused on school.


ASU has a reputation as a party school. Some students are hardcore party people and others are very dedicated to their studies. I feel most students downtown are more focused on school.


These stereotypes are not true anymore! Back in the day, ASU was notorious for its party atmosphere, but things have really changed. They've shaped up their academic programs a LOT. There's so many new programs and ideas coming to life all the time. Innovation is a new theme here. The students are much more driven to suceed than to drink beer. Yes, there still is a lot of partying going on, but not everyone gets involved like they used to.




Only in Freshman year, I woud say. After that most students stop living in the dorms and as you get into higher level classes the "bimbos" are surprisingly no longer present. ASU is so big, you can find anyone with your interests.


True about most undergratuate white kids


to an extent, but I don't think it's any more true than at other universities. I have a blast at ASU, but I also feel like I'm getting an excellent education


no. I think we part just as much or little as other university students. I also thought my classes were extremely challenging and prepared me for the "real world".


Maybe...but who am I to judge?


a little


These stereotypes are accurated in someways but inaccurate in others. The fact of the matter is that any college you go to there are going to be parties, at ASU there's sometimes parties every night of the week, most of them hosted by the fraternities or sororities. But who's to say that we're not going to school at the same time? ASU has over 63,000 students and I think its safe to say that most of us are there for an education, but at the same time we enjoy being able to relax and have fun from time to time. As for the "Barbie and Ken go to college" stereotype, yes there are a lot of good looking people who attend ASU but that doesn't mean that they don't have brains. You can't get into college based on looks alone.


I can't say it isn't true.


To a certain degree, yes. I personally haven't experienced any crazy partying but it's most definitely encouraged. But that doesn't stop people from going to class and getting things done like they should. And yes there are definitely a lot of fake white girls here and the black people are pretty scarse, but if you go to the right functions, you'll have plenty to interact with :)


Yes. Most people can say so.


There are a lot of sorority sluts and frat gym monkeys, but there are plenty of other students. I do feel ASU just cares about money and publicity.


I don't think ASU is any more of a party school than other colleges. Yeah, there are a ton of parties, but there are parties at every college. If you're into that scene, you'll definitely find what you're looking for, but there are so many other ways you can spend your time if that's not your thing. There are so many different kinds of people, that you're bound to find others with similar interests, whether that be partying or other activities.


Every school in the nation has parties but I think ASU ends up taking the rep of being a major party school. However there are alot of other schools, beside ASU, that party alot more than ASU. Even some of the local community colleges party harder than ASU. So there are a couple of parties but I don't consider ASU to be a major party school.


To some degree


Any school could be a party school, it just depends what you involve yourself in.


no, we have one of the best comm programs in the country


It's fairly justifiable that it's a party school, but that's because there's so many student which also explains why it's an easy school to get into. However it is also very succesful academically and depending on your major it can be very hard. I was a bioengineer and the degree required an insane dedication with ridiculous hours in order to finally finish, especially the final design class. I enjoy the party school atmosphere as it helped me escape when I needed to from my academics.


Somewhat. There are a lot of smart people on the west side of campus. So even though we joke about it I wouldn't say they're less intelligent. They just have a different skill set. We are still a party school with a lot of clubs around and drinking. House parties are all but gone due to fairly recent laws. We do have the best looking girls. Just go to the west side of campus. I would even go so far as to say that the east side of campus has some of the best looking engineering girls, called "engineering pretty." Of course the best looking engineering girls are in the softer engineering sciences, Computer Science, Biology, and Industrial Engineering, even some in Chemical Engineering.




In general, yes. Unfortunately. This seems to be a result of the lack of minimum requirements for admission. No SAT? No problem! All you have to have is some form of high school diploma and money to pay tuition.


somewhat yes, I had this girl at my high school that barely graduated but then got into ASU.


Yes, the stereotype of ASU being a big party school is accurate, but there are many people who are just there to learn too.


No, ASU is a very open and friendly school.


It is a big party school but there are plenty of people that never do, and there are also a lot of people that take their studies very seriously


For about 50%-75% of the school.


While ASU does have it's share of partying, there is a lot of serious students here. Most of the classes aren't easy and most drop out of ASU their freshman year because they think that they don't have to study.


