Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My father and my two brothers are both graduates of Arizona State University, and I hope to be as well. I am thankful that ASU has an online program for working adults like myself.


This school is not the expensive for the great education it has


When I brag about my school, I tell my friends about Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State. On top the amazing dorms, beautiful (and warm) campus, and the unusually great dining hall food, Barrett offers a lot of opportunities to students that college kids don't usually get. We get to be in a tight-knit community within a large school, have smaller class sizes, and interact one on one with professors.


ASU is extremely progressive in the realm of innovation. As an adult student working in the technology field while attending school full time, I'm at the forefront of what's expected in today's high tech corporate environment. My courses at ASU all focus on the latest innovative concepts such as Agile methodologies, startup entrepreneurship, and my degree program even dedicates the last year of my studies to incubating my own startup. I haven't found any other university with such unparalleled programs and resources.


That ASU has the best student activites. There is something fun going on every night to meet other people and have a great college experience. ASU does a wonderful job at keeping all the students connected.


The varied community and the honors program.


Mostly about living on my own in the newly renovated dorms in Manzanita Hall. The Hall looks amazing, brand new state of the art equipment. I do not have to live in the crappier, shady looking halls, which makes me extremel happy and excited! Also, ASU has a flexible pre-med programs, which is great and allows me to explore my options.


I brag most about the Elementary Education's full year of student teaching. This program is great, and really allows for an awesome experience, that you can get at no other school in the country. The full year of student teaching is wonderful, but is also tough work, since it allows for no time to have an outside job, money is tight, and you really need to be dedicated in order to make the most of the full year experience.


I brag most about Barrett, the Honor's College which is a small school within the most populous university in the nation. This school within a school feel gives me the advantages of a small school - personal relationships with my professors, smaller class sizes... but, it also gives me all of the resources and money that the population generates. What's even better, is that the regular, party-life students do not use these resources. Tutoring centers, cancer curing research labs, resume builders, and career fairs; I can just slip right in.


I received a scholarship for my Undergraduate Civil Engineering degree that left me with a "free" education; I'll graduate with no loans or debt!


I tell them I go to ASU, which has the biggest student body and I am in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which is the biggest of all the colleges there.


The weather


great weather


how well i score on exams




I am taking the online program, and I constantly brag about the flexibility and the convenience that this school offers. They allow you to take classes on your time, the teachers that teach online are the same ones that teach in-classroom, and the material that we learn is the same as well. The best part of the school is that there is no indication on the diploma that the school is online rather than on campus. This is great, because potential employers won't be able to discriminate me based on how I earned my diploma!


I brag about the weather mostly, because it was nice to live in a place that was warm for most of the year.


That the parties are always crazy and I have a pool on the fourth story of my appatment overlooking the city.


Arizona State University has beautiful weather and great campus life. There are numerous on-campus activities for students to become involved with. This encourages new friendships and enables a large university to feel smaler and more welcoming.


What I usually brag about my school is that Arizona State University is basically a small city. There is a large amount of people of all different backgrounds. At Arizona State University you get to study along side students that came from across the world, making it a desirable school. Arizona State also offers many different programs to help you excell in your education so there is no way that a student can do bad in any class, unless they don't have the determination. Arizona State helps you excell.


I brag about how prestigious the business school is. In fact, the business school, W.P. Carey, is ranked as one of the top schools in the nation. It is above one of the best schools in the nation, such as University of California, Berkeley. The school teaches you the various aspects of business and prepares you very well for a career in the business world. You are greatly challenged in any major you choose that is related to the W.P. Carey school of business at ASU.


I normally don't brag that much about my school. Most of my friends know it as a party school. I do highly brag about the school of life sciences within the ASU campus, and their research endeavors.


I mostly brag to them about how easy and accessible ASU is, not to mention that our team spirit as well as athletics are at a high. Plus Tempe, AZ is a great location to be in and has a variety of activities going on around it.


it is locet in a place where it is really hot 4 months out of the year and has almost perfect weather the other 8 months.


Arizona State University has many environmentally friendly programs.


I mostly brag about all of the student resources that there are on campus. This includes everything from highly functional libraries with computer stations all the way to gyms accessible by the students. The campus is almost like a little town on its own that provides everything a student could possibly need.


I brag about the fun atmosphere! ASU has a lot of diverse, fun people who I enjoy getting to know.


I brag about how amazing the business program is and how much I love it.


I usually brag about te campus, the student body, the athletic teams, the classes, the dorms, what there is to do around the campus, and the overall campus life.


