Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


ASU is home to a variety of students. Every school has it's jocks, geeks, etc however I feel that the students at ASU have broken through these stereotypes and the positive an negative connotations that accompany them. We have all simply become students with our own identities that are continuously changing.


There are many stereotypes associated with ASU. One major, yet false, stereotype that we have is ASU is a huge party school. According to the Princeton Review’s top party schools for 2012 ASU does not even rank in the top 15 party schools.


In the past, Arizona State University has been regarded as a party school, with a pervasive reputation of jocks, frats and sororities. However, parents need not worry: this stereotype is quite out-dated. Although there's much offered for the students looking for something in the way of Greek life, ASU offers something for everyone with its 200+ majors. With the recent recognition of being in the top 25 University for Life Sciences in the world, and with the rather prestigious Biodesign Institute operating on the Tempe Campus, ASU has its host of "nerdy" science and engineering-minded students as well. Meanwhile, the Herberger Art Institute in Tempe and Downtown Phoenix attracts the artsy and eclectic. With a vibrant bar-scene minutes away from the Tempe campus on Mill Avenue, those looking to get out on the weekend (and let's face it, sometimes during the week), don't have to go far. And because ASU does a lot to fund students in financial need, students from all economic walks of life can be seen walking to class. So while stereotypes continue to persist, ASU can really be said to have em' all.


The stereotype at ASU would probably be "Party Animals" to someone that doesn't go here. However, if you are a student at ASU you have probably realized that at the largest university in the state and nation with over 70,000 students, the range of people that go here is about as diverse as you can get. I couldn't pick out an "ASU stereotype" if I tried. I'm a science major and friends with sorority girls, fraternity boys, engineering students, education majors, theatre and music students, etc. There are some douchebags, straight up weirdos, and genuinely nice people. There are students from all 50 states and over 160 countries. There are the brainiacs and slackers, and people just trying their best to do well in their classes. If you make an effort you will DEFINITELY find a place to fit in. Bottom line, if you want to meet new people, ASU is the place to go.