Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Since ASU has been rated as one of the top party schools with the hottest girls, I suppose the stereotype is that most students are a bunch of partying alcoholics with crazy parties who frequently skip class and end up dropping out. But like all stereotypes, it is inaccurate. Sure, SOME students may live that type of lifestyle, but I know of far more who do not.


Students at Arizona State are stereotyped as people who part a lot. There are a lot of parties, but most students here are dedicated to their studies.


The stereotype is that ASU is still a party school, that everyone there just goes there to have fun and slacks off in their academics.


- very attractive women - men wearing brown flip-flops


Blonde, Cheeky, Sorority Girls who come to ASU with Daddy's money and then get drunk and flash cars going past on Mill avenue.


Hedonistic, partiers, immature, lost, unaware.


party school!


that we are party-ers and it's an easy school


"Anyone can get in" "It is a party school" "A lot of ASU girls are sl*ts"




One stereotype normally associated with ASU is that it is a huge party school designed for students who only want to party and not go to school. Another, more toward the students, is that ASU is like "Barbie and Ken go to colloge."


All about appearance.


I've heard the stereotype that ASU is a party school and there are a lot of fake white girls there and hardly any black people.


This school is an expensive school, so a lot of rich kids come here and are snobs. They are very stuck up. But all around it is a great campus and school.


The student body is a bunch of bleach blonde, California orange sorority girls and frat boys, all sharing STDs. ASU is a gigantic school that doesn't care about anything except what will get more money and publicity. ASU doesn't really care about students; esp. with Crow, it's all about squeezing more money out of them.


ASU has the stereotype of being a big party school.


ASU is a major party school. ASU girls are basically easy and know how to party hard.


That its a party school, nobody does school work, and that everyone gets in (which they do)


Sterotypes are everywhere, but ASU is "known" for it's partying. Although there is a handful of partying going on it is not all there is. The school is full of all different types of people and the campus offers so many things all year round to keep you busy! If you are planning on living in the dorms don't expect to be able to study there because it gets extremely loud!


It's a party school and no one really goes for the programs ASU has to offer.


that the women that study communications are dumb.


That it's a party school and it's an easy school to get in to and graduate from.


There's a division along Palm walk, the east side of campus are the engineers and the west side are not. There's a bit of a stereotype that those on the west side are not as bright as those on the east. We have the stereotype of being a party school. We have the stereotype of having the best looking girls.


party sluts


Most ASU students are considered to be "dumb blondes" with party attitudes.


That anyone can get into ASU and you don't have to be smart to. that all the girls are sluts.


ASU is a big school that is striving to get even bigger. It has a lot of nice facilities and 4 campuses to choose from. The best college experience is at the Tempe campus. Most freshman through junior students just want to party party party. But there are so many different people that it does not mean they all party. It can be hard to make friends because it is a commuter school and people usually already have friends from high school or just go to school then go to work. Don't come here if you want to meet lots of new people, because if your not extremely outgoing and ready to party, it will be difficult.


A stereotype about ASU is that it is a party school.


Huge party school, not much studying


Stupid and Party too much.


That it's a party school and that it's an easy school.


Some stereotypes about ASU is that it's a party school, anyone can get in, and the courses are really easy.


party school, mostly people from arizona


ASU is the "party school" and the students are consequently seen as the partying type.


ASU is an easy school where girls dress skimpily and people like to party and drink.


That it is a party school.


party people, don't take school seriously, blonde/pretty people, slackers


ASU and its student are widely regarded as not academically focused. Academics are not thought to be rigorous, and students are thought to be more concerned about upcoming parties, thans exams.


ASU has the party school stereotype. People assume everyone here is drunk or out partying every night.


The obvious major sterotype about ASU is that of being a party school. Others include there are too many people on campus, the level of academics is weakened by the large student body, etc.


that its a party school and that only rich white kids come here.


party school


Party school. That we're not smart- especially with the rival school.. you know UA :( BOOO!


That ASU students are less motivated and more interested in partying.


Everyone says that ASU is a party school...well it is if you want it to be! It is easy to decided what you want your college scene to be. You make it what you want not what Playboy 2008 ranks it!


The girls are all blonde, dumb, and obsessed with fashion and sororities. The guys are all Abercrombie clones who get drunk all the time. People come here to party. Everyone has an STD. ASU is huge and impersonal, and you can skate through classes.


Some stereotypes might be that we are dumb, and all we do is party.