I brag to my friends about the amazing campus with great weather and thousands of diverse students. I brag about the large amount of opportunities the school offers its students such as the gym, clubs, concerts, volunteer activities, intramural sports and so on. There's always something going on on campus to get involved in and have a great time doing, it's nearly impossible to get bored or tired of it. Not to mention, it's in the heart of Tempe, next to some extraordinary towns offering awesome nightlife and awesome activities!


Great food options and night life.


It's a top rated school and I make the Dean's List every semester! It is a really big campus, but also really fun. The weather is also awesome during most of the year!


There is only one school you can go for your pre-med undergraduate studies. And, it is Arizona State University. You do not have another option. Not because Arizona State University is the best school. On the contrary, it is one of the least favorite ones. You do not have another option because there are no other schools around here. Although there is one school which is too expensive to get your bachelor degree. Be ready to experience over crowded classroom and impatient teacher assistants.


My research. I got into a great lab at ASU with a great staff, great funding, and great equipment.

Richelle has been an amazing 6 months! ASU is a hugh, very devirsified campus. Although not related to education, the weather is beautiful & the people are great, which really helps when you are 3,000 miles away from home. I tell everyone that it is such a unique learning experience, the professors are wonderful, help is easily assecable and after 13 years of a very strick private school enviorment, I have found classes, homework and learning in general to actually be fun. I am still amazed at all that is offered here, from courses, to sports, activities and more!


The Barrett Honors College is what I brag about to former classmates and friends in high school. Barrett is state of the art and brand new that offers opportunities and luxuries that the regular college does not. Academically you are set above the rest because of a tougher curriculum that prepares you with extra classes. The dorms are very modern and are not cramped at all. The dining hall has food that matches up to pricey buffets and the architecture is amazing. The best part is the common room, which is full of plasma screens, big couches and pool tables.


When I talk about my school, I make it clear that it is a fabulous institution. Not only is Arizona State a prestigious university, it is also a beautiful campus filled with friendly students. I make it known that ASU is technologically up to date and provides a very well rounded education. ASU provides a healthy learning environment on campus, and the city in which the university resides offers a plethora of activities students can pursue. I am proud that I go to ASU because a good education and a good time go hand in hand.


I love all of the activities campus has to offer. On any given day there are clubs, events, free stuff being handed out and multiple opportunities to get involved in something. Since the campus at Arizona State University is so large it is able to provide opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be possible, and I love being able to say that I am a member of two clubs and can always find something to be involved in.


When i speak with my high school friends and my other friends in college, I mainly boast about the academics at my school. I have a few friends that are interested in the field of architecture and I tell them how difficult my design classes and studios are. I also like to boast of how many avtivities are available for students on campus. There are an array of things to do and to aid in my studies.


I drag about the good programs it have.


Simply put, the best thing about ASU is that it helps prepare you practically for your career after college. Their Business program is top notch, and puts a strong focus on getting you the technical experience needed for success in the professional world. They do this by working closely with recruiting employers and getting students paired up with an orgainzation that will help them succeed in their chosen field, by giving them resources, experience, and confidence.


I really like Tempe as a city and that its close to home. Phoenix isn't the best big city but its big enough to have a lot of events and a lot to see and do.


The purpose that i brag about this school is to tell of the great classes and great education i will recieve to become greater in life. to show how professional and educated i will become and to show how they too could become something in life.


When I brag about my school the thing I brag about most is the college I am enrolled in, the College of Teaher Education and Leadership, and how it is one of the top teacher colleges in the nation. It is growing and undergoing changes to better the education and experience of future teachers of America. Also, along with my college I brag about the complete awesomeness of being a Sun Devil.


When I brag to my friends about Arizona State University, it is usually about the constant exitement. There is never a dull moment at ASU. There are events and activities going on at all times for all students to participate in. At ASU it's hard to not to have a good time. With all the on campus opporutunites that ASU provides each student, everyone is sure to love it here!


The people are the best part about my school. The faculty is wonderful and has made my academic career a great experience thus far. The class sizes are small and all the teachers I've had are considerate and really care about students that put in the effort. Counselors and staff are always willing to help and a personal relationship with them is very easy to have. They really give a great relaxed atmosphere. This is the one thing I will miss most when I move onto the university.


There is always something to do, and the weather is really nice.


I brag about the fantastic weather. It's always a lot easier to get to class when it's sunny than if it were cold and snowy. Also, this school does promote their over 200 study abroad programs. I believe that every student should study abroad in college. What an excellent opportunity!


When I tell my friends about ASU I tell them all about the amazing majors and classes they offer. The classes here are more than just your average math, English, and science classes. They offer classes that teach you about the world, about politics and global events/cultures. ASU is all about teaching their students how to compete in the new globalized market of today, and how to stay competitive in the ever changing market of tomorrow.


The Young Life Club and Basketball