ASU is known for being a party school, but it also is the second largest university in the U.S so it is bound to have many college students who enjoy partying, (but what college doesn't?) As for anyone getting in, I do not know much about that, but if it is true, that is what makes Arizona State such a diverse and unique university. Depending upon your major and the classes you take determines the difficulty of the class (as is the same for most other colleges/universities). The sciences tend to be more difficult and prestigious at ASU because the school really prides itself in these areas. (


depends on where you are and who you talk to! if you're on north campus, you're at a party school for sure. but if you're in center complex, where the honors kids roam, you're at freakin harvard. i mean, with 60,000-ish students, it's hard to generalize about the student population as a whole. a lot of people are from arizona too, but there are also a lot of internationals and people from random states like washington and colorado and illinois. and lots of californians.


For a select number of the campus population yes, but a majority of the people that I have met and become acquainted with so far have proven genuinely friendly, intelligent, and easy going. Those who want to party will party, and those who want to learn will study. And of course many do both.


The academics at ASU are as challenging as you make them. If you want academic rigor, you can choose a really challenging major or a less challenging one. Also, if you want, you can research your professors and classes beforehand and find fun classes in which you are interested. A good way to make college hard at ASU, or anywhere, is to not go to class. While the heat in AZ does cause people to dress lighter year round, if indecently clad girls is what you want to see, you have a better chance of seeing what your looking for at the beach or on the internet and probably shouldn't waste your time with college. Also, not even a majority of people, much less everyone at ASU parties and drinks. If you want to do that, you can by all means find places to do that easily but if your not into partying or drinking choose friends wisely and you won't have to worry about being pushed into it.


for some people they are and for some they are not. ASU is a party school only if you make it one


all stereotypes are based on some truth, but a lot of students take their work seriously. asu students know how to work hard and play hard


ASU is so large that no matter what you're looking for, you're are going to find it. There are definitely a lot of undergrads that are more interested in partying than going to class. But these students rarely last more than two years; by then they either drop out or grow out of it. It's college, everyone wants to have fun, but after awhile you realize that you have to prioritze. it's really that simple.


There is a pretty big party scene at ASU but the stereotype is not as pervasive as people think. It is pretty easy to avoid the party scene and people if you want.


I won't lie, ASU is a party school. There is always something to do or somewhere to go if one is looking to have some fun. However, nearly every college in America is the same way. Arizonat State University is just magnified because we do have such a large student body. In no way does this characterization negatively impact my opinion of the University. If anything, it only increases the draw to come to a school of the caliber of Arizona State University. I still think about the great times I had during college, and am jealous of everyone that is attending ASU right now. If you handle your business in the classroom, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to enjoy the other half of the package. As far as the notions that ASU is a paper mill, I would highly disagree. Any school you attend will not be easy for most to graduate. You have to have some self-discipline and at the least show up to class as much as possible. I cherish the knowledge I gained from each and every class I took during my years in college. I carried that knowledge and the amazing experiences I had both academically and socially, into law school, and it has no doubt helped me succeed to this day. The Honors college at ASU was recently named the #1 honors program in the country. ASU also had the most first year Merit Scholars in the country. That says something about the quality of education offered at Arizona State University.


no. the school is no longer a party school as drastic measures have been taken to change that stereotype and the population here is so diverse from class, culture, race, sexual orientation, sex, etc so much so, that rich white kids seem to be the minority.


to some degree


I think that every college is a "party school" if you want it to be. If you want to find a party- you can, but if you want to go hang out and do other things with friends- you can. I think that ASU students are pretty dumb sometimes- you hear that they let everyone in who applies because they want $$$ and in some classes I have had a difficult time understand why these people are in a big university such as ASU.


There are 65,000 students at ASU - no stereotype is going to accurately reflect the whole student body. Whoever you are, you can find others at ASU who fit your style.


ASU has such a large student population that obviously there are a fair number of these people and ever-present industries that cater to them. However, it also offers a huge number of interesting, small classes taught by the leaders in the academic fields, populated by unique and vocal students. There are lots of opportunities for internships and the administration is really trying to improve the worth of an ASU degree and interact with the community to an unprecedented degree for an academic institution. The "party" stereotype, in my experience, translated into everyone being a little bit more laid back, like meetings with your professors taking place at happy hour of the local bar.


Our student population is one of the largest in the country, therefore I am sure that those things are amplified to an extent, and may be somewhat true, but no more than any other large college campus.